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PACman all in 1 ROM
Paranoid Android, A.O.K.P, CyanogenMod & MIUI


News about ParanoidPrefrences.apk​


Due to a request from PA Team to take down ParanoidPreferences, from v16.1.0 forward I exclude ParanoidPrefereances.apk from the ROM.
Originally Posted by D4rKn3sSyS
Hi, are you the leader of PAC ROM (Otherwise, please forward this PM to leader of it)?, I recently saw you're using our ParanoidPreferences application, wich is a closed source app, meant to be used on official ParanoidAndroid ROMs / Ports only. I ask you please then, to remove it from your builds. I can offer you this opensource alternative found on our ics branch for Settings app:

You should spread the word around XDA PAC roms, as well, so all the builds remove it from the package.

Thanks in advance.
But the framework still support it, so if you still want to use PA settings, then get it somewhere else & use it at your own responsibility.

Do not put a link to ParanoidPreferences,apk in this thread !!! do it somewhere else.

To all porters & compilers, please strip down your rom, remove ParanoidPreferences.apk from there.
Use the new Setting.apk to prevent FC when there is no ParanoidPreferences.apk inside the ROM​

This one is pac official, and will be fully supported by me.
This was also compiled from source by wedgess :good:



* Your warranty is now void.. LOL I guess you knew it already.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because your phone
* bootloops and alarm does not go off. Please do some research if you have any
* concerns about features included in my ROM before using it! YOU and only
* YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

You have a question post it in the thread,
Instead of Pm'ing me, as other users may
experience you problems


This ROM is a port from the Xperia RAY thread, but built from source for our PLAY's, originally developed by slz.kiev here is the original thread let him know his
work is appreciated :good: For along time I wished a ROM like this would be developed, and thanks to slz.kiev it has.
Please Note this is WIP and is not completely bug free, as well as having any issues as CM10 does.
This ROM is build from source for ZEUS with all recent updates to CM10, AOKP and PA included as of 23-10-12. [/hide]​

- Always make a cwm backup / TWRP
- Always wipe data when switching ROM, unless you came from previous version of the same ROM ( or OP states otherwise
- TB seems work fine with JB
- If you encounter any bugs after updating ROM without wipe data process, back up your installed apps & user data using TB, go to CWM / TWRP & wipe data, reboot & restore from TB
- Some things might not working & not implemented yet (as title said WIP)

- Camera
- Front camera
- Video recording
- Data
- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- Audio
- Video Playback
- Root
- Orientation
- USB Mass storage
- Touchscreen
- App2SD
- Brightness & auto brightness
- AOKP ROM Control
- PA Paranoid Preferences
- Tablet UI
- Wifi AP tether (HotSpot mode)

- OC up to 1.6 GHz (use on your own risk!!!)
- Standard CPU govs : performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, conservative, interactive
- Kernel will be updated when I get time

1. Unlocked bootloader
2. Tested and working on LuPuSv7-jB & Turbo Kernel
3. Baseband version 58/62




- slz.kiev - for everything
- FXP team
- AOKP team
- PA team
- Farenheith
- kamarush
- sirkay
- jimtonic01
- justmpm
- jesco
- Kormatoes
- bulook00
- MrTapa
- CosmicDan
- Solomon - testing
- nissanskylinebam - For Signature

PAC is open source
Our Sources : PAC-man Github


Make sure you follow these instructions exactly

  • - Flash provided kernel or LuPuS v7 or Turbo Kernel
    - Wipe data
    - Wipe cache
    - Wipe Dalvik cache
    - Flash ROM

    - To enter Multi-boot Menu press volume-down key when led turns blue and vibrates


Now ALPHA there are some FC's they do not happen all the time but when you boot the phone for the first time you may get one(or not)

If you ever get a FC and screen is in lock and will not wake, hold power button, while clicking OK on FC message this will fix the phone being locked.


If you have an issue and you want to call our attention, here's what you do:
1. Try everything you can, find solutions for yourself. Wipe caches, revert all your settings you have made, go back to your stock ROM /, PA Kernel, factory reset if you have to or reflash the rom. Assume that the issue is on your side and try your best to isolate it.
2. Search this thread and Cyanogenmods (its our base) for possible reoccurences of your issue and hopefully solutions that may have come up.
3. If you think the issue is important enough that we should cease our work and look into it, post your issue, BUT ...
... stay friendly, do not demand anything, do not threaten. Remeber this work was created free of charge.
... explain your issue as precise as you can do not give 1 word descriptions of a problem, name the exact apps and conditions that cause trouble, help us to replicate the issue right away. If we can't there's no way we can fix it and your post will simply clutter the thread
... collect evidence, keep in mind this is a developer thread so even if you are not one, do us the favor and research how to record logcat. logcat is the single most important help you can give us to resolve your issue.

When will there be a new release??

Please do not ask this question, follow the XDA rules / thread rules, the last thing myself and other DEV's like looking at is a thread full of....
- May I ask how long would you say before next update
- Is a new version being worked on
- When will this are that be fixed
- Are you stuck on something
( I could go through this thread and pick out alot of ways around asking for an ETA, none are wecome and WILL be ignored)

Any other ways of asking for ETA's they are all AGAINST this threads RULES.

