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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: TouchWiz (Samsung)

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: T-Mobile

Requires Root:: No

Optional:: Smali Edits

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)


***STANDARD DISCLAIMER - We are in no way responsible for what you do to your phone. If you destroy your $500 device and try and blame us we will laugh at you. Always read and ensure you know what you are doing before attempting anything***

Hello everyone! This is Team Kang's first ROM release for T-mobile's Galaxy S II. We have spent long hours modifying the stock Samsung ROM to incorporate many additional features, mods and hacks. Doing this ensures maximum stability and performance while giving you the awesome additions and features you've come to love us for. Thank you and please enjoy!

- Deodexed and Zipaligned
- 13 Quickpanel Toggles!
- ROM Control via Settings (formerly known as Tweaks!)
- 4 Lockscreens! (Samsung, AOSP, Rotary, Ring)
- New Music Controls!
- Swipe to remove notifications
- Added Custom Power Menu built from our own source
- Screenshot function from Power Menu
- Gtalk with Video Chat
- CRT Off Animation
- Roboto Fonts
- Added Full Kernel Version to Setings
- Added Mod Version to Settings
- Stay Awake Option
- Added AppWidgetPicker
- Killed Battery Full Pop-Up
- Adjusted Auto-Brightness Settings
- Removed lots of Bloat
- But wait! You can add it right back with Bloater!

Installation Instructions
2. Download and place on sdcard
3. Boot into clockwork recovery
4. Select perform factory wipe [OPTIONAL - does clean install]
5. Navigate to mounts and storage and format /system
6. Choose to install zip from the correct sdcard
7. Wait while the rom is being flashed...
8. Once zip has finished installing, reboot
6. Now wait a minimum of 10 minutes (I know you're excited but don't touch anything!) This step is VERY important for maximum performance
7. Reboot
8. Now you are free to enjoy the unstoppable JUGGERNAUT!

Wanna flash something over this rom? Does it say it will work with this rom? No? and you flashed it anyways??? *sigh* WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!

DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut v5.0 FULL [Updated 2/18/2012]

MMS over Wifi-Calling Flashable Fix! < Included in build listed above. This is for those who already flashed v5.0 prior to this be included


HUGE shoutout to Kwes1020 and Rascarlo! Kwes made us such an amazing logo and Rascarlo put together a killer bootanimation for us!!! Thank you guys!!!!

DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut v4.1 FULL
MD5: 6BE39263F9849DFACFF5C504B2F8CCFF
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut v3.7 FULL
MD5: 6B853C156E6D3BE33F924264A07FEA72
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut v3.69 FULL
MD5: 02F636CCF4619CB9D89AB9C825E3414B
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut v3.1 FULL
MD5: 1D66C5FB5ED2D023B5AAD8FFF2580934
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut 2.6 FULL
MD5: 9B9258B45EBAAB3F283A075B168328B9
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut 2.6 FULL
MD5: 9B9258B45EBAAB3F283A075B168328B9
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut 2.0 FULL
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut 1.1 FULL
DOWNLOAD <<<<< Juggernaut v1.0
<br />
2/18/2012<br />
- Added in MMS over Wifi-Calling fix<br />
<br />
2/16/2012<br />
Oh snap a Juggernaut update?!?!<br />
- Added Faux's latest 9u kernel<br />
  ~ OC up to 1.73Ghz<br />
  ~ GPU OC'd @ 320Mhz (3D) and 220Mhz (2D)<br />
  ~ [URL=""]Moar info here![/URL]<br />
  ~ Pick in Rom Control<br />
  ~ Supports Sammy music widget and lockscreen wallpapers<br />
  ~ Took forever to get this to work... try not to kang it immediately please...<br />
  ~ Added support for custom user agent and text size (it's in settings at the top)<br />
  ~ User agents include - Android, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Iphone, Ipad<br />
- Blurry Mms fixed!<br />
  ~ Able to send mms over wifi<br />
  ~ Unlimited contacts adding (200)<br />
  ~ No SMS to MMS convert (200)<br />
- Removed previous "image enhancements" (lol) that caused blurry pics with camera<br />
- Updated Maps and Google Search<br />
- Added back lightning wallpaper as default due to popular request!<br />
<br />
<br />
12/27/2011<br />
- Ring lockscreen bug fixes<br />
  ~ Wallpapers work properly<br />
  ~ Low battery text should be correct now<br />
- Arabic spacing/shaping fixed<br />
  ~ Also added support for this to the stock browser<br />
  ~ MMS FC is still present FYI; temp solution below<br />
- Added services.jar BLN patch<br />
  ~ BLN works for missed calls<br />
- Removed Christmas theming<br />
- Added additional build.prop tweaks<br />
  ~ Hardware acceleration<br />
  ~ Enhance JPEG quality<br />
<br />
12/26/2011<br />
  ~ All original features included<br />
- Added Cmenard's 2.9b bullet kernel<br />
  ~ OC to 1.83GHz<br />
  ~ Supports BLN<br />
- Added Ring Lockscreen!<br />
- Updated SystemUI<br />
  ~ Bugfixes for music controls<br />
  ~ Can now be hidden if shown when playing Netflix, etc<br />
  ~ Misc bug fixes<br />
- Fixed browser scrolling lag<br />
  ~ Buttery smooth now!<br />
- New theming for Holidays!<br />
  ~ YES I WILL POST A STOCK VERSION but I'm making everyone suffer a few days;)<br />
- Removed long press volume keys to skip music tracks<br />
  ~ Fixes volume control while in call<br />
  ~ Will probably come back in future<br />
- Removed Swype<br />
  ~ Use Swype beta it's WAY BETTER<br />
- Still supports same languages as before. I didn't go quite as crazy translating<br />
  EVERYTHING but all the major items have been. ^^<br />
  ~ Supports Arabic and Farsi with RTL fix. One small bug when using Arabic<br />
	 ONLY is noted below<br />
- Latest Market and Maps included<br />
- Removed Ads from ROM Control because we love you guys<br />
  ~ BTW Status bar options is SUPPOSE TO BE GRAYED OUT<br />
<br />
12/02/2011<br />
- Removed ****-erotic wallpaper<br />
...<br />
...<br />
...<br />
- Updated SystemUI<br />
  ~ Fixes bluetooth FC<br />
  ~ Same one Roman posted a few days ago<br />
- Updated Tweaks now creates /sdcard/download if not already present<br />
<br />
11/27/2011<br />
- Lots of bug fixes on new music controls<br />
  ~ Ton of code rewrites<br />
- Fixed missing call menu on pulldown<br />
  ~ Code completely redone by Romanbb<br />
  ~ Made to look like stock Samsung controls<br />
- Re-themed pulldown<br />
  ~ Looks much cleaner now<br />
- Added raging unicorn power and rainbows<br />
<br />
11/25/2011<br />
  ~ OC to 1.836Ghz<br />
  ~ [URL=""]More info here![/URL]<br />
