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[Rom] Liberty3 For The Droid 2 11/04 - Its Time For A Revolution!

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Liberty 3
Its time for a Revolution!!!

* Please Wipe Data regardless of what ROM you come from
This is a 1st Init based so use the proper CWM

Team Liberty
Primary Dev's and project leads - Kejar31, Jurmmy16 and Syaoran12
Artist - Koveleski

FABOLOUS for all his help on the DX port!
Thanks to Teamdouche for publicly posting the CM source, which I compiled some of my apps from
Thanks to Superteam and Dustin Jorge as Liberty-Laucher was forked from and based on their work
Everyone else who helped make this ROM possible - you know who you are

- Most all apps were built from source.... rather that decompiled and hacked apps via APKmanager!!!!! To do this I took the CM7 source tree and reworked the framework to allow apps to properly find resources after they were compiled.
- The only apps left from Blur are the Dialer, Contacts and Camera
- AppWidgetPicker - built byboombuler
- Ads blocked via hosts file -thanks to delta_foxtrot2
- 1% battery increments built in (Icons made by thanks to Nitro)
- Themed Dialer, Contacts, Task Manager by me to integrate into the stock GB look and feel
- Reboot options (Reboot,Recovery and Screenshot)
- DSPManager included
- Custom Launcher2 with extra hotseats and speed tweaks (lightest fastest launcher you will ever use)
- Liberty Customizer (choose to add back blur apps)
- Lockscreen options (rotary, sliding tab and music controls)
- Start-up Tweaks (tool to allow you to manager your start-up tweaks)
- Root Browser (full edtion that normally comes with the pro version of the ROM toolbox - no need for Root explorer any-longer)
- Root Toolbox

Known Issues:

I nor anyone in Team Liberty take any responsibility for what this ROM or its tools may do to your phone.


Liberty3 for the Droid 2 1.0

Option #2 - download rom toolbox -> go to rom manager -> liberty


Install - CWM only:
make sure you have root and Clockwork recovery installed
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select "Yes -- delete all data"
-go back
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select

Install Themes:
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select


Donate to Kejar31
Donate to Jrummy16


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Just had it freeze and become unresponsive on me after unlocking the lockscreen. Had to yank the battery.
Couple small issues with pulldown text editor:

1. Apostrophes will often cause Liberty Settings to freeze. For example, try: Test's

2. Pulldown text won't actually change until the device reboots (pop up screen offers to reset the status bar to get it to change instantly, doesn't work for me at least)
i've just flashed my droid with this rom, so far so good, smooth, but i found small issue, when my droid charged, indicator lamp near charging port is not lit (off) is it normal ?
It's normal for ROMs that are developed for Droid X first and then ported to Droid 2, I believe.
I have this installed on my wife's droid2, and there is no sound from youtube, netflix, video files on the device etc... is anyone else running into this? My X has liberty installed as well and there are no issues at all. Needless to say she is not impressed at this point :)
Reboot the phone. It should work again.
my battery life is very weird with this rom. It goes from 60% to 49%. I don't know why. I have wiped battery stats but it still happens. Should i wipe cache or just reinstall? Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
Yes! I have the same thing. I thought maybe my battery calibration was just messed up, but maybe it's a ROM issue? I have wiped battery stats a few times, and also let it "recalibrate" itself over the past week, but still jumpy between 50-60%

Generally it discharges from 58-60% to 49%, and then when I'm charging, it jumps from 50-53% to 60%.
Click the icon next to Scripter. It enables ADB via wireless.
1 - 7 of 47 Posts
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