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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: TouchWiz (Samsung)

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Optional:: Smali Edits

Requires Root:: Yes

Optional:: Custom Settings

Android Version:: 4.1.1 (JB)


Build 14

Jelly Beans is Geared Towards Users that want the look of AOSP but want the stability and feautures of touchwiz

Aroma Feature's:
-Selectable Applications
-Google: Talk, Maps, Youtube, HD Youtube, Gmail, Play Music
-Samsung: Allshare, Kies, Live Wallpapers, Sphoto editor, Paper Artist,Mobile Print, Smemo, Svoice, SCalendar,
-Misc:dropbox w 50gb hack, flash player, ad blocking, Polaris Viewer, Wireless Tether, Vpn, terminal emulator, Anti-Aliasing
-Launcher Selection (4x4 Touchwiz, 4x5 Touchwiz, Apex, Nova)
-Email App Selection (Stock, Hacked Stock, Aosp)
-SMS App Selection (Touchwiz, Aosp, Inverted Aosp)
-Keyboard Selection (Touchwiz Keyboard, 4.2 Keyboard)
-Music Selection (Touchwiz Music, Apollo)
-File Explorer Selection (Stock, Es File explorer)
-SystemUi Mods (Sense Recents, Stock Recents, brightness slider on/off)
-Lidroid Mods (# of toggles shown, color of toggles, text of toggles on/off)
-Battery Icon Selection
-Longpress home for Torch On/off
-Kernel Selection (Stock, PBJ, Perseus or Sabre Kernel)
-Choice of Sdswap on/off
-Sound Selection (Aosp or Tw Ui Sounds)

-Based off of Scotts Deodexed OTA VRALL4
-Clock alingment toggle
-am/pm size toggle
-day of the week toggle
-MIUI Battery Bar Toggle
-Aosp Lockscreen Toggle
-longpress to skip tracks
-Re-Themed To be JB Aosp Looking
-All apps in Multi-window
-True Init.D Support
-Call Recording Option
-Sense 4 Recents
-Enabled Mobile Hotspot
-Removed Annoying Location Icon
-Removed All traces of Software Update
-Removed 100% battery full Notification
-Removed Easy Mode
-Enabled All Rotations
-Added Ringtones MIUI/CM
-Build.prop Tweaks
-23 toggle mod
-custom settings
-rom control
-1% Battery Mod
-3 size resizable popup browser
-4-way Reboot Menu
-non fading ringtone mod
-wifi notif killer mod
-50Gb Free Dropbox
-Xposed Framework
-Xposed Tweakbox
-Per App Dpi Settings
-Pie Control

Here: http://www.androidfi...926241640218946

and here:

md5: 3f300352560906a60b361170e5ea0ead

old builds can be found here: http://www.androidfi...files&flid=1793

Build 14 - 04-22-13
<*>redid Aroma installer
<*>reverted settings background back to black
<*>added data wipe options to aroma
<*>added reboot option to end of aroma
<*>added bootanimation enabler for all kernels
<*>updated SabreKernel to 4-18 version 19
<*>updated PBJ kernel to 04-19 version
<*>added init.d, bootanim support to pbj
<*>updated play store to new 4.0.26 version
<*>updated LMT aka pie to version 1.98
<*>updated ad blocking host file
<*>updated dropbox and esfile explorer

Build 13 - 04-10-13
<*>updated dropbox, gmail, youtube, 720p yt
<*>updated google now, samsung push services
<*>updated nova, allshare widget
<*>updated play store to new 4.0.25 version
<*>updated LMT aka pie to version 1.96
<*>updated xposed installer to 2.1.3
<*>updated per app dpi settings to 0.3
<*>updated xposed tweakbox to 1.4
<*>updated Perseus Kernel to 35 version
<*>updated PBJ kernel to 04-08 version
<*>added init.d, bootanim support to pbj
<*>added more of a aosp look to settings
<*>fixed notification text being cutoff
<*>fixed google now and note 2 self issues
<*>took out 4.2 cam made flashable zip
<*>xposed disabler is now pushed to sdcard
<*>4.2.2 downgrade zip is pushed to sdcard

