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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Base:: CyanogenMod

Mod Status:: Alpha

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes


*Screenshot 1: SystemUI.apk in TabletUI/230DPI, Launcher PhoneUI/320DPI, System running in 320DPI
*Screenshot 2: SystemUI.apk in PhabletUI/220DPI, Launcher PhoneUI/320DPI, System running in 320DPI
*Screenshot 3: SystemUI.apk in PhoneUI/320DPI, Launcher PhoneUI/320DPI, System running in 320DPI
Find any combination you like, scale and project apps, widgets and system components!

To be honest, this is not tablet mode at all, it has nothing to do with silly build.prop hacks. This is the first and only Android rom to feature true Hybrid mode. This rom lets you scale and project every app, every widget, even systemcomponents individually. Remember, android is modular, everything is an app: Lockscreen, navigationbar, dialogs, popups, keyboards, widgets, and your regular apps of course. Apps have the capability to switch into various designs or layouts according to the device they run on. This can result in a complete new experience as many apps will transform to the better.
Now for every element that you like chose a mode (PhoneUI, Phablet/Nexus-7UI, TabletUI) and/or a size. You are 100% independent of the system DPI which runs nicely in whatever value it has been assigned to. You do not need to boot your phone into a certain DPI. Neither will most of the changes you apply require a reboot. You will not suffer from the myriads of troubles which normally haunt you under build.prop tablet mode. Your market, phone, etc. will all work, apps won't shrink on you unless you shrink them yourself. This project will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the feel of your phone.

Donations to molesarecoming
to D4rKn3sSyS
to Cyanogenmod

  • CWM: PA 1.7 onwards needs no Wipe Cache / Factory Reset, everything else does!
  • CWM: Install Zip: Rom: Download (Galaxy Nexus GSM = maguro, Verizon CDMA = toro, Sprint CDMA = toroplus; Nexus7 = grouper)
  • CWM: Install possible Bugfixes: Download (look out for "FIX" or "BUGFIX" prefixes and make sure the build number matches your rom)
  • CWM: Install Zip: Gapps: Download (find the latest one that carries the "jb" tag)
  • CWM: Wipe Cache Partition
  • CWM: Advanced/Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Reboot and edit your Apps Dpi & Layout under Settings/Paranoid Settings - DO NOT RESTORE YOUR OLD PROPERTIES FOR NOW
  • If you want to explore the various phone modes, tap "Configuration," chose an option, wait for it to finish, then do a manual reboot
  • Video tutorial:
  • You might want to consider a 3rd party kernel as the one that comes with CM10 can get quite hot. I have tried Trinity and like it. Other people have suggested Franco and Glados. If you get bootloops, spontanious reboot, etc., no support for you as thats one thing the CM10 kernel doesnt do.

    • If you have an issue and you want to call our attention, here's what you do:
    • 1. Try everything you can, find solutions for yourself. Wipe caches, revert all your settings you have made, go back to your stock Kernel, factory reset if you have to or reflash the rom. Assume that the issue is on your side and try your best to isolate it.
    • 2. Search this thread and Cyanogenmods aswell (its our base) for possible reoccurences of your issue and hopefully solutions that may have come up.
    • 3. If you think the issue is important enough that we should cease our work and look into it, post your issue, BUT ...
    • ... stay friendly, do not demand anything, do not threaten
    • ... explain your issue as precise as you can, name the exact apps and conditions that cause trouble, help us to replicate the issue right away. If we can't there's no way we can fix it and your post will simply clutter the thread
    • ... collect evidence, keep in mind this is a developer thread so even if you are not one, do us the favor and research how to record logcat. logcat is the single most important help you can give us to resolve your issue.


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How to set the workspace mode

How to change an apps Layout and size

  • 20120801v1.95alpha
  • Finally hardware accelerated recents in TabUI, as fluid as ever. The ugly gradient is gone aswell
  • Paranoid got its own dir in /system/etc/paranoid - pad.prop is not properties.conf
  • A clean backup properties file is shipped, you can make a full reset in the panel in case you lost it with all the settings you made
  • Force option can be activated in the panel, good for widget scaling
  • The DPI sliders in the panel read min/max props from properties.conf, define them as you like
  • TabUI Recents are back to a bigger size, this is temporary, i'll look for ways to port the phone implementation as project butter skipped the tabUI code
  • CM fixed alot of features again, we included them all

  • 20120712v1.6prealpha
  • New hybrid codebase, won't touch build.prop and changign build.prop wont ever be necessary
  • Can drop apps and system into three modes: Tablet, Phablet and PhoneUI
  • It is VERY raw and basically a preview. Much code has to be merged, the framework will have to be adjusted as JB introduces crazy overlappings again, just like ICS did
  • There will be no panel to control it, you can take an editor and edit /system/pad.prop yourself in the meantime.
  • Expect updates soon

