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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: AOSP

Mod Status:: Nightly

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Requires Root:: Yes

Android Version:: 4.1.1 (JB)


Notable Changes/Features:
  • Common: Android 4.0.3 via stable release branch
  • Common: Deodexed, rooted, "user" build variant
  • Common: Hide "System updates" preference
  • Common: Enable adb debugging by default
  • Common: Disable data roaming by default
  • Common: Add additional live wallpapers
  • Common: Add various bug fixes from CyanogenMod
  • Common: Add build date to "About" screen
  • Common: Remove bugmailer from user builds
  • Common: Add extended power menu (DvTonder)
  • Common: Allow 180 degree rotation
  • Common: Disable kernel debugging, update by merging remotes
  • Common: Add "Mark All Messages As Read" button to Email app (dustinmj)
  • Common: Enable more keyboard keys for larger screens (cyanogen)
  • Common: Add auto-dim backlight setting (solarnz)
  • Common: Add CPU Settings to "Developer options" (cyanogenmod)
  • Common (Phones): Add notification drawer toggles and settings (cyanogenmod)
  • Common (Tablets): Add auto-hide status bar setting (flemmard)
  • Common (Tablets): Add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS toggles (flemmard, tdr)
  • Common (Tablets): Add home button to browser toolbar
  • Common (Tablets): Move status bar clock to the right, fix padding
  • Common (Tablets): Use desktop user agent by default
  • Common (Tablets): Hide mobile signal icons when connected to Wi-Fi (solarnz)
  • Stingray/Wingray: Enable dock settings
  • Toro/Maguro/Crespo/Crespo4G : Add Google Wallet application
  • Toro/Maguro/Crespo/Crespo4G: Add "Nexus" notification sound
  • Toro: Increase battery capacity from 1750 to 1850
  • Toro: Allow use of native tethering for free
  • Toro: Remove Verizon applications and libraries
  • Crespo/Crespo4G/Stingray/Wingray: Add Face Lock security feature
  • Crespo/Crespo4G: Add Touch To Focus camera feature (havlenapetr)
  • Crespo/Crespo4G: Disable keeping bluetooth module hot by default
*Note: I make changes almost daily, be sure to check the changelog or my github for the latest.

Downloads:*Note: I make builds almost daily, be sure to check the above links for the latest.

  • I have attached screen shots to this post and my Google+ album.
  • There are no bugs, hence the name "Bugless" Beast.
  • Haven't upgraded your 3G Xoom yet? Please read this important post.
  • Donations are always more than welcome!
  • My ROM is open source on GitHub, checkout the code!
repo init -u [URL=git://]git://[/URL] -b ics
1 - 20 of 5700 Posts
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