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Hey guys. This is a deodex of the leak that was posted earlier. Gingerbread 2.3.5 is here. :grin3:

What's Included
~ Completely deodexed
~ Stock kernel
~ Stock modem
~ Root
~ Busybox 1.19.2
~ Additional app Quickboot

DOWNLOAD <<<<< Deodexed KI1 with Root
MD5: C11C05AA77FE85460B8804EAB9367597

Thanks to Przekret for posting the original leak.

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\"cel\" said:
Has anyone else noticed a drop in wifi signal with this build?
I\'m experiencing issues where I hadn\'t before.
That\'s typical of any GB ROM. Some have experienced better, some not so good.

Sent from my sgs4g running ICBINB ki3 (GB 2.3.5) using RootzWiki Forum

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That's what I'm finding out, unfortunately. For the time being I'm sticking with KD1, though it's starting to seem like the official update may never come.

Incidentally, how has ICBINB treated you as far as wifi signal? I'm considering a custom ROM at this point since my stock experience was not so good.

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