Build 12 - 03-26-13
<*>redid my init.d scripts, combined
<*>fixed twrp saying root is broken
<*>annoying wifi suggestion now off by default!
<*>ripple effect is now off by default
<*>voodo control app installs w/ pbj,sabre
<*>added pie control & settings to rom control
<*>added dormant mode to rom control
<*>added xposed installer to rom control
<*>added xposed tweakbox to rom control
<*>added per app dpi to rom control
<*>added option for brightness slider
<*>updated adobe flash to newest version
<*>updated inverted aosp mms to 3.1 version
<*>updated SabreKernel to 3-20 version b17
<*>updated Perseus Kernel to 34.2 version
<*>updated Dropbox, apex and custom rom control


Step 1-
Make sure u are unlocked
Step 2-
Wipe all(factory reset and davlick wipe) if coming from an old build
Step 3-
Install the Rom
Step 4-
Reboot and Enjoy!

aosp apps are added for convenience and are not supported.. i will do my best to get them to work as well as possible but for full stability use touchwiz based apps

Aosp Lockscreen will force close in landscape if you have ripple effect enabled, and also is buggy if you are using the lightflow app

Also the white line at the top of screen is MIUI battery bar u can disable it inrom control or change the default colors to what is picked u just need to go into the colors and hit ok on each default color!

also as with any custom kernel if u have a 64gb sdcard it needs to be formatted to fat32!(do it this is never going to change, might as well get it done)

For Feature Requests and bug reports please visit my google docs page:

kernels included are perseus and the source is here:

Carbon / Developer
690 Posts

Adam Outler, RalekDev, Rebellos - For All they have done for the Vzw Note 2
didact74 - Massive thanks, for being a modding genious
Team Synergy / TrevE- The Wifi Popup Killer Mod
Rephyc- for being a beast even though he dissapeared
Imnuts - for the apns.conf for all providers and the Pbj Kernel
adrynalyne - for the apn editor
loserskater- for working aosp mms/longpress to skip tracks for any music app
scrosler- for the base rom and teaching me aroma basics
Wanam - for the 23 toggles
Vertemus and joshbeach- for the amazing aosp themes which i used some pngs from
ryun33 - for his call recording mod
legendk95 - for his spen switcher app
Angus MacGyver - for the Boot animation.. thanks a bunch
wchill - for the 4x5 launcher setup on jb that i have been porting
AndreiLux, ptmr3 - For Perseus and Saber Kernel
KennyGlass123 - For being an awesome MOD
tazer2death - for the awesome signature and supporter signature
Maybe More if i forgot u let me know and i will add you!

VRALL4 Modem: http://www.androidfi...288116658473249
Stock Beans Kernel: http://www.androidfi...288116658473830
Photosphere Camera - http://www.androidfi...901594685177927 [URL="][/URL]​

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nice. i used jelly "beans" on my GS3, good stuff. beanstown is da man! thanks!

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FYI, I dirty flashed this, and everything is working great. Only noticeable issue is that when making a lasso selection with the s pen, the share menu does not come up. The capture shows up in gallery just fine though.

Great work Beans. Feels like my s3 on steroids.

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So this keeps all the functionality of stock with added butter, correct? I want to flash it but don't want to lose any of the awesomeness that the Spen adds.

Carbon / Developer
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Nice job with this rom. I have not found a thing wrong with it. I finally feel like it is MY phone now! Thanks BeansTown
u neeeeed to send me that wallpaper lol! shits boss! might end up making it as default wallpaper

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Does anyone know if we can change the default location for downloads and such? I backed up all my apps with Titanium backup and went to restore everything after flashing this and couldn't find it anywhere. Every other phone I've had saves this kind of stuff to the external SD card but this phone saves it to the internal instead.

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Make sure you back up all your stuff on phone storage to your sdcard or something else. It will wipe that clean when you flash this. I made that mistake. ..

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Also as stated the lasso feature of spen does not bring up the share menu at the bottom but it does still save it into the gallery.

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I'm getting a weird error code when trying to install a couple of apps from the Market: "Unknown error code during application install - 24". It's only occurring for IMDB app and Google Music app which is unfortunately two of the apps I use. I've researched the issue a bit but no solid fixes yet. Tried clearing the cache and data in download manager and the Market but didn't work. This is a weird problem because I have like 70 other apps which downloaded and installed fine. Any ideas?

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Make sure you back up all your stuff on phone storage to your sdcard or something else. It will wipe that clean when you flash this. I made that mistake. ..

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I'm definitely going to do that, I was just hoping to be able to make that kind of change since I know there is a pretty good chance I'm going to forget to do this a few times.
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