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Hi, i am the creator of the Infinitum Project and this is an AOKP based rom with my Black Infinitum theme.

Screenshots gallery:

-Fully themed rom (system and apps)
-AOKP amazing features
-Siyah kernel v3.0
-LPQ modem
-Adfree feature (no more advertising!)
-Battery saver (black uses less power than other colors)
-Replaced stock Mms.apk with CM9
-Added CM9 File Manager
-Added CM9 Music
-Added CM9 DSP Manager
-Added Nova and Apex launchers (both themed)
-Custom bootanimation
-Facebook sync is working
-Grouped widgets
-Removed Galaxy4.apk
-Removed MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk
-Removed HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk

What's themed:
-Google Play
-Google Talk
-Google Voice
-Trebuchet launcher
-Nova Launcher
-Genie widget
-CM9 Music and Clock
-Circle battery

Support my work buying me a beer (LINK) or press the thanks button!:D


v0.6.1: -Siyah kernel v3.0 beta 6<br />
v0.6: -new kernel by Netchip<br />
-updated AOKP stuff<br />
-fixed GalaxyS2Settings icon<br />
v0.5: -back to stock kernel, Siyah still too laggy<br />
-added CM9 DSP Manager<br />
-added Adfree feature (no more advertising!)<br />
v0.4: -added Siyah kernel v3.0 beta 3<br />
-LPQ modem<br />
-themed GalaxyS2Settings icon<br />
v0.3: -MTP finally working<br />
-AOKP build 28<br />
-fully themed camera<br />
-grouped widgets<br />
-fixed blue contacts<br />
-themed SetupWizard.apk<br />
-removed Galaxy4.apk<br />
-removed MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk<br />
-removed HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk<br />
v0.2: -fixed a bug in the installation process<br />
-added themed Google Reader<br />
v0.1: -initial release

What's not working?

How to install?
Perform a full wipe, flash the rom, gapps and then themed gapps.

How to update?
Simply flash the rom over it.

Gmail app force closes, any fix?
Go to system settings, apps and clear gmail data.
-AOKP and CM teams
-Paradoxxx and Netchip for letting me use HyDrOG3N-ICS as base
-Nitroz for his theme
-Travp624 for help and his inverted apps LINK and also B-boy and tgwaste
-gokhanmoral for his kernel
-avlopp for the bootanimation
-evilkal for circle battery LINK
-BlackDino for widget picker

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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