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#1 GPe ROM!!! Best Performance and Best Battery.
HTC One Google Edition for M8 Devices
(No support for CDMA carriers yet)


jonas2295 thanks for the awesome banner

I will keep ROM updated, always help when I can, and open to suggestions that users may want implented into the ROM...My goal is to keep the ROM Clean, Stable, and top Performance without compromising battery life with AOSP elements for a NEXUS Expierence.

***Note*** please read changelog in post #2 and further ROM feature instructions in post #3 before asking questions***


-DeOdex (ART Works)
-Google Gallery Added
-Native APM
-Apply Theme Chooser Themes
-Team Nocturnal Settings with many options to choose
-Status Bar Options in TN Settings
-Battery Customizations in TN Settings
-Clock Customization in TN Settings
-App Ops (Permissions) in TN Settings
-build.prop tweaks
-All system apps zipaligned for better ram optimization
-Zipalign on boot data and system
-Debloted (Deleted Google Apps which can be installed via Playstore)
-Fast and Clean (Buttery Smooth)
-Some AOSP goodies
-Pie Controls (LMT or GravityBox)
-Mms with extra options including Emoji support (Inverted ver. In post 3)
-System Tweaks
-Custom Bootanimation
-File Explorer
-Performance Enhanced Tweaks
-Zero Compressed on all apks (System and Data)
-Sqlite3 Tweaks
-Better RAM Optimization Tweaks
-Fantastic battery life
-Sound Enhancements
-and endless/countless customizations
Battery Mods On The Fly In TN Settings


And more in TN Settings



Big Thanks To The Best Team​







Hit me up on Google+


-graffixnyc for the base
-johnblundon for making the most awesome SinLessWallpapers
-rovo89 for xposed installer
-C3C076 for GravityBox
-rdgate with mms
-noname81 for LMT
-hdbk1986 for HKThemeManager

(If you should be here, please pm me and I will add)



-Wasabi Ice Cream
-BDHela x2
-Ideas4ya x2
If you are missing here please pm me so I can add you.

*Thank you kindly to all my donators*

bugs.png tell me

Users may use this if you like

Banners Coming Soon





11 Posts


-Q: Why in the Gallery I cannot delete pictures stored on my external sd card? A: KitKat has changed a bunch for external storage...I'll need to make edits in a file called MediaProvider, which I plan to..***Note this isn't a ROM Bug but a KttKat thing which I'll rewrite***

-Q: Do I flash Gapps? A: No. This isn't AOSP so flashing gapps will cause many FC's

****Note**** Please do not post bugs if you have not full wiped before flashing ROM, or flashed any other mods including kernels

***Last Note*** If you have xposed setup switching to ART Runtime will have no effect and you will be redirected back to dalvik runtime.


v1.3.5 May 8th 2014

-Framework-res edits
-Resized reboot.png for APM.. Now it's the correct size
-SystemUI edits
-Redid the battery icons for CM matches KitKat
-Added Torch to system (Flashlight from CM)
-Updated DotMatrix (for dot case)
-Updated Cloud Print
-Updated Gravity Box
-re zero compression on all updated/edited/new APKs

v1.3.4 May 5th 2014

-Updated 1000+ PNG's for battery options in TN Settings (Matches with KitKat)
-Many changes to SystemUI
-Updated Mms
-Updated Mms Inverted in post 3
-Updated Google Search
-Updated more Google lib files
-Cleaned up more garbage system files to cut down system size
-Updated Gravity Box
-Updated HK Theme Manager
-Decompression on all Edited/Updated APK's

v1.3.3 May 1st 2014

-Bunch of changes to the APN's again
-Few edits in framework-res.apk
-Fixed the data APN 100% for T-Mobile users; some were having issues
-T-Mobile protocol is now set to IPv4/IPv6 by default (HTC eff up :) )
-Updated Google Search
-Updated Google lib files
-Deleted lib files from system apk' sense having them in 2 places wasting system space
-Updated AOSP Browser (Incognito Works)
-Changes to the default settings for Mms.apk
-Added Trebuchet (CM11 Launcher) flashable zip in post 3
-Zero compression on all updated/new APKs

v1.3.2 April 29th 2014

-Dirty Flashing updates will no longer break root (it would break b4 because on gpe/converted devices the system is smaller than sense...this ROM was pushing right at the edge of the max partition with no room to add to the system)
-Updated Google Search
-Updated Google Home
-Removed Google Gallery from system
-Added AOSP Gallery to system
-Removed TalkBack from system
-Removed Google Ears from system
-Updated EsFile Explorer
-Removed around 80MB's of unneeded lib files that was from removed apps in the past (Too long to list)
-Updated 3 Google lib files in system
-Zero Compression on all System & Data APK's in the ROM
-System tweaked even more for better RAM Optimization, Battery, and Performance.

