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1) Copy the ZIP file (not unzip) the Foxhound in the phone memory
3) Disconnect the USB stick and restart the phone in recovery mode
4) Select the "Wipe Data" then "wipe cache partition" just did a wipe select the "advanced" and "Wipe Dalvik Cache"
5) Now select "Install from sdcard zip" and install the ROM
7) After installation select "reboot system now"
*Full AOSP 4.0.3 IML74K<br />
*Superuser<br />
*Deodexed<br />
*Zipalinged<br />
*Insert Busybox<br />
*Unsecured Kernel<br />
*FoxHound bootanimation<br />
*Nova Launcher By [email protected]<br />
*Added Power menu<br />
*New StatusBar whit animation (beautifull)  Thanks to shane6374 for halp<br />
*Insert circle battery icon 1% on default<br />
*Stock Dialer (more stable)<br />
*Added STK (sim tool kit)<br />
*Themed some apk icon (ZeuBug style)<br />
*New look on stock clok widget<br />
*Added Facebook sync (Thanks to paulobrien and Romanbb)<br />
*GPS Tweaks on Europe<br />
*Egl.cfg tweaks<br />
*Xloud ported enable to default - improve sound speaker<br />
*Sd card tweaks speed<br />
*Crond enabled<br />
*Improved Audio in Media_Profiles.xml<br />
*Gapps included with this build<br />
*Zipalinged app on boot (disable on default)<br />
*Fix Init.d support<br />
*Included Auto EFS Backup in init.d By Paul (Modaco)<br />
*Tweaks in Build.prop<br />
*Last Gapp thanks kejar31<br />
*Best battery life<br />
*All app resigned<br />
*Added all missing live wallpapers<br />
*Removed AOSP music added music2<br />
*Added Data Folder and insert this app: (now removable)<br />
*Added file manager<br />
*Added Flashplayer<br />
*Added Tork<br />
*Added Sound Recorder<br />
<br />
<br />
[COLOR="Red"][B]Imoseyon leanKernel[/B][/COLOR]<br />
<br />
Patched to latest in Linux 3.0.x branch: 3.0.14, which was released 12/21/11 (lots of new/updated kernel code).<br />
All unnecessary kernel components removed to make kernel lean and fast!<br />
OC to 1.35Ghz (Michael Huang, optimized by me). Boot speed is maxed at 1.2ghz within kernel (in addition to ramdisk) for stability.<br />
GPU overclock (Michael Huang).<br />
User voltage control (Michael Huang, fixed and enhanced by me).<br />
InteractiveX V2 (screen-off hotplug of cpu1) added. Select it using setcpu if you want to use it.<br />
Ramdisk tweaks (sysctl, vm, filesystem speed, etc.)<br />
SWAP & zram (next generation compcache) support. Run "zram enable" in terminal.<br />
init.d support in ramdisk.<br />
Hotplug governor optimized for stability.<br />
cpufreq backport from Linux 3.2-rc7<br />
rcu code backport from Linux 3.2-rc7<br />
other linux 3.2 backports: dm, futex, etc.<br />
Undervolted by default (1.35ghz/1325, 1.2ghz/1300, 920mhz/1250, 700mhz/1150, 350mhz/950)<br />
<br />
<br />
[URL=""]Source Kernel[/URL]
5gTrtC4GjSc 54Nr-eD6M8o#!

