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Here is a Rooted version of the Incredible OTA 4.06.605.2 w/ Android 2.3.4
You will not lose root installing this rom.
If you like the Rom, Hit the Thanks Button!

This is how Sense is supposed to run.
It has to be the fastest rom I ever tried!!
Enjoy :)

RLS2 Features

- Fully Deodexed
- Added New Market 3.0.27
- Fixed Verizon Apps in The New Market
- Fixed a few other Build.prop issues

RLS1 Features

- Rooted (SuperUser)
- Stock Kernel
- Deodexed Apps (default)
- Signed
- Busybox
- Init-d
- CWM or Amon RA


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just to let you all know...I lost root with this rom. I also cannot boot into recovery. Phone is not rerootable now. I cannot even boot into Hboot.

Figured it out. Superuser new version binary or something is not compatible. I kept getting a SU force close and could not boot into recovery. I am not sure why hboot wouldnt work holding volume down and powering on. I was able to boot into recovery now. My apologies.

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Hmmm....... I have a friend with a non-rooted DINC. Will this brick her DINC if I try and install it for her?
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