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A DROID 2 Global Custom ROM

Development: 13th Angel
Development: Fenuxx

This is the one, and ONLY version of HeXen that will be released based upon Android 2.2 (Froyo). Future versions will be based on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

The HeXen Development Team takes no responsibility for any damage to your device. You are installing this at * YOUR OWN RISK *. If you are not comfortable with using RSDLite to .SBF your phone back to stock, do NOT install this ROM.

Current version: 1.0.1 (Build 38) FINAL (06-20-2011)
Hexen 1.0.1 final

Based on: DROID 2 Global 2.4.330 (Android 2.2) System Software

File Size: 97.0 MB (101,741,824 bytes)
MD5 Hash: 8688E5146E6E1AF1CE8A6B22A56A0B7E
SHA-1 Hash: 8452DF3576897705AD13AC6E0FD30DB2FB3C944F

Please make sure you compare one of the file hashes and/or file size (shown above) of the file you've downloaded to make sure you are getting a complete file, and not one that has been tampered with or has been corrupted!

---Installation Instructions---


  1. Place the file ( on your SD Card
  2. Reboot to Clockwork Recovery, using Koush's Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrap, found in the Android Market, or HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS.
    • This means WIPE DATA AND CACHE
  • Choose "install zip from sdcard"
  • Choose "choose zip form sdcard"
  • Select the .zip file (, install it, and reboot!
    ---Release Notes---

  • Based on the DROID 2 Global 2.4.330 framework (** Credit to Team GET~R~DONE for many things with this **)
    • Deodexed and Zip-aligned
    • Bloat and useless CRAP removed
    • Build.prop tweaks, optimizations, and hacks
      • 3G GSM speed hacks
      • Wifi scan interval increased to 180 seconds for battery savings
      • Dalvik heap size increased to 32MB
  • Gingerbread Theme (it's clean, simple, and elegant)
    • 10% battery icons (** Credit to Peter Alfonso (Bugless Beast) for the icons **)
    • Disabled "blur on shut down" overly unnecessary/overly laggy "effect"
    • Simplified the lock screen to be more AOSP-like (especially for those using a pattern or PIN unlock)
    • Enabled touch screen driver filter (it is disabled in stock, but it made a difference in the responsiveness of the touchscreen in testing)
  • Includes custom red Nexus "X" boot animation
  • Includes DROID 2 Recovery Bootstrap (** Credit to Koush **)
  • REMOVED Blur Launcher
    • Replaced with LauncherPro 0.8.6 (** Credit to Fede **)
  • REMOVED Blur Contacts/Dialer
    • Replaced with Android Contacts/Dialer 2.2
  • REMOVED Blur SMS/Universal Inbox/Messaging
    • Replaced with themed/modded Android 2.2.1 SMS (Black Background version) (** Credit to CyanogenMod **)
  • REMOVED Blur Desk Clock/Alarm
    • Replaced with Android Desk Clock 2.2
    • Added Alarm Clock for easy and quick access to alarms
  • REMOVED Blur E-Mail
    • Replaced with Android E-Mail 2.2
  • REMOVED Blur File Manager
    • Replaced with OI File Manager 1.1.4 (** Credit to OpenIntents **)
  • REMOVED Blur Calendar
    • Replaced with Android Calendar 2.2
  • REMOVED Blur Car Home
    • Replaced with Google Car Home
  • REMOVED Blur Music
    • Replaced with Google Music 3.0.1
  • Includes Google Search Box (QuickSearchBox)
  • Includes Google Voice Search 2.1.1
  • Includes Google News & Weather (GenieWidget) 1.3.04(PROD)
  • Includes Android Market 2.3.6
  • Includes AppWidgetPicker Mod (** Credit to boombuler **)
  • Includes Google Spare Parts 2.2.1
  • Includes Notepad 1.0.4 (** Credit to BanderLabs **)
  • Includes DROID 2 Global QuickOffice 3.3.67
  • Includes Busybox 1.19.0 (** Credit to Adrenalyn **)
  • Includes Superuser and SU Binary 2.3.2 (** Credit to ChainsDD **)
  • Custom init.d scripts. Incorporates some hacks by Imoseyon (** Some Credit to Imoseyon **)
    • Sysctl.conf tweaks
    • SD Card cache tweak
    • Other memory management-related tweaks

  • Actually included the DROID 2 Global QuickOffice app in this build (sorry about that, folks)
  • Updated Notepad to 1.0.6
  • Fixed a bug with the theme not displaying the date on the status bar when pulling down the notification bar. The color of the text was wrong

---Official OPTIONAL Addons---

HeXen Addons Pack 1 - Ringtones

  • Install as you would any other .zip using the DROID 2 Recovery Bootstrap
  • These ringtones were kanged from multiple sources.

