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[ROM]Jellybean Developer Preview from Google I/O, Altered to Function on the VZW Galaxy Nexus

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Jelly Bean Developer Preview from Google I/O, Altered to Function on the VZW Galaxy Nexus
Reverse Engineered from the GSM Google I/O Build

Obligatory disclaimer: You are responsible for any consequences resulting from tweaking, rooting, or modifying your phone or tablet. If something out of the ordinary happens we can't guarantee that it can be undone. Neither RootzWiki nor the developers associated with the contained ROMs, mods, themes, tweaks, or leaks are in any way liable for anything that happens beyond this point.

This is NOT the official and final Jellybean edition/NOT built from source or pulled from AOSP; this is based on a nandroid backup of the GSM preview build that was rolled out at Google I/O. There may be bugs, crashes, freezes, or other issues. The butter may leak out. Install at your own risk, and make sure to enjoy yourself when you do.

This buildhas been provided by jdkoreclipse and is listed as v3. This is as close to AOSP as possible at this point; it includes only those fixes required to grant expected functionality to your phone. There are no altered themes, no replaced kernels, just the experience Google intended. Only expect developer help out of the kindness of their hearts.


  1. Boot into Recovery
  2. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  3. Wipe System
  4. Install .zip
  5. Reboot
  6. Enjoy
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Google Now Voice Commands List
  • 'Listen to Dark Knight Rising Trailer' (allow it to auto-load Youtube or Google Music)
  • 'What time is it in [location]
  • ...
Youtube of Google Now Voice Commands



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if anyone can mirror the zip in the OP that'd be great. the download is taking forever for me.
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How do I get clockworkmod recovery on here? Do i just flash using Google's native recovery?

And slightly off topic, has anyone felt Franco Kernel slows down JB? Probably just in my head to be honest though.
Google developers (stock kernel) > script kiddies (custom kernel devs)

I never use custom kernels, unless said developer is highly vetted. (the only good custom kernel dev is imoseyon imo)
The download link @ just died. I was in the middle of a download when it quit. Any other mirrors?
does anyone have a working mirror of this? why is it that everything the OP links is slow as molasses?
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Fellas, I think most issues that people have are the custom kernels for the other threads attached to the ROM. Best thing to do right now is download the Vicious or VanirBean ROM on the other threads, and flash the stock kernel separately.

it's the only thing one can do atm since OP in this thread isn't maintained properly.
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I was thinking the same thing, except some of these custom ROMs (like JD's) are now including "tweak" scripts to work with the kernel they've included. I'm not sure if just flashing the stock kernel would cause any problems, but I'd be careful with this.
yeah. I realized he added scripts... other one should work.

looks as though mirrors will be put up soon so im gonna hold off until then.
are any of you guys having issue with cards showing up on Google Now? I can only get the weather and Places card open, and the places card will only show when I enabled wifi.
I'm able to connect to my home router (N only too) w/ no issues.
Nevermind. My office is apparently a 4g hole today. Left work and within 150 paces lte was working. Awesome ROM, cool to see google now already giving me a traffic report for the drive home....thanks for the work!
how are you able to do this? i have yet to be able to show navigation card on Google Now. Steps to reproduce?
Have you let Google save your location history in the past? I have always let Google keep my history in hopes of something just like this.
When I was getting ready to leave the house this morning I had cards waiting for me for all of my regular places, dog park, preschool, a few restaurants. When the dog and I finished at the park I found a card waiting for me with route info to "home" which was my address.

Mostly I just have the one weather card but I bet tomorrow morning I'll have cards to BJs and Ace Hardware, my regular Sat. morning routine.

I have always let Google keep all of my history, EVERYTHING. Google Now is the sh!t. No way Apple will compete with this.
wow thanks for letting me know. Yeah i didn't want location history saved on my nexus since I got it. I'm always paranoid about that stuff. Looks like I'm going to enable it as it will help me with productivity.

does this mean i HAVE to have latitude enabled?

If you mean deep sleep, I'm wondering the same. Does it work on this rom? Deep sleep after reboot?

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using RootzWiki
works for me. i get deep sleep on boot.
Has anyone encountered issues with the camera function? Photos aren't being saved, and trying to record closes the app. I can swipe and pinch. I found some similar complaints in an xda thread for the gsm rom, but not clear answers there.

Appreciate any help!
i have no camera issues. photos are saved for me.
v3 is where?
no idea... was thinking the same... I'm just going to PM [background=rgb(247, 247, 247)]jdkoreclipse himself[/background]
JDkoreclipse authorized me to release his plain-jane v3 today. It's up in the OP. Have fun! I'm running it right now.

And not to be an ass... I had vascular modification surgery on my left leg yesterday and am still under the effects of the pain medicine today. Please pardon the not-as-fast-as-some-of-you-would-like response times; I'm doing the best I can.
well shit, now i look like an ass. hope you heal quick!
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