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[Rom]Gingerbread Phone 7 V0.5(12/11/11)

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This is a Windows Phone 7 based ROM that I have compiled for x2. A lot of work has been put into this ROM and with the help of the x2 community, this ROM has become what it is today. Thank you for all your support and I hope you enjoy!

Check this guy OUT!!!
Big shout out to user victimssun for helping me with the .9s I was having issues with! Without him I wouldn't have got this update. Thanks man.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage to your device. Use at your own discretion.

See Post #2 for Tips, Future Release Information, and How you can support the development of this ROM. Don't forget to read the setup below!

GBP7 v.5
Download Here

-Support on GingerBread Kernel 2.3.5
-2nd Init by navendrob
-Storage Flippy-Floppy by navendrob
-Pull-Down Toggles by navendrob
-Speedy v6 Scripts by 0vermind
-BusyBox 1.9
-SuperUser 3.0Beta
-Swype Beta PreInstalled
-Nexus Prime bootanimation
-WP7 Theme
-Droid x2 Desktop
-Persistent & Full ADB
-UI Animations and Tweaks
-build.prop mods
-gps tweaks(US)
-Inverted Setings
-Themed Google Apps
-TeslaLED & Screen Grabber PreInstalled
-Themed FileManger
-WP7 Calculator
For references, read THIS POST for download links!
-SBF to Stock 2.3.4 kernel and apply the 2.3.5 UPDATE.ZIP to achieve stock 2.3.5 prior to flashing this ROM!
-Once rooted with Zrush, go into BSR and DataWipe/CacheWipe/DalvikCacheWipe your device.
-Flash GBP7.
-Go to Launcher 7! You may want to launch Launcher 7 by default with the check box provided!
-Go into a Google App(market or gmail) and add your google account.
-Enjoy WP7 on your Android Device
Don't forget to comment and give your opinions here on the forums!!!!
-Check the 2nd post for other tips on using this rom.

Known Bugs:
-Blur Setup fc's after adding accounts *This is due to removing blur launcher, I'm in the process of getting this fixed. I need a different accounts and settings if someone wouldn't mind showing me how to do this*
-GMail and GVoice need text tweaked. *I need some help with these because I have tried every way possible to fix the text Issues here.

Check out =yankoa for some nice icons for your tiles.

victimssun - Did a lot of patching for me on the .9s as well as the apps themselves.
xkape - For finding the tylenol for my headaches

TheMuffStuff - For helping with the xml issues.
ryman222 - For random help and support.
And the other developers for the x2 that keep us awake at night

If I missed someone, please PM me and we will see what we can do to edit this post.

Add me on Google+ and join my circle to get notifications on your G+ account.

Previous Releases:
v0.43 Patch----Flash over v0.4
GBP7 v0.3
GBP7 v0.24b
GBP7 v0.2b

Donations are not required, but always a nice gift. If you feel as though what I have did/am doing is beneficial to you or the community, then feel free to help someone out. I'm not an "Expert Developer", but I do try, and I plan on continuing my efforts to bring you a better user experience. I have enjoyed the efforts I have put in, as I'm sure you will enjoy my work. Click the Donate Button provided if you want to donate or simply push the thanks button below. Either way, Thank You for your Time.
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