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[ROM] JDX v15.2 - 09/05/2013 - [JB 4.3][AOSP+] - It's all about the butter!

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4ndr01d presents
"Android the way it should be" for the VZW Galaxy Nexus [toro]

AOSP+ (always latest)
always based on latest AOSP
VZW binaries (always latest)
expanded desktop (with option to keep status bar)
long press back to kill app
skip tracks with volume buttons
custom lockscreen targets
quick reply for messaging
AVRCP 1.3 (music meta-data over bluetooth)
bluetooth MAP support (need to rework for bluedroid)
reboot menu (reboot, recovery, bootloader, safe mode)
group messaging with stock messaging app
emoji icons with stock messaging app
long press volume buttons to skip audio tracks

clear all recents menu button
improved 3G, 4G, and WiFi connections
rooted (with SuperSU)
optimized for performance
tweaked for speed
first rom separated from gapps (proper)
focused on stability
properly functioning Google services (location, now, etc)
proper booting
works with all recoveries
buttery smooth


changelog entries available here


Click here for more info (more info, additional download links, further support)

You will need both the ROM and GApps. This is the first build to separate them!

Gapps - Use my latest on the link above (or mirrored below).

Note: ALWAYS use the latest GApps!



Gapps -

Click here for Mirrors

1. wipe data (if coming from ANY other rom)
2. wipe cache
3. flash ROM
4. flash GApps
5. let phone sit for a few minutes once booted to settle (a lot is done of first boot)

Keep in mind that the first boot can take up to 10 minutes and may seem to hang on either the Google logo or the Boot Animation. Just give it time, it will boot.

Need quick support? You're best bet is on IRC. Connect to and join #4ndr01d for the best support.

Google - for Android!
You guys - for all your support and feedback!

Donations Appreciated!
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Can you put a link for latest GApps?
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STOP uploading to Google Drive when its just going to go MIA after everyone starts downloading it. Also need new upload service for GApps. This is a pain in the ass.
As in emoji support, does that mean there's the option to get the pop up dialog with all the emoji's to insert? That's what I'm looking for...
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