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Ice Cream Zenwich rc1.8.5

This build marks a crossroads for ICZen and DD. It may very well be our last full build based on the ICS source. If the development of Jelly Bean goes as we hope it will, then we will be back with a whole new build in the coming weeks. Rest assured we will be working on it on our own, and assisting Team Kang if we can, to create a fully working JB base for the Vibrant. If you're reading this Romann, you know where to get me. We here at DD are more than willing to help out any way we can.

Much love to our brother mr_psycho, for compiling yet another Linaro -03 gem for us to play with. Hit his donate button, and show some love.

Special thanks to DD and the Zen test crew, without you guys, this would never come together like it does.

This project originally began as a kang for the Vibrant of the crespo build of AOKP, before we had an official release. When we finally got official, I was going to drop this project, but Romanbb urged me to continue it, so here we are. Based off the fantastic AOKP firmware from Team Kang, I've added some tweaks, debloated, inverted apps, a killer kernel by mr_psycho, and UI tweaks from myself and annex1, we give you Ice CreamZenwich. My goal is to build this from source one day, but its become apparent that if I don't want to wait 36 hours or so for my poor little single core p4 to compile from source, I'll have to upgrade the pc before I can tackle it correctly.

See the 2nd Post for Tweaks, 3rd Post for Changelog

*HELPFUL bug reports are always welcome. Keep these in the thread, I will not respond to PM's about bugs/glitches with the rom. Helpful bug reports, accompanied by attached logcat reports, are preferred, and can help me identify a problem that much faster.

*Please do not post bugs that aren't ICZ related, we have both the General and Q&A sections for General Questions and Answers, that are not related to the build. Thank you.

*I am also interested in suggestions for improvements. Please post these in the thread as well.

Whats New

-AOKP milestone6 base, compiled by mr_psycho with the Linaro -03 toolchain implementation
-subZero build159 cm kernel
-New versions of Market and Youtube
-Other stuff I'm sure I forgot


***WARNING*** - There is a new feature in Aries Parts (Galaxy S Settings) that lets you adjust the incall speaker and mic volumes. YOU CAN TURN THE SPEAKER VOLUME UP VERY LOUD, LOUD ENOUGH TO INJURE YOURSELF!!! PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN FIRST TESTING THE INCALL AND SPEAKER VOLUMES, AND ADJUST ACCORDINGLY. Just use common sense e1, don't hurt yourself screwing with the volumes. Be careful.

I cannot be held responsible for what happens to your device, face it, by this point, your warranty is out the window. By flashing this software, you agree to my assumption that you know what you are doing, and how to recover from one of those oops moments that happen to the best of us.

Whats Included

-AOKP milestone6 base, compiled by mr_psycho with the Linaro -03 toolchain implementation
-subZero CM build159 cm kernel
-KB5 Modem
-Aries Parts - tweaks subZero color tuning
-Tweaked AOKP RomControl - the sizzle, enough said, Team AOKP FTW!
-Custom Zen Theme
-Inverted Apps: Calendar, Email, Gmail, MMS, People, Phone, Play Store, and Youtube
-Stock Launcher


Known Issues

-Autobrightness is buggy at best.
-I no longer experience the mute/unmute bug, but others do, its hit or miss still. :confused:

-911 bug, maybe, who wants to test it?

AOKP Notes

-Do not use Rom Control for color tuning, us the included Aries Parts (Galaxy S Settings) for color tuning instead. Rom Control is not holding the Gamma Settings after reboot.
-Do Not Use the Power Menu Torch Toggle, it won't do anything.

Tell me what else you find

What Works

-Everything else that's bundled

Install Instructions

You MUST wipe, fully. If you have a problem and you didn't wipe, I'm calling your mama, who is going to come out and wipe for you in front of everybody, embarassing you in front of all your friends and ruining your life forever. So please, save yourself the hassle and humiliation, and just wipe. I will never, ever, ever, put out a no wipe update. Thank you.

Gingerbread bootloaders are recommended!!! Get them HERE For Heimdall, and HERE for Odin.

If coming from a Twiz based Rom - DISABLE VOODOO!! You will have to flash this twice, Wipe as per the steps below, flash the rom, it will reboot in the middle of the flash. Use your buttons to reboot into recovery mode, then wipe and flash again, starting from the first step below. If that still doesn't work, you may need to go to CM7 as an intermediary step between Twiz and ICS.

If coming from another ICS build - you should just be able to flash straight away, if it doesn't work, be sure you wiped. If you have to go back to go forward, let it be so.