Changelog 1.0<br />
New Bootanimation<br />
New Gapp 4.0.4 By Kejar31<br />
Fix Market pay<br />
Fix Zoom Camera<br />
Fix music and talkbak<br />
Fix Gtalk Videocall<br />
Add AppWidgetPiker to organize widget<br />
Temed nova launcher<br />
Theme Calendar app<br />
New icon for Phone-Sms-Contacts-Browser by [email protected]<br />
More black and blu theme for ROM<br />
Widget Black<br />
Insert Facelock for Camera<br />
Last TitaniumBackup<br />
Last IMO Kernel 1.9<br />
<br />
<br />
Changelog 0.9<br />
Fix bug installation<br />
Remove script to 350mhz<br />
Add last imo kernel 1.7.4<br />
<br />
Channgelog 0.8<br />
<br />
Add long press Back button close app in Developer option<br />
Added full language support<br />
Added Battery Text % (thanks to kajar31 from gummy rom)<br />
Added color support for the Battery Text % (thanks to kajar31 from gummy rom)<br />
Remove ICS notify<br />
Volume Rocker Wake<br />
Custom Color Support on the Soft Keys (credit romanbb)<br />
Additional Lockscreen status lines added to pin/password/pattern unlock<br />
Updated to Imoseyons latest 1.7.3 kernel<br />
Fix Camera Bug<br />
Remove aod custom icon<br />
Add new custom icon (thanks fatsix)<br />
Black and Blue MMS By nbeebe24<br />
Black Gapp Edition By travp624<br />
Contacts Black<br />
Market Black<br />
Insert script in init.d to change CPU max frequency from 700 MHz to 350 MHz when screen is off (Revolution Rom)<br />
Added Google Voice Black<br />
<br />
<br />
Changelog 0.7 <br />
Added personalization app (2 app) for Quad Lockscreen (credit to romanbb)<br />
Costumize lockscreen<br />
LED Customizer in settings (credit romanbb(<br />
Added miui battery bar option (credit romanbb)<br />
Added new Battery for choose now 4 different<br />
Remove Lightfolw little battery drian<br />
Full languages in settings app<br />
Fix Camera<br />
Fix Battery chooser<br />
Added host file to remove advertising<br />
<br />
Changelog 0.6<br />
Fix Google Maps<br />
Fix Sync Facebook<br />
Added DSP manager to improve Audio<br />
Insert last Nova launcher 13<br />
All last app upgrade<br />
Insert Franco Kernel 13.1<br />
Remove google Wallet cause little battery drain<br />
Insert Sound recorder AOSP<br />
Disable Google OTA Update checkin<br />
Enable the Hardware Rendering of the GUI<br />
Disable the ADB notification Ic<br />
<br />
<br />
Chengelog 0.5<br />
Changed values ​​for the brightness automatically<br />
More contacts in the White (the first was white to gray)<br />
Fixed the swich 3g / h<br />
Test sync facebook ... (I do not know if it acts as well)<br />
Added new mod for the statusbar: (thanks kajar31)<br />
-change the style of the battery (3 available)<br />
-change the text in the dropdown instead of the operator<br />
-position clock<br />
-ability to customize the softkey buttons<br />
Edit softkey features, such as those stocks are now but with the addition of the button "search" and "menu"<br />
Updated the kernel to version 1.6.4<br />
<br />
<br />
Changelog 0.4<br />
Insert Performance settings (thanks Kejar for source code)<br />
Insert mod lockscreen,now have sms and phone, (thanks bp328i for this mod)<br />
Added toggle button in statusbar<br />
Fix google+<br />
New function for softkey : (thanks gogodu5sU)<br />
[I]Search - Back - Home - Menu - Power button Layout<br />
Long-press feature<br />
Long-press Search > Voice Search<br />
Long-press Home > Recent Apps<br />
Long-press Power > Power Menu[/I]<br />
Remove Sony Bravia,not work good<br />
<br />
Changelog 0.3<br />
Insert Modcentral script for personalize init.d (For enable Open up terminal emulator and digit <br />
su<br />
modcentral) by jakebites<br />
Fix All Certificate market<br />
Insert in Data app more apk<br />
Fix png in Phone <br />
Fix vol downl<br />
Insert script to move dalvik-cache to /cache/dalvik-cache

Restore Stock icon: Download
SystemUI without PullDown Animation Download
[email protected]
Paulobrien and Romanbb

Premium Member
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Just flashed this. So far so good. Still tweaking all the settings to see what I prefer best.

I must say though, good job.

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