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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Difficult

Mod Base:: MIUI

Mod Status:: Alpha

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 4.0.3 (ICS)

Aceoyame Presents

NOTE:I did not create this ROM, ACEOYAME DID with the combined efforts of Dragonzkiller and others.

As with all ROM's, Scripts, or sticking your phone in water...there is a chance you will break it. Aceoyame, Rootzwiki nor I are responsible nor are telling you to break your device. We are showing you how we succeeded in installing this ROM!

The current zip has to be fixed. If you know ADB this won't be a problem. The guide and commands are here

Also recommended is an alternate Launcher, as the MIUI launcher uses alot of vram due to the icons and such on screens.

Known Issues
Most same bugs as CM94DX2 Bugs known are USB FC No Camera, possibly broken external sd (should be easy to fix if it is)

Data may work, please confirm!
SD card Works!

Quick cut/paste to release...will update
Nandroid Backup
SBF to 2.3.4 unless you are already there.
Root your Motorola Droid X2.
Install the Motorola Droid X2 Bootstrap Recovery (BSR).
Put the MIUI4DX2 zip and the dragonzkiller's patched BSR apk on the external SD card.
Boot into BootStrap Recovery.
YOU MUST WIPE DATA AND CACHE! This has 4.0 framework and is very different from CM7's or any other ROM's 2.3.x framework.
Install the MIUI4X2_R2.7z.
IMPORTANT! Wipe data and cache (factory reset) and wipe dalvik cache!
Boot your phone into MIUI. (You will probably have to activate if you didn't after you SBF'd and setup your Google account here.)
Install the patched Motorola Droid X2 Bootstrap Recovery (BSR). (This can be found in the download section of this post. Once you have MIUI4DX2 installed, you MUST install this BSR!)
Go into the Android Market and update the apps on the phone.
Sit back and enjoy MIUI 4 on your DX2!


Guide to fix root and theme on zip if you already downloaded it

MIUI 4 Droid X2

REQUIRED Google Apps (GAPPS): Download the latest version of them.


For support please post below, one of us may have solved the problem or contact Aceoyame on Twiiter @aceoyame

This is a preliminary post, more to come... Please be patient
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