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Hell yes. Thank you guys so much!
I came from [ROM] ICBINB GB kg6 v1. Followed your instructions and everything went perfect and converted fine.


after linda converted and phone booted back up i noticed i lost my market. Everything else seems fine. Any ideas?

****Edit 2******
So i downloaded the new market .apk here and it fixed the problem. After installing the apk, and rebooting the phone, the market didnt disappear again. Any ideas as to why it disappeared?

Once I got market back on, i installed quadrant to compare from KG6 v1

My quad scores on ICBINB kg6 v1 Stock no OC were 1st run. 1922 2nd. 2152 3rd 2250
My quad scores on ICBINB KH1 Stock no OC are now 1st run. 1933 2nd. 2272 3rd. 2339

Gotta love it!!!! TY TY TY For everyones work who is involved!!!!

Still baffled by the disappearing market though.
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