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This is an Alpha. My first ROM ever...

This is the Deodexed TW Rom.
Included DocRambone's modified launcher from XDA.. thanks to him..

Alpha 2 08/01/2011
Fixed insaller script
Fixed Swype
Fixed Hepatic Feedback
Fixed Google Search

Alpha 1 07/31/2011
It now has a name....
Deodexed TW Leak WIFI ROM
PNG's Optimized (decreased rom size by ~20megs)
Included my kernel with my modified ramdisk.
Various tweaks throughout.
Preparations for Theming..
Init.d support.. THANKS IMNUTS!
Prerooted With Superuser.apk
busybox included


Not Tested Please do so and report back
Xbox controller
PS3 Controller
(I didn't insmod the drivers for these... see if they work.. if they don't the drivers are there you just have to insmod them yourselves until next release.. or edit your init.rc yourself...)

Known Broken

Reboot options
NON TouchWiz Version

Factory reset
Clear cache
Wipe Dalvik

This is my FIRST ROM.... I will accept all input but please be understanding :)

If you would like to donate for my work and to the OMFGB/OMGB build box which I own and run click HERE

Download HERE It's uploading and I have to goto work.. should be done uploading around 10am EST 08/01/2011

MD 588b13ede74a13dbd64dea432702506e0


Due to no Source available for the latest TW leak I will not be able to port my kernel over. Until Then I will be focusing on a stock 3.1 ROM with my kernel. As soon as the source is released or we find a way to make my kernel work with the latest ROM I am going to put any furthur development on hold.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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