-Download ICZen and place it on your internal sd
-Reboot to Clockwork Recovery
-Perform a wipedata/factory reset
-Go to mounts and storage and format the system partition
-Flash your downloaded ICZ rom file
-From the main menu of recovery, perform a wipedata/factory reset again
-On bootup, give it a few minutes to settle in, reboot and use as normal.
-Enjoy your ICZen!


ICZen_rc1.8.5 HERE for a mirror from Woodrube)

MD5 - c8169761523f748599108d2535a111d2


Much love to everyone who had a part in this happening, my brothers in Deficient Development, Team Kang, Team ICSSGS, to Team hacksung, Fault Exception, sixstringsg, MP, Dougfresh, Annex, Dan_Brutal, everyone putting out the individual efforts and contributions to keep the SGS alive and strong.

Much love to the Zen Nation and especially the Zen Test Crew, you guys make the the best damn place we could be, and we at DD thank you.

like a tree down by the water baby i shall not mov
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Add Ons

Zen Themed Bubbles MMS v2 (special thanks to qasimzia512 for the source apk from here:

ICZ MMS Restore

Hit Those Like Buttons for the peoples that posted 'dese for yous'.

Inverted Market Replacement/Purchase Fix

ICS Bootanimation

Boot Sounds from Dougfresh

Wallpapers from Big Dog KMc

Zen Wallpapers by N00B_IN_N33D

If I missed an add-on you posted, let me know so I can link it here.

Need To ODIN To Stock?
This is my way of going back to stock, it should work for you, but I take no responsibility if it doesn't, we all know and assume the risks with flashing any of this software.

Eugene373's JK2 Odin Package - Odin to JK2 Twiz based Froyo, contains Froyo Bootloaders.

512 PIT File

like a tree down by the water baby i shall not mov
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Change Log

See AOKP Changlog here - or

-AOKP milestone6 base, compiled by mr_psycho with the Linaro -03 toolchain implementation
-subZero build159 cm kernel
-New versions of Market and Youtube
-Other stuff I'm sure I forgot

-AOKP build40 base, compiled by mr_psycho with the Linaro -03 toolchain implementation
-subZero build144 cm kernel
-Fixed the color picker default select in Rom Control, now defaults to the correct green hex code (ff709930)
-Changed a couple UI sounds courtesy of Dougfresh
-More UI tweaking

-AOKP build39 base, compiled by mr_psycho with the Linaro toolchain implementation
-subZero build128 kernel
-gpsd wrapper from FaultException, should fix the gps loss after deep sleep
-More UI tweaking
-Added News and Weather app

-Modified Settings, Theme Manager, and MP further modified Aries Parts for us.
-Some subtle framework tweaks.
(this isn't a huge update, but it fixes some thing right, that I borked in the 181 Fix Pack)

-AOKP build38 base
-More UI tweaks, getting the theming a lot closer to where I want it
-Changed some colors in the stock MMS
-Email.apk is now themed
-Fixed the Alternate Toggles, now shows green when enabled
-Changed the popup when you long press the Zen Toggle

-AOKP build37 base
-Zen Theme is finally here. I'm still tweaking it out, but overall I think its a great start.
-Fixed video playback with MPs fatmem video patch, thanks MP for the fix and Doug for bringing this to my attention.
-Special thanks to MP on this one, when my eyes were about to fall out of my head, he came in and saved the day, helping me shine the light on a couple of things I borked, and hooking up a new phone.apk when mine was failing.

-AOKP build35 Base
-Back to the Stock Theme
-SD Mounting Patched (internal mounts as SD, external as emmc)
-UI tweaks to facilitate the upcoming DD Theme Engine themes
-Reverted to the "patched" driver
-Removed entries from Rom Control that do not apply to ICZen, with the exception of the Power Menu Torch Toggle, removing this still causes FCs of the app, I'm digging into it.

-Dusted by default
-AOKP milestone5 Base
-subZero build80 kernel
-New contacts inverted and themed by Annex
-Settings tweaks by MP
-Removed the setup.apk in lieu of provision.apk, I think its cleaner that way
-Fixed the Google Backup and Restore, thanks to efforts from my crack team of testers
-More that I forgot, I swear I'll start keeping a better list once my life calms down a bit.

-AOKP build34 Base (lots of fixes!)
-MPs Build75 FATRAM kernel
-Extra Bacon (I'm gonna start writing this stuff down again as I'm doing it so I can have a real changelog for y'all again, sorry, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.)

