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[Rom]Liberty X²

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Ripped from Xda
Ported by @ryman222

This is being put on hold until Liberty 2 is released on the DX. Then I will bring the new update to here. So follow @kejar31 on twitter to get updates on that. Enjoy 2.3.4 and the ROMs you guys run. This will be back soon after the new Liberty is released on the DX.

Update 10/11/11:
Kejar has stated on twitter he will be starting Liberty for the X2, therefore I will be ending this project. Mods please close or delete this thread.

Follow @kejar31 and @jrummy16

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Well no need to post anything... Both me and Jrummy have an X2 .. I got mine today and will begin porting the base I have been working on for both the Bionic and DX
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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