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Apex rides again! (the ROM formerly known as bigxie IML74K now has a new name!)

This is a generally stock ROM with mods chosen to add to functionality without detracting from the Ice Cream Sandwich experience that Google envisioned. I built this ROM from AOSP, merged in mods from CM9, AOKP, GummyNex, RootzBoat, and other ROMS, to create what I feel is a perfect mixture of stock feel and helpful customizations.

I had a lot of fun building, testing, and running this ROM. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


  • Built from AOSP source code - synced 12/31/2011
  • Stock look and feel with useful mods
  • Customizeable Lockscreen (2/4 targets, custom app for SMS)
  • Customizeable Notification Pulldown Widgets
  • Customizeable Search & Menu Softkeys w/ color control
  • Customizeable batteries (%, circle, bar, miui bar)
  • Customizeable Trebuchet Launcher (from CM9)
  • T9 Predictive (smart) dialer
  • Built in Perfomance Settings (a la SetCPU)
  • Rooted and busybox preinstalled
  • Facebook sync enabled
  • 3.0.18 Imoseyon 1.8.0 Kernel - Fast and Stable (thread link)
  • Advanced Power Menu w/ reboot and screenshot options
  • All apks deodexed/zipaligned/optimized

  • Google: for creating ICS and the AOSP
  • birdman: for CMDA build, proprietary files help, helping me fix camera effects
  • kejar31: helping me with the gapps, APM, auto restore fix, and more
  • CyanogenMod: Trebuchet launcher, back button app killer, T9, and more
  • paulobrien/romanbb: facebook sync fix
  • romanbb: nav bar color, sms custom app picker, volume controls, and more
  • rascarlo: custom boot animation and wallpapers
  • imoseyon: kernel pointers and UV control fix, provided kernel
  • jrummy16: Performance settings
  • xoomdev: navigation bar settings, clock controls, and more
  • syaoran12: customizeable batteries, miui bar, and more

And anyone I may have missed, thank you!

Added option to change carrier text in notification pulldown (reboot required)
Added gesture templates in Messaging app
Fixed volume stepping in applications while volume music controls were enabled

Updated kernel to 3.0.18 imoseyon v1.8.0

Sped up navigation bar key glow animations
Long press link in Browser now has an added 'Open in Incognito Tab' option
Fixed volume long press down music control waking up the phone

Fixed GPS wakelock preventing some users from achieving deep sleep
Fixed busybox install script (it didn't install on the last build)

Name changed to Apex -- it was about time!
Cleaned up customizations menus -- no more clutter in Settings main menu
New battery styles -- Stock, Stock w/ offset % (romanbb), Bar % (Gummy), Circle Battery, Hide Battery
MIUI bar battery -- 1 pixel bar representing battery percentage, color changeable
Color picker now includes HEX (for nav buttons, battery bar)
Rotation Options - 0, 90, 180, 270
Volume Wake -- cooperates with volume music controls
ADB Over Network -- wireless adb
Trebuchet update -- tons of animations
New boot animation by rascarlo
New wallpaper app w/ user submissions

Updated Kernel to imoseyon latest 1.7.1 (modified ramdisk for network ADB)

Touch to focus in camera
Removed Nav Bar customization options
The remainder of the changelog can be found in the 2nd post


  • GSM Galaxy Nexus (GT-i9250)
  • Clockwork Recovery
  • Radio XXKK6 or newer radios is recommended for 4.0.3



  • Wipe data and cache! Just wipe cache and dalvik if coming from build 6 or later
  • Flash ROM file
  • Flash my GAPPs file immediately afterwards prior to rebooting.
  • Reboot
  • Profit

  • Flashlight and 2G/3G Toggle do not work
  • Battery types sometimes don't change (just toggle back and forth until it does)
  • MIUI battery bar requires a screen toggle (on/off) to update after an orientation change
  • Using a nonstandard DPI will cause the softkeys to be off-center

Things to be aware of
  • Network ADB requires a ramdisk change -- if your kernel doesn't support it, please contact the dev!
  • If Facebook picture sync is not working after contacts have synced, please clear the application cache and data, sign in again, and it will sync.
  • Please allow the phone some time to sync initially (calendar, picasa, bookmarks, etc.)
  • If market auto restore gets stuck, a reboot should fix it

Downloads (hosting provided by


All maguro builds

Stock Dialer -- Replaces T9 Dialer

Black Exodus Theme (Build 9-2 Supported) -- by Nitroz

Stock IML74K Kernel w/ charge fix + init.d

Stock Launcher2 (will delete Trebuchet)

Source Code

bigxie -- Bitbucket

If you enjoy my work, consider buying me a beer :)

Donations FabDroid

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Apex Kernel v5 (1/1/12)

  • Updated to 3.0.14
  • Re-enabled user voltage control
  • Considerable undervolt (check table below) - credit to coolbho3k
  • GPU overclock to 384MHz - credit to coolbho3k
  • Optional 1.35 overclock slots (boots to 1.2GHz by default) - credit to imoseyon
  • init.d support
  • I/O tweaks -- credit francisofranco
  • Charging and powering up the phone works while phone is off now.


