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Like the rom? Rate the thread and thank me! =)

  • Odex rooted rom based on the 2.11.605.3 Gingerbread OTA for the HTC Thunderbolt
  • Rooted & zipaligned
  • 4-in-1 Reboot Menu
  • Bloat free
  • Custom Quick Settings
  • Fully Optimized for best performance
  • Gingeritis Tweaks found in the Settings
  • Tons of Sense 3.0 Components (Lockscreen, Weather, Mms, Rosie, Contacts, Calendar and more!)
  • Much much more
Included Apps
  • Facebook
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flashplayer 11.0
  • Google Music
  • Spare Parts
  • Gmaps
  • Facebook
  • My Verizon
  • theMikMik Forum app
  • Wireless Tether
October 27th v1.07:
  • Updated base to 2.11.605.5
  • New kernel from 2.11.605.5 base that is much much more stable and should fix the reboot issues some people were having
  • Modded Spare Parts (It got a complete makeover - Removed all unusable options, added a debloater to it, and more!)
  • Added Music Mod that allows you to go to next song or go back to the beginning of the song with screen off (long press volume up --> next song; long press volume down --> go to beginning of song) this should work for most media applications but may not with all
  • Added 6 Signal Bar Mod
  • Added Quick Settings Tweak to Gingeritis Tweaks (Enabling will show the quick settings by default when you have no clearable notifications)
  • Reorganized Gingeritis Tweaks
  • Added long press functionality to the quicksettings
  • Added some notification sounds from the nexus
  • Fixed speakerphone issues
  • Fixed some strings in the ringtone picker
October 17th v1.05:
  • Added fully functional beats audio, as well as dolby and srs sound enhancers
  • Added Sense 3.0 Music
  • Added Honeycomb and Stock Android Lockscreen Options (Can be found in Gingeritis Tweaks; Takes a reboot for lock screen to change) (Note: On the Honeycomb lock screen the verizon wireless text will sometimes switch between am/pm - this is the way it is for now)
  • Added screen rotation animation from Android 2.3.5
  • Fixed Gtalk video issues (Should be working perfectly now)
  • Added Honeycomb binaries that should smooth things up a bit
  • Added Option to Center the Clock in the status bar
  • Added Super smooth Rosie by hamdir (Check this tread for info on how it works: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1302914)
  • Fixed Screenshots from erasing on reboot
  • Fixed Watch widget from not showing and updated the watch app
  • Updated busy box
  • Changed a few of the wallpapers
  • Updated Market to ICS version
  • Updated Flashplayer
  • Added Google Car Home and removed HTC Car Panel
  • Fixed AmazingSense skin
  • Updated ram tweaks