Changelog :

- v1
- Initial release
- Jellybean 4.1.2
- CM10 nightlies
- Latest ROM Control
- PA 2.2.1
- ramdisk : 3 blinking LED colors for recovery notification


- Built with Linaro
- Camera Fixed - Thanks to Nobodyatall and Rashed97
- Video Recording workig
- Front camera
- Paranoid Preferences fixed
- Flashlight Fixed
- Fix Phablet statusbar gap
- Fix Tab UI systembar height
- Use Gallery Camera
- Remove CM10 Weather
- CM10 nightlies
- AOKP JB build 5
- PA 2.2.3

PAC v3 alpha 09/11/2012

- Add Xperia S keyboard (Thanks to Langes for provided the link & idea), I also like Xperia keyboard better.
- Some build.prop tweaks (Thanks to Wechy77 & ExPeacer)
- Better front camera fix (Thanks to Wedgess)
- AOKP Milestone 1
. Disable Vibrate on lockscreen
. Toggles can be hidden(AOKP toggles only)
. Clickable (short & long configurable) Clock and Calendar in the Notification Slider
. etc
- PA 2.53
. Removed PAprefrences - As asked by PA team (have to get the apk yourself if needed)
. Color Engine from PA
. Per app color, latest PA invention, Let's you define navbar color, navbar glow color, navbar buttons color, and statusbar color on per app basis
. Statusbar and navbar color (Independently from per app color, define default colors)
. Statusbar transparency and navbar transparency are finally back (Navbar transparency is only enabled on launcher)
. A lot of fixes to ParanoidPreferences
. etc
- CM10 Nightlies
. Home Button to unlock
. CM File Explorer Added
- Added Miui-LBE.apk - Thanks Xiaomi
- Added Miui-app-control - Thanks Xiaomi
- Added Antispam
. etc
-Miui- flashable add on
- Includes Touchpad Fix - Thanks to Farenheith

Included Kernel - Changes

- Added Cleancache
- Genlock update (FXP)
- Cifs supported

Kernel changes

- Added cpu-freq table now OC 2ghz untested at how stable it is above 1.7
- Increased max readahead
- disabled my disabling of sched feature :silly:
- Everything else from LuPuS-JBv2

[PAC v4 alpha]
- Fix volume & music track using volume rocker button when display off.
- Reduce lag when after installed gapps and some apps under system partition.
- AOKP: Circle unlock, New Circle Mod Battery, etc
- CM10 nightly
- MMS CM10 base - AOKP style
- AOKP nightly
. SystemUI: Fix/Update Cog Circle battery mod
. Add alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings
- PA 2.55 (framework part)
- Add Touchscreen activator app - Thanks @ farenheith for this app
Kernel changes
- Fixed battery dran
- Updated SIO IO-schedule
- Reverted 2ghz to 1.6ghz
- Updated LZO compression / Decompression
- Further optimzed

PAC v5

- PACMan wallpaper as default
- Updated to latest CM10 Nighlies
- Proximity Sensors Fixed - big thanks @CosmicDan
- Touchpad lag improvement - thanks @CosmicDan
- Multiboot aware
Kernel changes
- TWRP recovery (fully touch)
- Enabled USB tether
- Disabled gentle_fair_sleepers
- Updated video drivers
- Added memcopy
- Added compaction
- Backported binder changes
- Lowered vfs_cache_pressure
- LMK (lowmemorykiller) optimizations
- All latest multiboot changes from @CosmicDan huge thanks
- Moved 30MB from userdata to system. NANDROID BACKUP BEFORE UPGRADING YOUR KERNEL. -Thanks @CosmicDan

PAC v6
- ROM Completely built with Linaro 4.7.3 (02-01-13)
- Remove buggy AOKP torch toggle
- Remove duplicated features: CM volume panel style & CM kill app longpress back, use ROM Control instead
- Fixed some permissions
- Added an "Automatically Connect" option for WiFi networks
- Extend PreferenceActivity for title text on single pane mode
- CM10 Nightly

- Wifi-fixed


Appreciate this??

If you like my work please consider buying me a beer or something else ;)
by clicking the DONATE ME button, of course it isn't needed but greatly appreciated and keeps me motivated.

Also please considering donate to slz.kiev for his hard work and kind help

Before downloading be sure that you have read the previous 2posts


Full wipe needed

[email protected] - GSM
Md5 =0xd8435db1443a70bebf57a9cd3e95a6cf

[email protected] - CDMA
Md5 = 0x9ac218520096e178174c5049b03294c8

Kernel NOT included flash LuPuS-JB-v7
Modules for LuPuS Kernel are in this thread, 480p version also available


See this grereat thread by wechy77 =


Simply Flash any fix or FIXES in CWM​

Disable ALS (Auto-brightness)​


Google apps (working 20121011)


Quick look at some screenshots (bad quality i know :p )

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