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Samuel2706 & CdTDroiD​



Please note this
Dear Samuel Hardiman,

Yes you can develop and use and install custom Roms on your device: from HTC

  • Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) - OFFICIAL HTC RUU 2.50.405.2 (RELEASED 3.7.11)
  • Honeycomb themed LATER UPDATE!
  • Lee kernel: 3.2.0
    [*]Built with the latest GCC 4.5.2 tool-chain (2nd May 2011) 100% clean build
    [*]Available CPU Governors - Interactive, Smartass, SmartAss2, Conservative, Powersave, Performance & Userspace
    [*]SmoothAss CPU governor as default (245-1036MHz)
    [*]Max speed - screen off 499MHz
    [*]Max O/C 1.8GHz ("Nutter mode")
    [*]LeeDrOiD Optimal CPU table & VDD Levels
    [*]Brain **** CPU Scheduler as default (CFS optional)
    [*]VR I/O Scheduler as default (Deadline, Noop, SIO, BFQ V2.1 & CFQ Optional)
    [*]OpenVPN - CIFS - UTF8 - - EXT3 - EXT4 - JDB2
    [*]Audio boosts - 10% all outputs, 15% External speaker
    [*]WiFi Driver improvements & greater range
  • Rooted and Superuser added
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • Various tweaks for speed improvements
  • Battery calibration script (Thanks to the dev seo)
  • Multilingual ROM as all WWE are
  • Zipaligned @ system/app and data/app on boot
  • Fully de-odexed
  • init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
  • NANO text editor & sysro/sysrw commands support
  • EXT 3 VERSION - for you non adventurous types (Coming soon)
  • Improved battery life, imagine a newer car vs the older car.. (Older car being STOCK ROM)
  • Includes support for customization and flash 2.50 mods ONLY over this release
  • Arabic and hebrew support find them in the addons section!

Flashing Instructions:
(unless stated otherwise)

1. Boot into recovery

2. Backup

3. Flash Honeysense HD EXT4 Full wipe

4. Flash Honeysense HD 8.0

5. Eat a donut of some variety - VERY IMPORTANT

6. follow these guys and watch there videos XDA TV


For support and requests email:

[email protected]


Put in the appropriate subject line i.e.

If you have an issue put "support" in the subject line. (without the ")<br />
If you have a request put "request" in the subject line. (without the ")

Change Log:

  • Entire new rebuild
  • Added 2 new speed scripts
  • Completely Sense 2.1 now, if you want sense 3.0 use Honey3D
  • EXT4 Mounted as usual
  • Inspire 4G Script added flashes correct rils and settings when flashing ROM - no inspire patch needed
  • Added meatcase scripts
  • Changed some drivers over for smoothness
  • Changed the bootanimation to sense 2.1 version of honeysense
  • Transparant clock
  • Huge performance increase over all other updates we released
  • Fixed resizing problems with quicksettings
  • Rosie landscape enabled both portrait and landscape enabled
  • Using latest Graphic Libs from latest ROM
  • Using all updated drivers/libs
  • Wifi driver extended to work on low ranges
  • Fixed wifi driver error problem
  • Uses latest leedroid CFS kernel
  • Updated Daemon Script
  • Updated theme
  • New dock
  • New icons
  • New theme
  • New speed scripts
  • I Can't even remember what else i've done, It's all new.
  • Note:
    This thing took me 50 hours to do. longest ever time spent on a rom for myself. i'm proud of myself, please comment and don't just swing by and use the rom, comment, rate, even send me flowers if you wish but most of all keep xda a friendly place to be :)


+Flash over 7.2.0
+Fixes facebook problems with widget
+Fixes notification bar white on white problem
+Fixes all the problems with scrolling slow-downs
+Fixed the lockscreen
+Added the backup/restore feature in SMS/MMS
+Added new market fully themed
+Added maps (Downloadable maps & Worldwide version)
+Added themed Gmail app which fixed the read problem
+Fixed boot animation problem
+Changed some things in fusion.apk to make it look more honeysense HD styled
+Added the blue line back into systemui.apk

+Fixed speed issue (critical update)
+Added new theme (hasn't been updated since may)
+Added full screen lockscreen
+Fixed the systemui white on white problems
+Fixed the boot animation to correct one
+Updated some of the icons
+Same base, built from scratch
+Reverted to stock icons

-Addons will be coming soon for other icon packs

+Fixed the line in the app drawer so it's not visible
+Fixed to sense 3.0 weather sounds fully working
+Fixed the lockscreen apps being square
+Fixed the compression error which caused the google app/google + app to force close
+Added a few stability changes within the ROM
+Fixed the list sorting problem can now sort by a-z and
+Fixed the black on black problem and the incomprehensible text
+Fixed the slow speed issue
+Reverted back to the much loved 7.0 boot animation
+Fixed the loss of view settings when rebooting
+Fixed numerous force closes within applications from market place due to compression errors
+Fixed the Extended settings on status bar, task manager is back and all are in correct order
+Lockscreen is now 3.0 on during calls - thanks to seo for spending an hour helping me with this.
+Weather fixed for good! Sounds now enabled
+Sense 3.0 with 5x5 app drawer(done by myself)
+Various speed tweaks and added some init.d scripts
+Updated the entire ROM​

Credits to:

Adamholden85 For help with swype and the theme
Killersloth for the swype release and his Undervolt script, cheers pal
Seo for sense 3.0 for 2.1 and for help
Leedroid for the kernel + inspire 4g patch
Mike1986 for EXT4 Help and O/C Daemon help
Krzysiec for help and links
Cappy & Co for bringing half of this to us
Leith51 for inspiration and the help
Major thanks to he_stheone64 for all the help and the theme.
andyharney for the ftp and helping me with CM7 theme

[CENTER]If you like my work:<br />
Hit the thanks button<br />
Rate this Thread or<br />
Donate Me a Beer by clicking the donate to me (i like beer)[/CENTER]
Donaters will be listed here

Android Beginner
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the download link is transferring me to google !!
seems that I've a problem opening ... despite the fact I was able to open it before as I'm one of your fans :)
is there a mirror or something ?
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