Source Code




*wipe dalvik cache

ROM Changelog - Older ROM Versions

  • T9 Dialer is now included by default
  • New Mms app features (SMS 160 split w/ counter option)
  • Trebuchet updated to latest CM9 source (some fixes and optimizations)
  • Removed "feature" that took screenshots of errors and emailed them to yourself (
  • Reduced wifi scan interval to 120s from 15s (better battery)
  • Added Navigation Bar Settings (toggle search and menu buttons)

  • Fix deep sleep issue (works again)

  • Added notification pulldown widgets (user customizeable, scrollable, removeable)
  • Added Performance Settings (ty JRummy16!)
  • Added Automatic Brightness settings from CM9
  • Added Trebuchet Settings shortcut in Settings
  • Default config changes (allow non market sources, speed up transitions)
  • Exiting Airplane mode will now turn on wifi automatically (if it was on prior to entering)
  • Long Press Back to Kill cleaned up (now will vibrate and display toast message)
  • Fixed UI sounds for ICS
  • initial support
  • fixed Wimax downloading via Browser
  • fixed MMS
  • changed a wifi channel setting which should help non US and EU users connect
  • Fix a bluetooth issue that prevented deep idle

  • Fully functional
  • Gapps finalized for 4.0.3
  • Market Autorestore is fixed
  • Customizeable Trebuchet Launcher (slightly modified by me)
  • Updated Kernel to 3.0.14, 1.35GHz capable (1.2GHz boot), voltage control
  • OI File Manager (updated interface to HC/ICS style)
  • Lowered rotation delay (faster orientation changes)
  • Fixed string error in Browser ('Find on page')
  • Long press back to kill foreground app (toggle in Developer options)
  • Reverted HSPA icon back to H (previously 4G)
  • Reverted to AOSP Dialer, T9 was too unstable
  • Added FB Sync Support (credit Paul OBrien & romanbb)
  • Battery Percentage on lock screen
  • Support for 1% battery icons
  • Apex kernel by default w/ charging fix
  • 4G icon for HSPA+
  • Init.d support and scripts

  • Fixed Google Plus in GAPPS
  • Added Sim Toolkit (STK) - built successfully, but I cannot test it
  • New Power menu layout, screenshot functionality
  • More LWP (Black Hole, Bubbles, Magic Smoke)
  • Optimized boot animation (curtesy of WJDDesigns)

  • Fixed Market purchasing error
  • Sped up GPS lock
  • Added Reboot Options (Normal, Recovery, Bootloader)
  • T9 "Smart" Dialer (CM9 kang)
  • Included a few additional Gapps
  • Replace 2.3 Music with Google Music
  • Fixed some duplicate notifications
  • Fixed default ringtone (previously Silent)
  • egl.cfg tweak
  • Picasa syncs even w/ G+ app installed
  • Removed Chinese Pinyin IME & Japanese Inputs

  • New gapps package
  • NFC is fixed
  • Face effects are fixed

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OP has been updated with the latest build. See changelog for full description. A complete data/cache wipe is required.

Great Rom! Keep up the good work. I like how its so close to stock. Does the 1.2ghz Apex kernel also have the [email protected] overclock>?
Yes it includes GPU overclock. The 1.2GHz kernel is default in build 5, and also includes a fix so that you can charge/power on your device when it's turned off and plugged in.

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Hey I'm having problem when I connect to computer it says storage damage format may be need, but when I unchecked development it works.

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Awesome rom and I love it.

This particular build however seems to be a bit buggier:
- status bar indicators of "Damaged USB storage" and "Configure input methods". The last one comes with non-standard green 4G icon.
- System update panel has this message: "Last checked for update weeks"
- Backup & reset panel have the backup account option greyed out and have there this text instead: "Backing up to debug-only private data"
- Factory data reset does not delete all the data from /mnt/sdcard. I find this one to be a feature, not a bug; but then not a documented feature, which still makes it a bug

- This exact message in the Sound section: "Wi-Fi Direct connection setup request from %1$s. Enter pin to proceed."
- %1$s, possibly a misspelt placeholder for substitution, is all over the rom.

But man, is the rom speedy or what? And aside from the mentioned cosmetic bugs it is pretty clean and stable. Thanks for building this one and keep 'em coming.

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Just a quick note on here as opposed to XDA to say this is a solid ROM, really liking it. The one thing I'd change is the order of the power menu - I'd have it:

Airplane mode
Power Off

Seems a more logical order but it's obviously up to you! Keep up the good work

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really nice and smooth rom

the only thing i am missing is ntfs support in the kernel. i would love to not have the need for it, but sadly in this windows world usb-sticks >4gb aren't of too much use if not formatted with ntfs...
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