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Team EOS

JB 4.1.1 Maguro


Continuing on from the success of the EOS ICS roms, we present to you EOS3, based on JELLYBEAN!

It is the goal of Team EOS to develop and maintain the highest performing and most stable AOSP based rom for an array of platforms. For the latest news on Team EOS releases make sure you follow @teameos on twitter and on IRC on Freenode in #teameos.

NOTE: Team EOS, it's members, friends, dogs, cats, and associates are in no way responsible for any loss of data or device functionality. Use this at your own risk!

A quick note on Nightlies: NIGHTLIES ARE DEVELOPMENT BUILDS. They are automatically generated every now and then, and represent the compilation of the latest commits to the code repository. While every effort is made ensure that the commits that are accepted are stable and do not have a negative impact to the overall performance and function of the builds it is not possible to test every aspect of a commits impact to the overall repo prior to it's inclusion in a given build. As a result it is entirely possible that instabilities may be introduced as a result of a given days commits. That is the nature of the nightly system, and the risk that is taken using the latest code changes to the project.

EOS is an AOSP based rom. It is developed and maintained by Team EOS and is the culmination of our own in house development efforts.

Team EOS Nightly builds:

G-Apps Package
Because this is an AOSP based rom Google Apps are not included in the base rom. To install Google Apps please flash the following package after installing the base rom:

Temporary Gapps package gapps
Because these are nightly builds the included features are constantly evolving, we do not provide a change log manually. Instead please see the changes on jenkins for your build.
For the most up to date and comprehensive listing of the changes included in this rom please visit

Kernel Note: This rom is currently using the stock kernel, so you can find the sources from aosp.


Installation Notes:
These builds are designed to be installed from your favorite recovery.
Perform a full wipe (read Factory Reset) prior to installing this over ANY ICS or JB based rom.

If you find strange or otherwise unexplained errors please report them here: Please include logcats and as thorough a description of the issue and what lead up to the issue as possible. With out this we will be unable to track down these errors.

Want to contribute to the Eos rom? Well you can!
Just follow to checkout our source code, and information on how to submit changes for review.


Enabling voice search in google now
  1. Go into Settings
  2. Go to "Language & input"
  3. Scroll down to "Speech" and click on "Voice Search"
  4. Click on "Download offline speech recognition"
  5. Swipe Across to the "ALL" tab if needed
  6. Download your speech pack for your language

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Download from


- Removed google music. If needed, you can grab the apk from here
- Updated GoogleBackupTransport
- Removed automatic notification support for gapps (from as these don't support all the devices we support. (They're too big for the Motorola Xoom)
Can you please tell me if its ok to use the Gapps that Goo Manager is prompting me to install? Its been prompting me after the latest EOS Gapps update. With the EOS Gapps, my Google Sound Search stopped whenever I try to use the widget. With the 7/17 Gapps that Goo Manager prompts me to install, its fine.

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