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[Rom] Liberty3 For The Droid3 11/04 - Its Time For A Revolution!

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Liberty 3
Its time for a Revolution!!!

* Please Wipe Data regardless of what ROM you come from

I wipe will be needed ever if you are coming from Liberty 1.0 to fix the hotspot issue

If you are on 1.1 you can simply install the patch to get to 1.2, no need to re-download the whole thing

Team Liberty
Primary Dev's and project leads - Kejar31, Jrummy16 and Syaoran12
Artist - Koveleski

FABOLOUS for all his help on the DX port!
Thanks to Teamdouche for publicly posting the CM source, which I compiled some of my apps from
Thanks to Superteam and Dustin Jorge as Liberty-Laucher was forked from and based on their work
Everyone else who helped make this ROM possible - you know who you are
Hashcode who reviewed why Liberty wasn't working with Safeboot

- Most all apps were built from source.... rather that decompiled and hacked apps via APKmanager!!!!! To do this I took the CM7 source tree and reworked the framework to allow apps to properly find resources after they were compiled.
- The only apps left from Blur are the Dialer, Contacts and Camera
- AppWidgetPicker - built byboombuler
- Ads blocked via hosts file -thanks to delta_foxtrot2
- 1% battery increments built in (Icons made by thanks to Nitro)
- Themed Dialer, Contacts, Task Manager by me to integrate into the stock GB look and feel
- Reboot options (Reboot,Recovery and Screenshot)
- DSPManager included
- Custom Launcher2 with extra hotseats and speed tweaks (lightest fastest launcher you will ever use)
- Liberty Customizer (choose to add back blur apps)
- Lockscreen options (rotary, sliding tab and music controls)
- Start-up Tweaks (tool to allow you to manager your start-up tweaks)
- Root Browser (full edtion that normally comes with the pro version of the ROM toolbox - no need for Root explorer any-longer)
- Root Toolbox

Known Issues:

Change Log:

-Mobile Hotspot - fixed
-Market issues (apps not showing up) - fixed
-Pulldown editor - fixed
-Start-up Teaks - fixed
-Unneeded Bionic file cleanup
-Safeboot (latest) - now supported - thanks to Hashcode for reviewing this for use!

-Gtalk Video - fixed

I nor anyone in Team Liberty take any responsibility for what this ROM or its tools may do to your phone.


Liberty3 1.2 for the Droid3

Option #2 - download rom toolbox -> go to rom manager -> liberty


Fix for Gtalk Video Chat

Install - CWM only:
make sure you have root and Clockwork recovery installed
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select "Yes -- delete all data"
-go back
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select

Install Themes:
-boot into recovery via Recovery
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select


Donate to Kejar31
Donate to Jrummy16


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Just installed, waiting for the Market Apps to reinstall. Booted right up, maybe 2 or 3 minutes. Came from Rooted Stock (with UOT Kitchen Mods). Everything seemed to work, the icons on the right side of the app drawer (and text) look ghosted/jagged. Once it settles in, I'll post a screenshot.

Thanks for all your work, Team Liberty!
WOW GUYS! This is awesome! My new daily driver. Only two bugs I've found so far is camera zoom fx still does not show up in the market and when I try to use the customize banner it just haults and ultimately end up force closing. Great job fellas!
[sup]Is there a setting somewhere to get rid of the clock in the notification bar? Or possibly a zip to flash? [/sup]
i dont see any liberty settings other than lockscreen
Have a question.

Is this XT862 only?? Or will this also run on the XT860 Bell ??
Is there a specific changelog between RC1 and this release?
Here's an odd issue.... All the wallpapers that I have created come out pixelated and jagged (as if they were blown up too big) They were perfectly clear on stock. Tried the default launcher, go launcher and ADW.



Apparently, if I use a wallpaper app such as Flikie or PicSpeed to set the picture, it comes out clean and sharp. It's only when I use the Moto Gallery or the (OG) 3d Gallery from Market that it gets skewed.....
Still getting compatibility issues from the Android Market for some apps, namely Google Voice...
I can't dial *228 Whenever I hit the dial button the phone just resets.
Woke up this morning, phone has been on the charger overnight (~6 hours) and the battery only shows 99 %. It was at 70% when I went to bed.
Woke up this morning, phone has been on the charger overnight (~6 hours) and the battery only shows 99 %. It was at 70% when I went to bed.
I think that's a side effect of the 1% increments. That's just how charging a battery works. When it reaches 100%, it will let it discharge a little, then charge back up, then discharge, etc.
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Good job, guys -- nice to see some development here.

The option 'Enable start-up tweaks' won't work for me. The option unchecks itself when going back in, no matter what I do. Thoughts?
Besides *228 not working, none of the liberty startup scripts or dropdown text settings seem to stick.
Fyi.....*228 fries lte sim cards

Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
Running well so far! Thanks guys!

Only issues so far has been ones previously mentioned: Start Up Scripts don't seem to take, can't edit the pulldown bar, and noticed the right side of the app drawer in Launcher2 won't let you click on an app until maybe a quarter inch into the screen. Otherwise, no other issues. Running fast and smooth. I love it!

Couple questions for everyone:
Are we able to add and use the T-Mobile Theme Switcher app? If so, how?
Anybody else not seeing any Liberty ROMs under the ROM manager in the ROM Toolbox?
Who do we need to support to get an overclock module working on the D3?
I haven't messed with the Sysctl tweaks yet. Anybody have any luck with this and can recommend some settings that can be applied via the toolbox?
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