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that is why i posted it didn't work then said maybe it does. I toggled it and it fixed.
Thanks for posting...
Ahh was waiting for an inspire user. Can you confirm that audio is working as expected?

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Virtuous Primadonna 1.17.0 released.

Please check the blog for download links and full changelog

v1.17.0 (26/04/2012)

* Virtuous Tweaks Added
* Fully Customisable Advanced Power Menu
* Reboot
* Hot Reboot
* Bootloader
* Recovery
* Sound Profiles
* Flashlight
* Screenshot
* Mobile Network
* Airplane Mode

* Rosie Options
* Menu button on home screen (Removed by HTC)and direct access to Virtuous Tweaks
* Added 3D Scrolling (Removed by HTC)
* 3D Scroll Effect Cube/Overlapping/Inverted
* Fade Effect
* Folder Animation Speed
* Wallpaper Scrolling

* MT4GS added to multi device zip

Bug Fixes
* Recent apps mapped to long press of home key
* All hardware buttons correctly mapped on Desire Z and MT4GS keyboard
* Removed undervolt, solved boot issues on some devices
* Added Twitter app from Ville (Twitter now shows in FriendStream)
* Beats fully functional ("lyapota":
* Performance and stability fixes.
* All market sourced apps updated to latest versions
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