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<br />
Build 16 - 04-12-13<br />
got rid of verizon boot sounds oops<br />
fixed ota updater errors and showing older builds<br />
fixed Snote added back missing files<br />
fixed lockup when unlocking with sms on aosp lock<br />
fixed reboot menu, added reboot to download mode<br />
added back burst shot mode.. FU vzw<br />
added back full screen calendar widget.. FU vzw<br />
added increased swirls and no fog on tw lockscreen<br />
added music control options to settings/sound<br />
added togggle indicator to toggles, fixed gap<br />
added Koush's Superuser instead of SuperSu<br />
updated samsung push, nova, es file, kies<br />
<br />
Build 15 - 04-08-13<br />
completely rebased rom off of VRAMC3 OTA<br />
rebuilt every mod from scratch into new base<br />
updated LMT aka pie to version 1.99<br />
updated play store to new 4.0.27 version<br />
added MultiWindow Control App<br />
added customizable ink effect<br />
updated sabre kernel to 23<br />
updated perseus kernel to 26.3<br />
updated beans kernel to vramc3<br />
updated all apps<br />
updated contacts theme<br />
much more<br />
I'm not actually getting any results showing that I'm in build 16. Ive downloaded the update. Reboots to recovery. It does something but it doesn't look like much flashes. Any ideas? My phone/rom info is the same as before I booted and flashed

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