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The Avatar Team is proud to present:

Avatar ROM
CM based ROM for Samsung Nexus S (ICS for now, JB rolling out in coming weeks)​

Love the minimal feel of CM? Love the themeing capability of MIUI?
The Avatar team brings you, both combined in one ROM. Now enjoy beautiful MIUI themes on Cyanogen base.​

Details (check out our website for more details):

  • Android ICS 4.0.4 (JB update coming very soon)
  • Kernel Version: 3.0.36-Cyanogenmod-g632456b
  • Baseband version: 19023XXkl1
Our Changes:

The platform for avatarrom as of now is CM9.1. The following components are changed on top CM9.1.
Status Bar
  • Toggles page to contain controls for toggles
  • Fixed memory leaks
Theme Chooser
  • Has an online theme server - head here and download cool MIUI converted themes. Orginal themes coming soon.
  • Changed the layout
  • Added previews
Bazooka Launcher (market link)
  • Own launcher which is an enhanced version of Trebuchet (you can download this at the end of this post)
  • Enhanced theming by adding dockbar
  • Preview mode to edit workspaces
Messaging App
  • Changed message thread to make them themeable
Boot Animation
  • A beautiful boot animation - will be made themeable in upcoming versions
  • Changed statistics to point to Avatar statistics server
  • OTA updater - you can check for updates to Avatar right from your device
  • Changed to support Avatar ROMs
  • Support for Gapps - download latest Gapps package as an OTA update
  • Integrated with ACRA Error Reporter for system wide crashes
  • Changed to make them themeable
  • Support for complex unlock gestures
Coming Soon:
  • Port to JellyBean.
  • Layout Theming - Changing a theme changes the entire layout of an app!
  • Font Support - As you apply the theme the fonts will change.
  • Boot Animation - Boot animations change with themes
Download Avatar ROM for Samsung Nexus S:

We also have ROM for SIII, Galaxy Nexus, S II, One X (will update with links and more devices soon)

Sample Video - checkout our MIUI style lockscreens, statusbar, messaging, etc and the smooth transition of themes:


Known Issues:
  • Notification page has some gap at the botom of the screen
  • With some themes, in status bar signal type of 'H','3G' is not clear
  • When the number of toggles is anything other than 12 then toggles page does not look good.
  • Very rarely, Launcher crashes when applying themes continuously for a long time
  • In Lockscreen, music widget does not display the correct song details
Please let us know in this thread if you find any other issues.

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With the combined features of CM & MIUI, this ROM shall be one of the best available out there. Perhaps, I have been using it as a daily driver since a week.
Amazingly done! Keep up the good development
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