-AOKP build33 base
-New Wallpapers in the Launcher
-Fixed the GTalk FC, thanks robertd0619
-I know there's more, but I've been going hard at the green theme, can't remember what all I did to this on Saturday morning, lol.

-AOKP build32 base
-Zen Toggle replaced the Swagger Toggle
-subZero build70 kernel
-Tweaked Gmail with easier to see buttons

-Updated to AOKP build31 base - more stability and bugfixes

-Updated to AOKP build30 (4.0.4) base (lots of new stuff): and
-subZero Kernel, build61 by mr_psycho, see his signature for download link
-New Inverted Apps - Calendar, Email, Gmail, MMS, People and Dialer, Play Store, and Youtube
-Patched external sd mounting correctly, no longer breaks the USB Debugging resource id's
-Lockscreen Wallpaper is working

-Updated to AOKP build28 base (lots of new stuff):
-subZero Kernel, build33 by mr_psycho, see his signature for download link
-Reverted back to SuperUser by ChainsDD
-Lock Screen Ripple Mod
-Framework tweaks provided by Annex to get rid of some leftovers from GB and Froyo pop up menus.

-Updated to AOKP Milestone4 vibrantmtd base:
-subZero Kernel, build5 by mr_psycho: http://forum.xda-dev...&postcount=1440
-Updated Market to the Play Store
-Replaced Superuser with SuperSU

-Same build as rc1.1, but with a frosty AOKP build27 base.
-New kernel, derTuefel's Devils kernel, modded and built by MP - Big Thanks to him for this amazing piece of work!!

-Same build as RC1, but with a frosty AOKP build26 base.
-Did away with the GApps package, its really not needed, but replaced it with a zip to restore the stock, non-inverted apps. (Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, MMS, and Youtube)

-Rebuilt from official aokp.vibrantmtd.build25 base
-Incorportaed fixes and mods from the Beta builds
-Fixed Camrea FC and FFC support
-Fixed MMS UA (thanks Alex9090)
-Added custom GApps package

-Fixed Wifi Hotspot (Thanks MP)

Beta 5.1
-Fixed the phone.apk

Beta5 - 2/22/12
-Rebuilt around AOKP build25 (without the unicorn porn, sorry Romanbb)
-Changed to hopefully support FFC (I don't have one, can't test)

Beta4 - 2/21/12
-Arrrgh!! Rebuilt again, but the lag is gone. :D
-Fixed the camera, replaced with camera from CM9-16B (thanks for the tip MP)
-Brought back DSPManager with a different build of the app

Beta3.1 - 2/20/12
-Removed DSPManager, believe it to be causing lag

Beta3 - 2/20/12
-Rebuilt from a new base, again.
-Updated Platypus kernel from PaulForde, with fixed ramdisk for GPS
-GPS Works!
-Framework changes, removing GB leftovers with images sourced from Dougfresh, and some more UI tweaks
-Changed the Gallery
-Added the Picasa sync adapter.
-Added IO File Manager
-Added GenieWidget

Beta2 - 2/17/12
-Rebuilt from a new base
-Moved to the lastest ICSSGS Vibrant kernel by PaulForde
-Added GPS files from kchau15
-Changed out some apps and most of the framework
-Removed the Inverted Market, and you can now purchase apps
-Added the ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk

Beta1 - First public build - 2/15/12
-ICS 4.0.3 IML74K firmware, deodexed and rooted with Superuser and Busybox installed
-[Kernel]-SGH-t959_Vibrant- by PaulForde
-KB5 Modem
-AOKP RomControl
-Tweaked framework and SysUI
-Inverted Apps: Calendar, Gmail, Market, MMS, Music, People, Phone, and Youtube
-Stock Launcher

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Looking for subZero Kernel?! For download links, change logs, and other related info, please reference the dedicated kernel thread on RootzWiki.


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Hey guys it's dougfresh(tampavib here lol)!What the hell happened??
Dougie!!! Thats gonna be a trip, take some getting used to. I don't want this thread to turn into a what happened over there thread, so to be fair, I'm not going to answer. We are in a better place now, time to enjoy it!

There where? I don't even remember.....

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If home is where the heart is ... then Greener Pastures is where ICZen is! Whatever happened, I'm glad the project lives on! :)

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Hi my name is tampavib and i'm addicted to bacon royales with cheese
Dude. o_O

Maybe contact a mod and get your username changed. Dude, you are Sir Douggie Fresh. The freshest of the fresh. You dig, Doug?

PS. Go Bolts! (I'm a TB Lightning fan, btw)


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