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First and foremost...Anything you read or flash from here I am not responsible for. If your kitten dies tomorrow or your phone eats your face in your sleep it is not my problem. You should have fed them better. If your phone adjusts itself to paperweight mode, well it was a long time coming for that rock to give up. It is not my fault. You shouldn't have dug the root out from under that rock.

I named this project Kang Clam, simply because to me it is a learning experience so everything is just opening up to me. A clam opens slowly in unfamiliar territory and that is the same as what is going for me. I am still trying to figure it out.

I am by no means a developer. This is just a project I started as a learning experience. The main reason I started this is because there is no way to make an AOSP rom off of the OTA files we where given from LG and NVIDIA. So I decided for a learning curve to work from known working CM7.2 files back to AOSP.

Updates will not be fast nor steady, because like I said I am still learning. I will continue to better the rom but at my own pace. Accept that or do not flash it and do not Female Dog if there is a problem. BUT if you do find a problem I do not mention please report it so I can trouble shoot it.

So, I decided to make a project similar to faux's but I don't know much. So I decided to reverse engineer cm7 code to revert it to AOSP. Progress will be slow because I am doing this for the simple fact of learning. But, what I have done so far is really stable so I decided to release it.

I will not accept requests simply because what i am doing is for my benefit and to learn. So basically this is my rom for me to update as I will. My sole intentions is to revert cm7 code back to aosp or as close as i can get it. The only reason I am releasing it is because, I myself like AOSP and everything that comes with it. And because I want to learn the just of what it takes to make it work. I do realize that most of what it takes to work comes with patches from Code Aurora Forums and numerous other places. And will remove most CM functions.

But, regardless this is my own personal project to revert things back to AOSP. I will work off of the same base as I have been using, because everything is working. If something gets broken then I will imply the patches necessary to fix it.

I fully intend to remove alot of cm7 functions. Including theme chooser, cm settings and many other cm7 features. Simply because i am learning and want to see if i can make it work without all that. I want to revert cm7 to AOSP so that is what I push towards, if it gets removed and you dont like it then flash an old version or flash cm7!

This does not include ANY google apps so you must flash the latest version of google apps the same as you would do with any CyanogenMod ROM!

But as of right now most of all of the cm7 features are still working.

What I have done so far:

Reverted System UI to AOSP
Reverted MOST apps to AOSP
Added Fugu Tweaks 4.0
Added some build.prop and init.d tweaks
Incorporated Morfic's latest and greatest T15 kernel
And a few other framework and system tweaks and reverts. I am no pro so bare with me. Updates will be slow, if you dont like it then move on to another rom...

Installation Instructions:
1.) Reboot into CWM Recovery
2.) Wipe data/factory reset
3.) Go to advanced>Wipe dalvik cache
4.) Go to mounts and format /system
5.) Install the desired ROM
6.) Reboot to enable WiFi
7.) Reboot to recovery and install gapps.


There is add-ons. That I will be posting as well, for those who may want them. If I revert, I will also try to make an add on package to make things work, if I cant then oh well. Everything comes as is.

Thanks and credits to:
Morfic for his amazing kernel
Romanbb and Whitehawkx for everything I have learned and that they have helped me with in my times of distress
Faux123 for his original work of this project. I use it as a base.
The entire CyanogenMod team for their work
Code Aurora Forums for their work and patches.
All of ACS cause theres too many to list
All of them skanky EuroSkanks...... Skeezhoes
And everyone in the open source world and who has ever contributed a guide, a tip or a hint. I could not have done this without you.
If I missed out please tell me. There has been far too many references and help subjects for me to quote and thank them all.. I sincerely apologize if I left you out, please forgive me.

Thank you everyone who has contributed. If you don't like it, or trust it, don't flash it.



Screenshots: Do you know what CM7 looks like? Do you know what AOSP looks like? Well imagine them both in a breeding race. Nah jk kinda........


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I've always wanted to make a ROM like this, but whenever I would try to compile CM7 in Ubuntu, my computer would freeze about 60% in. I'll try checking this out soon though, looks good!
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