---Other Notes---

The following apps are NOT included as part of this ROM. Please download them from the Android Market for the latest versions:
  • Google Maps
  • GMail
  • YouTube
  • Swype (this is the URL to sign up for the beta, as it is not available in the Market)
  • None of the Accessibility apps, this includes:
    • Kickback
    • Soundback
    • Talkback

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[quote name='x13thangelx']
HeXen ROM​

Can't wait to try it out (devoted Fission 2.3.4 ROM user) Eliminating all of the BS blur is very intriguing... will post results once done!! Thank you for your effort!

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I know you guys are now busy with CM, but I really wanted to express some thanks for this rom! This is truly a huge leap above Fission, and it has been working great for me on GSM in Afghanistan. Now if we could just get some 3g action over here I could really enjoy my D2G!

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Anyone figure out how to totally disable haptic feedback? I disabled all the settings for haptic, but the soft keys (home, menu, back, and search) still vibrate.

Update: Found an app on the Market called Vibrafix You can set it to disable all vibration except on SMS, calls, or alarms. Thank God, that was driving me nuts.

So far so good with this Rom. Running smooth as silk. Thanks.

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Okay after going to CM for a bit, then coming back, my phone gets really slow and unusable, usually like half a day after a reboot. The only way to fix it is to reboot. I tried wiping data and restoring again, but it didn't work, and I know that my backup was stable and didn't have this issue. Any ideas?

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jt1359 said:
Okay after going to CM for a bit, then coming back, my phone gets really slow and unusable, usually like half a day after a reboot. The only way to fix it is to reboot. I tried wiping data and restoring again, but it didn't work, and I know that my backup was stable and didn't have this issue. Any ideas?
Have you tried wiping data and cache as well as formatting boot and system in more options?

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Props to fenuxx and angel on this rom. This was my first time to flash my phone with a new rom (I was getting a reboot a day and then two a day). Process was fairly easy to do, just had to make sure I studied my sources before beginning. Some notes that I found with sbf and bootloader:

1) to get a "pass" on SBF hold the volume buttons to boot into bootloader at the end of the sbf process when it says rebooting phone. This will bring phone back into bootloader so that rsdlite can verify the flashed memory.

2) after hexen was installed I had problems with my phone booting into recovery. I tried something stupid without researching (I was at work and wanted my phone working) tried reboot recovery in recovery menu. This was wrong as it gave me the pretty brick picture which was solved by a battery pull and reboot. I then read of others this is a problem with boot strapper being installed and what you SHOULD do is open bootstrapper, do a bootstrap recovery (message should come up fast saying ok or successful), download a terminal emulator and perform su reboot (might issue su first then reboot).

3) lastly when you're stock and about to install this rom you do NOT need clockworkmod rom manager (I think i'm correct saying this). Rather you need only Koush's bootstrapper for the droid 2. If you don't reboot into recovery the first time you do bootstrap/recovery then try again on the next reboot. You should be prompted for super user privledges when doing this. If not keep trying.

Also if anything on here sounds inaccurate please correct me.

Pros: faster and more stable (no blur, yay!)

Cons: bluetooth does work in every aspect except for pushing my text messages to my ford sync system. Also the stock messaging system is very limited and gave me problems. Downloaded handcent sms and it works MUCH better.

All and all thanks to the two devs! Good luck with GB HeXen and CM4D2G

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arturocald said:
Maybe dumb question but,
How hard would it be to make your own rom using 2nd init? (100% blurless)
Depends on if you want it based off CM7 or not. If you do then just pull from Rev's multipull repo and compile with whatever edits you want.

If you want it source based then not sure.... I know it wont compile off the established repo's though because of all the CM references in it (I tried for lulz).

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slimpirudude said:
Now we can look forward to a Gb hexen! :)
Waiting for CM to get completely stable (atleast 1 version will be based on cm) before starting.

jt1359 said:
Well Fenuxx ditched his D2G for an Inc2 so I spose we'll have to see what 13th Angel says
Fenuxx still has a D2G that he was using as a dev phone so he will still be part of GB HeXen.
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