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+1 on that.

Or at least some feedback... Don't need an eta but feedback would be awesome. One of my favourite roms and keep coming back every day in the hope of seeing rc5.

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i've waited since feb for an update, it's been 1 month and 5 days since they "teased" RC5 snapshots... there's absolutely no feedback from the team, no posts, no replies, no help, nothing. They even closed the XDA thread. I know they're doing this without getting any money from it (except from donations), but ICSSGS team could be a bit more user-friendly... i mean, they could have encountered problems with the release but atleast they could (and should) give us some feedback, most of the other devs do.

if they keep taking so long by the time they release RC5 it will be outdated already, not to talk that their user base is shrinking by the day, because people are getting tired of waiting and moving on to other, more frequently updated this pace when they release RC5 there will be no one left lol

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I'm thinking it should a stable release by that time. No more RC releases!

Some feedback and the likes would go a long way. As you say it may be free but free or not if you want people to use your ROM, which I'm sure they do, some customer relations go a long way. Also I always like to recommend to new people this ROM but with no support this is difficult to do.

Anyway I appreciate the work and even if outdated still one of my preferred ROMS. Hanging in, checking the XDA thread & here daily and enjoying Slim ICS for now.

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Do NOT install RC5! -Boot loop-
I had to restore my phone to RC4.2 just because i didn't read any of the comments below RC5 post. Don't make the same mistake

Update: @Trak-X after i read your post I went back to xda developers site and read the rest of the thread (the pages i didn't read because i was assuming that because I read 3 pages and because i had a boot loop problem and there were many posts about this very problem that the Nyx Team didn't fixed it yet. You were right and there seems to be a problem only on my side (again my fault). RC5 seems to be working everywhere except on my SGS

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Do NOT install RC5! -Boot loop-
I had to restore my phone to RC4.2 just because i didn't read any of the comments below RC5 post. Don't make the same mistake
If you have followed all the basic rules of flashing and also if you have did some reasearch on what might happen and the reasons, you might have fixed them. It's working fine for us. No issue here.

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Hi guys, I have one Galaxy S I9000, I am Braziliam but my device is international, I wonder if I can install version I9000B to use the language has to be Brazilian or the international version I9000?

out of curiosity, the Brazilian version this device has digital tv but not international, br installing the firmware on the device will function in I9000?

Thank's a lot

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I have tried flashing this through CWM and it says something like "it needs to check to see if a reboot is needed" or something to that affect and reboots into a loop with no more Clockwork. Has anyone had any boot loop issues while flashing this from stock GB? I have wiped data and all and installed CWM from this place here

All I get is a boot loop and then I have to re-install CWM after trying to install ICS.

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NOTICE: We apologize for the lack of updates recently, we just want to make it clear that development has under NO circumstances stopped. We are absolutely still working on this and still supporting it. Thank you for your patience.


cantIntoCode -- DemonWav -- Nushor -- Onecosmic -- RaymondDull -- Trae32566 --

This ROM is based directly on the source code straight from Google themselves, the way Android is meant to be. This ROM is produced by a collaboration of many different people, with the main development being done by Onecosmic himself. We strive to bring releases as often as possible and provide a stable AOSP ROM. As this is a work in progress, bugs are to be expected! Please check the known issue's before posting/reporting bugs.

Source code can be found here

If you can, please donate a small amount via paypal, we do this for fun and this is optional but it is greatly appreciated and it is a way for you to contribute. If you want us to support another Galaxy S type phone and you have an extra of it, we may consider supporting the phone if you donated it to us to work on. If you think you have a phone that we could support, PM me or any other Team ICSSGS members and we will discuss the possibility of us supporting it.

We do not support anything that is not produced by us!

The latest release is RC4.2

  • Just because your running the latest OS, does not mean your phone magically doubles in RAM and gains an extra core, IT WILL LAG SOMETIMES, no software can fix that.
  • Based from the latest source code from Google themselves(Android 4.0.3)
  • Full Google Apps suite
  • Currently using Platypus as a kernel base(Thanks Zach!)
  • Pre-rooted
  • init.d Support
  • Full Hardware Acceleration
  • Fully working RIL(Radio Interface Link = Calls / Texts / Data)
  • Fully working Audio
  • Touchscreen works perfectly
  • Fully working Wi-Fi
  • Fully working bluetooth
  • Both SD Cards (Internal & External), work fine
  • Fully working Calendar sync
  • Fully working Camera(Video Recording & Pictures)
  • Touch to focus
  • Panorama mode in camera works
  • Face Unlock(quite iffy, due to the vga ffc)
  • Fully Working GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired tethering, works fine
  • Fully working FM Radio(AOSP does not support FM, download Spirit FM from Android Market)
  • Fully working Wireless tethering
  • Fully working sensors
  • Live OC Support(download NSTools from Market)
  • USBOTG Support
  • Voodoo Sound
  • Voodoo Colour
  • Battery Life eXtender
  • Deep Idle
  • Makes you breakfast in the morning(not joking)
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Flashing Instructions

If you are flashing from another rom.

1. Boot into Clockwork Mod Recovery Mode using volume buttons.
2. (optional) Backup your current ROM.
3. Select "install zip from sdcard".
4. Select "choose zip from sdcard".
5. Select the .zip that you downloaded and confirm it.
*(optional) Flash newer kernel if you want to.
6. Reboot the phone.
7. Wait for phone to boot (this may take up to ten minutes)

If you are upgrading from an earlier build.

1. Flash the newest build in CWM.
2. If you run into any issues(app force close etc) do a factory reset from recovery.

If you have rebooted and your phone will not go past the kernel screen.

1. Boot into CWM and wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition.
2. Reflash the appropriate kernel.
3. Reboot.

If the flashing procedure didn't quite go to plan, please follow this guide

Common Issues / Troubleshooting help is available via out Google Code page:

Credits! Huge thanks to:
  • Onecosmic for being a beast
  • All Team ICSSGS Members
  • Zach for platypus kernel base
  • Team Hacksung for RIL code, Galaxy S Settings app, their camera HAL and various other ICS patches
  • Syntr for PVR Patches
  • Thearc77 for google apps
  • Supercurio for all his work on Voodoo
i had a problem..
when i apply the update it says E: signature verification failed
installation aborted

help me how can i fix this.. tnx
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