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[ROM]Jellybean Developer Preview from Google I/O, Altered to Function on the VZW Galaxy Nexus

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Jelly Bean Developer Preview from Google I/O, Altered to Function on the VZW Galaxy Nexus
Reverse Engineered from the GSM Google I/O Build

Obligatory disclaimer: You are responsible for any consequences resulting from tweaking, rooting, or modifying your phone or tablet. If something out of the ordinary happens we can't guarantee that it can be undone. Neither RootzWiki nor the developers associated with the contained ROMs, mods, themes, tweaks, or leaks are in any way liable for anything that happens beyond this point.

This is NOT the official and final Jellybean edition/NOT built from source or pulled from AOSP; this is based on a nandroid backup of the GSM preview build that was rolled out at Google I/O. There may be bugs, crashes, freezes, or other issues. The butter may leak out. Install at your own risk, and make sure to enjoy yourself when you do.

This buildhas been provided by jdkoreclipse and is listed as v3. This is as close to AOSP as possible at this point; it includes only those fixes required to grant expected functionality to your phone. There are no altered themes, no replaced kernels, just the experience Google intended. Only expect developer help out of the kindness of their hearts.


  1. Boot into Recovery
  2. Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  3. Wipe System
  4. Install .zip
  5. Reboot
  6. Enjoy
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Sorry in advance, but I am really new to customizing. I have a Galaxy Nexus with 4.0.4 flashed. I am rooted and my bootloader is unlocked. I am curious about this update, is it as simple as putting the file on my CD card, booting into CWR and installing the zip? The only reason I ask is I really depend on my phone and am reluctant in the event I really screw something up.

I have CWR touch installed and Titanium Back up pro. Can someone confirm my steps.

Take a full back up with Titanium Back Up
Drop the file on my SD card
Boot into recovery
Do a full wipe
Install zip and reboot.

Do I need to install google apps? (Coming from a DX on CM7, only experience with ROMs) Is it a good idea to have a factory image on my SD card in the event something goes wrong I will have a back up?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi mharmon,

The steps I used were:

1. Titanium backup - backup app data.

Titanium Backup menu - create (as a system file).

3. Reboot into recovery and make backup of your current system ( will make complete backup of your phone just in case you want to return to what you had).

4. Reboot into recovery again and wipe data cache, then wipe partition cache, then go to advanced and wipe dalvik cache.
5. Then go back to the root menu and select "install from zip > choose zip to install > navigate to where you installed jelly bean and select it and install.


OPTIONAL if you made the
5. Go back to main menu and select " mount" and choose "Mount/System". Then navigate to "install from zip again" go to where you saved the for Titanium backup and install.

5a. When the phone boots do not enter you information yet. Instead tap the corners of the screen starting with the top left, then top right, then bottom right, and bottom left. This will let you bypass activation and install your apps.

Titanium backup should be in your apps. Restore apps, reboot, login to Google account.

Hope this helps

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Thanks. One other quick question, I lost track, will I also need the wifi file or is the file posted in the OP good to go? I'll give this a shot, resetting and uninstalling Google Wallet now to take my back up, then I'll go from there.
Keep getting messages application not installed

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Anyone having dropbox issues?

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When trying to upload, keep getting message dropbox has stopped. I'll uninstall and reinstall.

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dropbox is working fine on my phone. what issues you having?
It is actually with both Box and Dropbox. From my download folder, I chose the share option to upload an .apk to my dropbox and keep getting the message 'dropbox has stopped working'. I can upload other files from other locations, it must have something to do with the downloads folder.
No issues here with my camera or camcorder. This honestly seems to be the most bug free ROM that I have tried on my nexus (ICS or JB). I guess I'm just lucky but I honestly feel that this build works so well its almost as if it came from OTA. :D
I did notice on CamScanner that the image I took did not save, other than that, my regular camera is working fine.
For everyone still using this rom:
Why not switch to another rom? This is an old hack rom. Use an AOSP rom, which is more updated and stable
List? I tried Bug less Beast and it did not have the same feeling as Razors, might be in my head. Also, my gmail notifications seem to be broken.

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