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Team ACIDS goal for the ICBINB series roms are to give you the stock look, but with every tweak known to the sgs4g community. So yes there are many versions of ICBINB one for every gb build and one for KD1 froyo build, but remember they are only stock roms TWEAKED OUT to the fullest by yours truly #ACID :p

ICBINB is just our STOCK series of roms, more personalized team acid roms will be approaching very soon

to flash this:
you need to make sure have have flashed some kind of GB bootloaders before
disable voodoo on whatever rom your on
flash the ICBINB kh1 rom
make sure voodoo is still disabled
boot up rom
install busybox
enable voodoo through app

if linda says not enough space on sdcard create a partition on your sdcard from CWM

enjoy :p


Thanks to:
team acid
htaak for his suprise :p
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