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Please find below a link for pure vanilla AOSP JB 4.2.1 built from android source.This is only for Nexus7 wifi. There is no AOSP for Nexus7 3G.
There is no gapps included, and the Kernel is the stock one. Flash your favorite (using LeanKernel v0.6)
No swype keyboard in AOSP.

What I have done:
-removed the stock recovery. Flashing this ROM will not override your custom recovery.
-added last Chainfire Superuser.apk. So this ROM is rooted
-Added busybox

How to install, coming from AOSP 4.1
-First, fastboot last TRWP custom recovery from this post :
-adb to your device
-adb to your device (You can find other gapps packages, but there are some issues with gapps. I made my own package with working apps)

-reboot your device in recovery, and flash both packages. NO factory reset needed. Just wipe cache/dalvick cache. All your data will still be there.

Issue : force close once or two. Just click OK and it will not come back. To get rid of this : turn off Browser sync in your Google account Sync settings.

As for enabling developer options, see this post:

Download links :

Last build: 12/28/21012 for Gapps 20121212.ONLY for 4.2.1 for 4.2.1 AOSP ROM

Hope you will enjoy the AOSP feel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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