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[Rom] Ice Cream Sandwich Incredible 2 4.0.3 [Christmas Edition]

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First, the thanks:


If we missed anyone then let us know!

What works:

Capacitive keys
Live Wallpapers

What doesn't work:



Merry Christmas Build:

Merry Christmas Build Mirror:

Beta 4:

Beta 4 Mirror:


GApps Mirror:

This is purely to play around with! DO NOT SEND US REPORTS OR SAY SOMETHING IS BROKEN! We already know this! Flash at your own risk.



To Enable USB Mounting:

Windows - Menu > System settings > Storage > USB computer storage > Select "MTP"

Linux - Menu > System settings > Storage > USB computer storage > Select "PTP"

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Your first revision booted fine on my incredible. Nothing even crashed; that explains why you guys were having so much trouble compared to me though. Touch screen operated in its funky mode but I could still navigate. Didn't realize it wasn't supposed to work. When I try the new one it says my id is wrong (not vivow) so I assume that is the new kernal (or something) checking the device.

Oh well
There's already ICS for the Incredible:
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ProTekk, what's your timeline on getting the 3g working?
First rule of development: DON'T ask for ETA's

Second rule: Refer to rule #1
soo.... when will a "stable" version be out then?
... j/k

ill give this a go when we get most of the bugs worked out. i read today that certain phones are testing cm9 already.

btw protekk don't you sleep, eat and work? i always see you on here lol.
Between you guys and r2doesinc always needing me to turn my PC on at 3-4 AM I don't get much sleep lol
Protekk is going to release the first beta build after he finishes dinner with his family. Apparently, everything works in this build. I am skeptical, yet optimistic!
I can see your skepticism but I have a working device in my hands as solid evidence and a clean logcat and solid 3G and butter smooth graphics transitions

Also you all need to read these two tweets:!/ProTekkFZS/status/141654938584485888


Everyone has opinions and I've shown mine within my posts.
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Beta 1 is now live!
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I can't stop playing with this build myself! Feels amazing! Big shoutout to aeroevan and erishasnobattery for 3G!

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dnoyeb said:
any chance of a mirror? heh
I'm not at my pc but I'll mirror when I'm home.

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droidrage729 said:
I was thinking the same thing
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Mirror in OP
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GApps mirror in OP
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So facebook twitter and dolphin browser hd aren't in the market...
It's something in the build.prop that needs to be edited. I'm not concerned about this and it's not issue #1 for me.
This is definitely alot of fun to play with, I won't be using it as my daily driver though, gonna wait until everything is working and EGL is 100%
Hate to break it to you but EGL will NEVER be 100% or close to that until qcom AT LEAST updates EGL properly for ICS. You're going to have a long wait my friend...
tempting but i may wait until cm9 comes.
I don't know how many times you and others are going to post the "I'll wait untill x,y,z" crap. Either use it or don't. Personally, I really don't care. What I do care about is the useless post and everyone being highly opinionated. Enjoy it or don't, your call.
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maybe you need some sleep dude, i wasn't bashing you so chill out. all i meant was im waiting for a full functioning build.
Could be. 13-14 hour days working on this for two weeks and a pissed off fiance can really fry a brain. My point was that there was and is no reason to state that you're going to wait. Go ahead. Wait then. No need to post your standpoint if it's not in the best interest of the thread and further development.
ive been around long enough on xda and such to see women divorce their men because their online too much fiddling with roms. do yourself a favor and take a break.
Yessir, she's been a great sport about it in all honesty and I can see her points which are valid. This Sunday is our 4 year anniversary so I SHOULDN'T be working on this stuff haha

I start a new job tomorrow so things will be slowing down a bit guys. Bear with me for the moment though.
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OP updated with device source
protekk's twitter just said he got rid of VZW. are you still keeping your inc2 for wifi? or are you done?
Keeping and getting a GNexus. Inc2 works on TMO.
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thanks, also...where's your cm7 build for the inc2.
Personal build with a few things done to it. Nothing that was published.
Here we go. Time to clear everything up.

Why call it beta when things don't work? That was my call. I (read: myself, not others) deem it as such and I see/use it as a daily driver. Phone functions first, extras later.

What's with the temper man? You snap all the time! Well, one reason is I have a short temper, always have. Two, you try getting spammed all the time about the same thing. "ZOMG! WHAI DUN MAH KAMERA WURK?! YOU SUCK! DIZ RAWM SUKKS!" Shut up. Use another ROM then, I don't care. I develop for myself first and foremost and I share my work so others can enjoy it. Development == free. It doesn't cost any of you a dime to see my work.

MATH TIME! ICS source dropped on Nov. 15th IIRC and today is the 30th. Now, I've averaged 13-14 hours a day building and fixing and editing.

15 days x 13 hours a day = 195 hours MINIMUM I have spent on this project. Do I ask for anything in return? Did I ask for an incentive to post my work and my source? Nope.

As far as me calling the current EGL "buttery smooth," I feel it is. It's a matter of personal opinion. For ME, it's more than I could ask for at this point.

Am I leaving Verizon Wireless? Maybe. We're working on that.

If I do will I still support this build and the Incredible 2 itself? Most definitely, no questions asked.

Why no updates so far? Guys, it's been like 48 hours since my last release. Relax.

I have goods for you and they're coming. There are multiple reasons/factors for my slowdown in progress and I'll break them down:

#1) The woman. Give her some props. Even a simple thank you or shout out to her on Twitter @Jay_Leighh. She has dealt with me building, tweaking, modifying, tuning, messing with this for two straight weeks for 13-14 hours a day and only taking breaks to use the bathroom, eat and the occasional nap. I think she deserves me back just a little bit.

#2) New job. No, it's not full time but I do have to refocus my mind and myself as a whole. Going from unemployed for months and being able to do what I want, when I want to having a timely schedule and priorities is a change and again, I must refocus.

#3) Sh*t, I just need a break.

#4) We're fixing things now. With the major core functions out of the way we can now focus on things and attack them as we feel fit.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the free fruits of our labor. Oh, again don't forget to give a shout out/thanks to the one person who dealt with my crap for these past 2 weeks. @Jay_Leighh
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Afaik, I have the weekend off

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