- NEW music controls on pulldown!<br />
  ~ completely scrapped stock Samsung controls<br />
  ~ controls work with 3rd party players including Google Music!<br />
  ~ controls can be hidden<br />
- Long press volume rockers can now skip music tracks<br />
  ~ only while screen is off<br />
  ~ setting volume rockers to wake screen overrides this<br />
- Added more Dock options to settings [UNTESTED]<br />
- Added stock Gingerbread keyboard<br />
- Removed shutdown prompt<br />
- Replaced Talk with Talk2 from ATT Skyrocket<br />
- Added wallpapers from ATT Skyrocket<br />
- Misc. SystemUI fixes<br />
- Updated Superuser to 3.07<br />
- Raised vm heap back up to 64<br />
<br />
11/19/2011<br />
- Fixed GPS icon glitch<br />
- Fixed Gtalk video chat<br />
- Signal and wifi icons now green when fully synced with Google<br />
- Added T-mobile free music tracks section back to the market!<br />
  ~ If this does not show up just wipe the market cache<br />
- Updated market to 3.3.12 (Thanks AndroidPolice)<br />
<br />
11/18/2011<br />
- NEW SWIPE TO REMOVE NOTIFICATIONS! (First non-aosp/cm rom to have this?!)<br />
  ~ FYI you really have to flick them!<br />
- Completely rewrote code for lockscreens<br />
  ~ Lockscreens no longer cause hot reboots. FIXED.<br />
  ~ Music control widget relocated to top of lockscreen<br />
  ~ Lockscreens show correct charging info<br />
- New signal options!<br />
  ~ Choose H/3G/4G icon for HSPA (4G)<br />
  ~ Choose H/3G/4G icon for UMTS (3G)<br />
- Hide Alarm toggle bug fixes<br />
- ROM Control fixes<br />
- Added TMO Caller ID and VoicetoGo back in due to requests (Thanks TricH!)<br />
- Lowered Dalvik VM heap to 48<br />
- Roman did a TON of stuff. I know I'm forgetting something...<br />
<br />
11/13/2011<br />
- Updated ROM Control<br />
  ~ ability to update JUST the ROM control app<br />
	 [nothing to see here! it only pops up when there's an update!]<br />
Reboot issue stabilized<br />
  ~ Lockscreen bug fixes<br />
  ~ Lockscreen wallpaper bug fixes<br />
  ~ Increased dalvik vm heap to 84 (trust us, this helps with the reboot issue)<br />
<br />
11/11/11<br />
Recommend full wipe for update due to additional languages<br />
- Added a ton of additional languages system wide<br />
  ~ Includes Arabic with proper RTL support<br />
  ~ Modified lib files for Arabic shaping in browser and Gmail<br />
- Updated ROM Control<br />
  ~ 3 Lockscreens (Samsung, AOSP, Rotary)<br />
  ~ Option for volume keys to wake screen<br />
  ~ Juggernaut Rom updater! Stay up to date with this awesome feature!<br />
- Fixed issue with CRT on animation (be sure not to replace your services.jar...)<br />
- Patched services.jar with Neldar's BLN patch to allow BLN support on missed calls<br />
- Replaced Gtalk with Gtalk2 to fix back cam FC<br />
- Replaced T-Mobile bootup and shutdown ani's with Stock Samsung from I9100<br />
- Updated Maps<br />
<br />
11/4/2011<br />
Recommend full wipe for update<br />
- Includes stock kernel compiled by Romanbb<br />
   ~ insecure<br />
   ~ init.d support<br />
- New ROM Control via Settings [formerly known as Tweaks][Not ALL options are available... YET]<br />
   ~ Battery Tweaks<br />
   ~ Clock Tweaks<br />
   ~ Signal Tweaks<br />
   ~ CRT Toggle<br />
- Fixed home button lag!<br />
- Added UNLIMITED browser tab support to stock browser<br />
- Camera can be used at low battery<br />
- New awesome default wallpaper of the Chile volcano/lightning storm<br />
- Custom init.d scripts for permissions and zipalign<br />
- Updated Superuser app and binary<br />
- Updated to new market 3.3.11<br />
- Updated Gmail and Maps<br />
- Probably more I'm forgetting...<br />
<br />
10/28/2011<br />
- reverted back to stock TouchWiz launcher so all widgets work and no FCs happen<br />
- fixed keys not lighting up<br />
<br />
10/27/2011<br />
- initial release<br />
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I do a full wipe on my phone before flashing?
A. When you boot into recovery, select the option "factory wipe" and confirm it. This will ensure you perform a "FULL WIPE" prior to flashing.

