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Credits: phaelox (hosts file), dsixda (kitchen), xhausx (base rom)

This is debloated rom based off of the newest OTA. Thanks to xhausx for originally making a flashable rooted zip out of the OTA.

Debloated of all Sprint apps
Google Talk with video (thanks to lithid for the original files)
All apps that are in the market were moved to /data/app
Newest market
Extensive hosts file thanks to phaelox (for ad blocking)
Nano, sysro and sysrw
Bash shell
Wifi scan interval increased to 2mins
Vm heap 64m

Note: I do not take credit for this rom. While i will maintain this, update it, and do what i can to make it better, this is a stock rom with a few mods. This is mainly for: users who like stock-ish roms, devs who want to base their rom off of the new OTA.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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