v1.3.1 April 28th 2014

**ROM is split into 2 ROMs for now...1 doesn't have TN Settings..see below to learn why..only a temp thing**

-APM Added (Advanced Power Menu)
-Few final touch tweaks (System even smoother)
-Many edits in the build.prop
-Service.jar edits
-Other jar edits
-Framework-res edits
-Settings.apk edits
-SystemUI.apk edits
-Edited many more system APK's
-Updated TN Wallpaper app (Also on the PlayStore)
-Updated a few lib files
-Many coding edits throughout the system
-ART Works in this version

**TN Settings ROM**

-Same as above along with...
-TN Settings Added with Battery Options On The Fly...Clock Options...and App Ops)
-Do Not Use ART (read below)
-SystemUI will fc if you switch to ART Runtime (reason is I do not know how to disable bytecode verification for ART..once I figure out SystemUI will no longer FC)

v1.2.5 April 26th 2014

-Fixed ART Runtime (Works now..sorry I was messing with files on last update and forgot to put back
-Removed SlothWalls
-Added Team Nocturnal Walls (All my SinLessWalls are within the app plus a whole bunch more..updated through our server)
-Tweaked the system a lil more for performance
-Other minor fixes

**v1.30 I will try to push out later today or tomorrow which will have the working APM in art runtime**

v1.2.4 April 24th 2014

-Updated system files
-Cleaned up the build.prop
-Minor Changes to the updater-script
-Many more APN Changes
-I spent literally 8+ hours on this yesterday;fixing everything...but SinLessROM now will work on any GSM CDMA Support yet

v1.2.3 April 23rd 2014

-Spent hours figuring out the culprit for getting the black screen on gpe and and gpe converted devices
-Downgraded Velvet and Google Home to fix
-Undid a few zero compression apps in priv-app folder
-Now all is good on gpe devices/gpe conversion devices and sense firmware devices.

v1.2.2 April 21st 2014

-v1.2.1 (Never Released to the Public)
-Updated EsFile Explorer and zero compressed
-Tweaked Data via build.prop edits
-Tweaked WiFi interval scans for better battery
-Edited/Added the mother load of APN's
-Added a couple Ringtones I liked
-Added a couple Notification tones I liked
-Added the Rooster Alarm
-Other minor fixes

v1.2.0 April 17th 2014

-Updated Google Camera
-Updated Google Play Services
-Updated DotMatrix
-Updated about 10ish Google lib files
-Added Sloth Walls (TN Wallpapers)
-boot.img and ramdisk edits
-Kernel is now insecure
-Fixed external SD write fix (Why Google lol) (platform.XML edits)

v1.1.0 April 14th 2014

-Added Google Gallery (Shame for HTC leaving out)
-Fixed T-Mobile's APN
-Added a whole bunch of APN's for numerous carriers
-Updated Xposed Installer
-Updated Gravity Box
-Updated Google Keyboard
-Updated lib files
-Updated ViPER4Android
-Removed XBlast
-Zero Compression on all updated APK's
-Changes to the boot.img (testing)

v1.0.2 April 8th 2014

-Fixed an issue in the updater-script where it wasn't flashing the boot.img
-Fixed a missing file
-Fixed su permissions

v1.0.0 April 7th 2014

-Initial Release
-Based on KOT49H.H16
-Android 4.4.2
-ROM is DeOdex
-ART Works
-Heavily De-Bloated
-Rooted with SuperSU
-init.d support
-Write to system fixed
-Added Custom Bootanimation
-Added init.d script to zipalign system and data apps on boot
-sqlite3 tweaks
-syro + syrw tweaks
-Zero Compression on all system and Data APKs
-System performance tweaks
-Better RAM optimization tweaks
-build.prop tweaks
-Updated a bunch of lib files for Google apps
-Mms added with many customizations
-Updated system apps
-Added xposed installer to system
-Added ViPER4Android to system
-Added Apollo to system
-Added AOSP Browser to system
-Added Bookmark Chrome Sync for browser
-Moved gmail to data
-Added Adobe Flash Player to data (Only works with Dolphin Browser)
-Added GravityBox to data
-Added HKThemeManager to data
-Added LMT Launcher to data (PIE Controls)

Please hit thanks and rate thread 5 stars.

11 Posts

Inverted Mms (Flashable)

- For SinLessROM


AOSP Keyboard Flashable (Fully Functional)



SinLessWalls (Wallpapers)

- (It's zipped but not flashable)



No One Is Allowed To Use Any Part Of This ROM/Tweaks Unless I Specifically Give Authorization

Install Instructions

-Bootloader must be unlocked
-Custom recovery (I Recommend TWRP)
-If you use a recovery based on clockwork..say no to any questions after flashing ROM or it will break root
-Full Wipe (I always recommend)
-Flash SinLessROM
-Reboot phone to profit

ROM Download on TN


**Donations are appreciated but are not expected Donate Here or [email protected] on Google Wallet
**Just hitting thanks is greatly appreciated but also not expected...or even positive feedback..thank you to all running SinLessROM.....All Donations will be going towards getting an m8 device
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