    Tip: Try setting window & transition animation to slow in spare parts so you can actually enjoy the smoothness of the animations
October 10th v1.01:
  • Added MyVerizon
  • Fixed NFL Mobile (To get it to work you must follow these steps: 1. In Wireless & networks / Radio Info, Chnage Network to CDMA only (Not the PRL one) 2. Open MyVerizon and login to your account 3. Download NFL Mobile from the android market)
  • Used
  • Removed Sense 2.1 toggle widgets and Added the Sense 3.0 ones
  • Fixed the Reboot menu in quick settings
  • Fixed the force close when trying to move any tabs (the ones at the bottom of the app drawer) Note: To fix this i had to break the bounce over scroll effect in Gingeritis Tweaks, however i will post an flash able mod that will restore the bounce effect and break the ability to move the tabs)
  • Reverted to Stock Kernel (I will post ziggys for you guys to flash for those who want it)
  • Updated Facebook
  • Updated Google Music to ICS version
  • Updated theMikMik Forum App (Help support us and buy the donate version guys, its only a dollar)
October 4th v1.0:
  • Updated to the 2.11.6053 Base
  • Fixed Voicemail Notification (Thanks eris)
  • All New Gingeritis Tweaks in Settings (Thanks roman)
  • 100% working CRT animations (the soft keys are no longer lit forever, and you can disable/enable the animation in Gingeritis Settings)
  • Possibly fixed phone answer bug (haunt been any reports of it yet)
  • Updated gingerbread keyboard
  • Fixed contact pictures disappearing issue in sms
  • Removed htcloggers
  • Updated Superuser and binaries
  • Updated all Apps
  • Fully working rosie remap (can now pick ANYTHING for the right button to open and you can even set it back to personalize, all on the fly!)
  • Hide AM/PM, Hide Clock, Hide Battery, Add a Text Battery, Change the color of the battery or clock ALL on the FLY!
  • Toggle recent apps (need a soft reboot to re-hide), show/hide date in the notifications (on the fly), disable carousal unlock animation, disable/enable built in screen capture is all found in Gingeritis Tweaks
  • Many stability fixes, and speed improvements
  • Custom MikMik Skin by Mcluvn
August 24th v1.0 Beta VIII:
  • Updated to latest base 2.11.605.0
  • Enlarged MikMik image in app drawer
  • Added theMikMik Forum App and MyBackup Root
  • Updated Facebook, Maxthon and Maps
  • Fixed lockscreen strings
  • Set default governor to lagfree
August 8th v1.0 Beta VII:
  • Added Flashlight, 7-in-1 Media Volume Toggle, and Restart to Quick Settings (Huge huge huge thanks to ihtfp for the smali files, DO NOT KANG MY SYSTEMUI without ihtfp's EXPLICIT permission)
  • Trimmed Some Fat off of fusion.apk
  • Changed Default save directory of screenshots (Thanks wowthatisrandom)
  • Added Three Skins: Amazing Sense, Slate and GingerSense Skins by Thyrus & Cypris
  • Removed CRT Animation (This was the culprit to the messed up soft keys lights, it will be an optional addon, but its unrecommended at the moment)
  • Fixed Task Manager so it will no longer kill Phone.apk which would result in lost data
  • Updated Market, Facebook, Gmail, Maps
  • Fixed the Unable to answer calls bug
  • New Custom MikApps Tab in the App Drawer
  • Cleaned up the rom some more
July 25th v1.0 Beta VI:
  • Added Native Screenshot Feature (Hold Power + Home soft key to activate) Cool shit right here!
  • Fixed Bluetooth Sharing
  • Add 3D Tilt Feature in Settings/Display
  • Add Screen Calibration in Settings/Display
  • Fixed Weather Animations after unlocking phone
  • Fixed G-Sensor Calibration
  • Clocked Down the kernel a bit hopefully to help those with issues not booting
  • Fixed Text-to-Speech
July 23th v1.0 Beta V:
  • Brand New Base!
  • Everything rebuilt. Did not reuse ANY APKS from the old build
  • Fixed Contacts Graphics issue
  • Lots of internal tweaks that really make this one of my fastest roms ever
  • Removed APKs that are just wasting RAM
  • Fixed New Reader widget sizing
  • Added Htc Watch & Widget
  • Increased MMS size limit
  • Re did default homescreen so it doesnt look ugly
  • Removed HotSpot (it doesnt work so dont ask me to put it back in, wireless tether works perfectly fine, if you absoutley need this there are other roms with that feature you can check out)
Known Issues
Battery Tips From Boskoel03
  • Disable "Tell HTC" service: Settings -> About Phone ->Tell HTC -> Disable
  • Disable Software Updates: Settings -> About Phone ->Software updates -> Uncheck Software Updates
  • change Wi-Fi Sleep policy: settings -> wireless & networks ->Wi-Fi Settings ->15 min
  • Disable Phone Finder: Settings -> Location
  • Disable Weather Sounds & Clock Widget Full Screen Animation
  • Increase Facebook/Twitter/Stocks/Anyone otther accounts sync interval to 4hours or more
  • Use Auto-Brightness
  • Disable Haptic Feedback
  • Use Wifi when available
  • Set screen timeout to 30 seconds
  • Standalone GPS should be OFF when not using navigation
  • Refrain from playing angry birds while on the pooper

Gingeritis 3D

Please remember that I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you phone. FLASHING THIS ROM WILL WIPE YOUR PHONE
A Full Wipe is REQUIRED before flashing this rom. If you choose not to do this (for who knows what reason) please do not post any problems you are having!

Please note that because all apks have been optimized and rebuilt for maximum efficiency, themeing carelessly will break these optimizations1

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"droidkevlar said:
chingy, flashed this but cant find the setting for the i missing something? Its supposed to be in display right?
Didn't add that back in yet. Its kind of a silly feature in my.opinion. lol

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RafficaX said:
if no 3d why is it named Gingeritis 3D? curious to what 3D in title means then?

[ROM] [MikRoms] Gingeritis 3D v1.0 Beta V [07-23-11] New Gingerbread Base
hes talkign about the 3d tilt feature

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Okay, i wiped and installed and it started rebooting on me. But heres the bad part, everything on my sd card is gone. Everything is there but just a 0 file size. this has happened before but its been a while. What would cause this.

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rlivin said:
Okay, i wiped and installed and it started rebooting on me. But heres the bad part, everything on my sd card is gone. Everything is there but just a 0 file size. this has happened before but its been a while. What would cause this.
no idea. this has been tested very thoroughly for the past two days by a handful of people and not one reboot was reported

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rlivin said:
Okay, i wiped and installed and it started rebooting on me. But heres the bad part, everything on my sd card is gone. Everything is there but just a 0 file size. this has happened before but its been a while. What would cause this.
Probably has nothing to do with the ROM. Same thing happened to me a few months ago and it was because I turned the phone off while it was mounting or unmounting USB (I don't remember which).
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