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Blazar ROM Non-TW Version 2

I am NOT responsible for anything that may happen to your device..

Added 08/07/2011
Reboot options I want to thank syaoran (who is a guy, ask confucious) for helping me through this.

Non-TouchWiz Stock 3.1 deodexed by Khasmek (special thanks to him)
Included my Overclock Kernel
Hulu Working (see below) Provided by BRDizzled Thanks to him!
zipalign on ROM install

Everything as far as I can tell.

Go into your stock Honeycomb browser in the address line time about:debug and enter
goto the options and chose debug
then set the UA string to Desktop
IF you get Flash errors reinstall the Flash apk in the /system/app directory
Fix permissions and reboot if necessary

OC'd to 1.6ghz but set at 1Ghz at boot (use setcpu 2.2.4 to set it)
Voodoo Sound by Supercurio
Init.d support
Various other tweaks..

If you would like to donate for my work and to the OMFGB/OMGB build box which I own and run click HERE

Forgot to post my githib link.... I apologize...


DO NOT FLASH with rom manager.. Reported issues.

Grab it HERE

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I can't seem to get bookmarks to sync with this ROM only. I tried force close/wipe data of the browser, but is there anything else I can do besides wait and see?

Edit: Thanks for the awesome kernel and ROM by the way!

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:erm:unable to access wifi, wifi:error? Tried installing from cwm recovery, cleared data and cache but no use. Am running the rom on retail version galaxy tab 10.1 16gb
reinstalled the zip file, deleted cache and data again, disconnected the tab from pc, and EUREKA it worked! Now testing the rom, though wanna thank poitee for continuing his great work!

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You should always wipe data/cache when going from TW to Non-TW or vice versa.
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