  • pa-toroplus-1.3a-15JUN2012-190613
  • Navigationbuttons in phone mode are fixed
  • Default CM tuna kernel
  • Settings panel had a bug, you couldnt set android.dpi, decriptions sucked, too
  • Speed improvements, all launchers are buttersmooth now
  • Force option for widget scaling works again

  • 20120614v1.2beta
  • Compiled from a unified GIT that is shared by a growing number of devices
  • Has all the latest CM9 additions
  • Completely revamped hybrid code-base, should be better overall
  • New PAD/PAL code allows system-scaling finally, that means you can scale the lockscreen, dialogs, toasts, etc.
  • Trebuchet comes with new menu options: 4x4 grid grid folders, options for backgrounds, tablet effects
  • New cool backup app for pad.prop, *maybe* even an OTA app, either 1.2 or 1.3
  • New panel options and descriptions
  • Hide status-bar clock doesnt hide HOLO clock in notification center
  • Number of notification icons definable in settings
  • Tons of fixes and improvements

  • 20120504v0.4preview: Apps were too small? Problem solved!
  • First ever Android ROM with Per-App-Density feature, it once and for all solves the problem that was tablet mode. You never, ever have to deal with apps that are too small again since now you can decide how apps, systemapps, framework-elements and even widgets are scaled by defining their native dpi seperately from the system DPI. Its an experimental feature and for now these values are defined in your /system/build.prop - it has drawbacks (maily notifications can look a bit strange), but that will be fixed in time. Warning: Keyboards MUST run in system DPI!
  • A list of apps and predefined values is included, this should include most of what you need. everything else is blown up to 210 dpi per standard. if you still need apps to be bigger, get a build.prop editor from the market, edit and reboot.
  • Trebuchet fixes: Folder Name cut-off, landscape name cut-off, divider bars
  • Please set your Font to "Normal" in the System Settings, you won't need "Huge" anymore and all this does now is provoke overlapping.

  • 20120430v0.3alpha:
  • Freshest CM9 Repo
  • Forked Trebuchet and rewrote its layout and parts of its code to adapt it to tablet mode. I went for stock look plus tablet controls and changed the number of icons/widgets shown in the drawer. It's butter-smooth aswell. It has kinks left, those will be solved in the coming days!
  • 100% fixed android standard keyboard
  • Better Bootanimation
  • Fixed Gapps package based on 20120429 including Gmail and a working Market

  • 20120427v0.2pre-alpha-gapps:
  • Fixed Gapps package based on 20120422 including Gmail and a working Market

  • 20120425v0.1pre-alpha:
  • freshest CM9/nightly repo build (25/04)
  • recents window way nicer than before. close to stock. i only need to get rid of that darn gradient
  • keyboard looks like stock now
  • new bootanimation
  • camera works
  • comes with cm9 repo kernel, no color tint
  • notification clock is smaller, won't overlap so easy

  • 20120425v0.0pre-alpha:
  • freshest CM9/nightly repo build set to tablet mode
  • Hacked Nova. I know 1.1 is out, but this one is still closer to stock
  • Androids keyboard reacts hellish in tablet mode. I fixed it but its still too large, tomorrow i'll fix it proper
  • I was trying make to recents window look more like stock. COULD be the thumbnails are a tad bigger than before but i'll get to that don't worry
  • 2 notifications icons max in portrait for now to prevent overlapping
  • Settings comes as the first item in the notification panel, hated to scroll down every time
  • ALOT will follow, please be patient, i made all that stuff blind because it needed ~13 hours to compile. now compiling is alot faster and i'll see to it that we will have true hybrid mode very soon

phone swap addict
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sooo excited for this! thanks for bringing to us CDMA'ers!

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This is very exciting. Good work fellas!

Android Themer
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this looks awesome! is there anything major that doesnt work? camera data msm ect?

Average Android
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Only thing I noticed was: I got stuck in the camera. There was no way to get the soft keys back up,without clicking on the last picture taken,than home.
Would love to see some wallpapers come with this bad boy as well! :] Please keep this going!!

Android Beginner
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As for a perfect working market, 160 dpi runs perfect. You just need the correct phone apk. I have been running at 160 and have yet to find anything that does not work....This dpi will give you a perfect GN in tablet mode...

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Only thing I noticed was: I got stuck in the camera. There was no way to get the soft keys back up,without clicking on the last picture taken,than home.
Would love to see some wallpapers come with this bad boy as well! :] Please keep this going!!
press and hold the power button and the softkeys will come up. that how it is in tablet mode in cm9

Android Ninja
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Two lines edits in a build.prop?! Well, you hurt my tablet mode mod's feelings lol
This looks interesting, I'm curious to see it once you finish the whole 'hybrid' idea. I've tried making something similar with AOKP in the past but it could never get through without systemui committing mass suicide when parts of the rom were 320 and some were 192/160. Good luck :)
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