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Welcome to ics-deck.
Recently I have been releasing a few preview builds on twitter for my followers, but I thought hey why not let everyone in on the action! This is built from source, 4.0.3r1. Please DO NOT report bugs yet, as I know what and what does not work. Some people are actually using this as their daily, tho it is not ready for that imho. Once we get into an 'alpha' or 'beta' state, i will redo the thread will all the good stuff and more information. Please only flash this if you know what you are doing for the time being.

*I wanted to share the progress I have been making.*

*What works*
Alot is already working, although you may encounter a few FC's here and there and find some other bugs on the way.

*Whats new*
Too much to list...

Video Camera. (were close!)

As always, thank you toastcfh and the cm team for various things here and there, preludedrew and evervolv for various things here and there and cayniarb for the kernel, and everybody else that contributes to this community. This will also be updated as the rom progresses.


Donations are VERY much appreciated and go towards new devices for support.

Follow me on twitter for the most recent updates. @kushdeck
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