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Welcome to Incredible 2 ReMix


The Goods:
*Based on Incredible 2 Gingerbread RUU (2.18.605.4)
*Data fully functional! Thanks newtoroot!
*Kingdom lockscreen with links
*Sense 3.0 USB menu
*Sense 3.0 Task Killer
*Sense 3.0 dialer
*Advanced power menu (4-in-1 reboot)
*Stupid fast
*More to come, as I can't remember the rest lol

What's Working:
*EMMC to PC (thanks again newtoroot!)
*Just about everything else!

What's Not Working:
*You tell me. Please let me know and I'll fix it :D

Download link:
*Aamikam for adding me to the team!
*Newtoroot for the data fix and emmc, as well as a SOLID base for me to build upon
*Seo for the mods that allow us to make mixed roms!
*Robocik for fixes and tips along the way!
*TommyTomatoe for the remap guide!
*Chingy51o for the emmc music fix!
*JsChiSurf for the remap icons!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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