Q. WAAAAH! My MMS is blurry!!! How do I fix this???
A. Send pictures via email, use a 3rd party mms app from market OR flash the CM7 mms app posted by esincho HERE. READ HIS POST!

Q. I keep getting an error when trying to use Wifi-Calling. WTF?
A. You HAVE to use one of the new SIM cards provided by T-mobile AKA the one included with your SGSII. If you are, run fix permissions in recovery.

Q. I installed the Swype Beta and it keeps FC. What gives???
A. You did one of the following - Flashed over a previously installed version of Juggernaut or another rom that had stock swype installed OR restored swype using Titanium backup. That's why a FULL WIPE was recommended. Good job on not following directions. :)

Q. I just got the update notification from T-mobile. How do I get rid of this???
A. Two ways - download bloat freezer or Titanium Backup Pro from market and freeze "device management" OR use Root Explorer and navigate to /system/app and delete wssyncmldm.apk and wssyncmlnps.apk.

Q. Does this rom include the new baseband/modem???
A. NO. If you want the new baseband/modem, use my guide HERE to flash it through Odin.
Bug When Using Arabic Language ONLY
- Upon reboot MMS will FC when you try to open it. The fix is to change to ANY language, open it then switch back to Arabic. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a 3rd party MMS app from the market or flashing the CM7 MMS app listed in FAQ above.


Who is Team Kang?
- @Faux123 - Kernel Dev
- @CWMenard - Kernel Dev
- @Romanbb - Everything Dev
- @Whitehawkx - Rom Dev
- @Kwes1020 - Badass Themer
- @AlexeadotO - Hawt Themestress

About Kanging
I'm only gonna say this once. Do not kang our shit. If you do, we WILL know. Instead of being lazy and uncreative, try doing your own shit for change. Try reading and learning how it works instead of just waiting for us to do it so you can copy and paste. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

- Android Open Source Project
- Samsung
- CyanogenMod
- Sbrissen and Nitsuj17
- boombuler (appwidgetpicker)
- Lidroid (quickpanel toggles) & Kwes1020 (icons)
- lbj23numb1 (pulling Talk2.apk and lib file) and Google for making the Talk app :D
- thederekjay (mms over wifi-calling

- intronauta (user agent source).

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Whitehawkx, Love your work man keep it up.
Question. I love the whole customize status bar tools but what about if the whole colorizing of the text for reception worked on the bars not the text. I dont use the text, to me its not practical. I would love to have color coded bars, 1(red) 2 (orange) 3 (yellow) 4 (green) something like that im sure that would be hot.
Thanks again man great work.

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I'm looking to flash my first ROM on SGSii. Looks like Jugs is the one! Looks sharp!!!!

Sent from my SGH-T989 using Tapatalk

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Love this ROM!! But keep getting a FC when I try to choose a lockscreen, I can choose any other tweak with no problem, but when I tap lockscreen it hangs and I get a FC. Anyone else having this issue?

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Love this ROM!! But keep getting a FC when I try to choose a lockscreen, I can choose any other tweak with no problem, but when I tap lockscreen it hangs and I get a FC. Anyone else having this issue?

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Even though our update scripts do not wipe /data, you need to perform a full wipe before flashing or you will have issues with this.

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Thanks for the update. It pays to be on Rootz and xda. Lol. You think the themes will still work for this? I used them on the last update with no issues. I guess I'll just give it a go.


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Thanks for the update. It pays to be on Rootz and xda. Lol. You think the themes will still work for this? I used them on the last update with no issues. I guess I'll just give it a go.

No you should definitely wait until they have been updated for this latest release. If not you will pretty much lose all of the new features that have been implemented.

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No you should definitely wait until they have been updated for this latest release. If not you will pretty much lose all of the new features that have been implemented.
Cool thanks for the response. Great rom. Super fast and great battery life. The best part is EVERYTHING WORKS! Haha. Pretty rare


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No you should definitely wait until they have been updated for this latest release. If not you will pretty much lose all of the new features that have been implemented.
Can you elaborate on this please? I've been flashing ICS Theme 3.21 over the last three updates of Juggernaut (11/19, 11/25 and 11/27).

Also, I may be foolishly overlooking this, but is there no "shuffle all" button/option in the stock music player?
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