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[ROM] [MikRoms] Invigorate v1.0 Beta III [9/26/11] Sense 3.5 Vigor Port!

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  • De-Odex rooted rom based on the 1.00.605.3 HTC Rezound (Vigor) RUU
  • FULL Sense 3.5
  • Ziggy's Kernel (Custom ones ARE NOT compatible with this ROM!)
  • Zipaligned
  • 4 in 1 Reboot
  • Bloat free
  • Fully Optimized for best performance
  • Working Camera, Wifi, Bluetooth AND DATA =)
  • CRT Animation
  • Green Overscroll Glow
  • Unlimited Browser Tabs
  • Unlimited Alarm Clocks
  • Editable Rosie via Invigorate Tweaks in the Settings (Please Note: Not all of the options in Invigorate Settings currently work yet. The only ones that work are the "Rosie Tweaks" and "Other Tweaks" found in Sense Options and the CRT On/Off Options under Miscellaneous Tweaks) (Huge thanks to Roman! Your a beast for this)
  • 100% Battery & Smooth Charging Mods
  • Hidden ADB Notification
  • Much much more
Included Apps
  • Facebook
  • theMikMik Forum App
  • Twitter
  • MyVerizon
  • Gmaps


September 26th v1.0 Beta III:
  • Initial Release - This is a WORK IN PROGRESS and FARRRR from being complete, however; i do believe that this is stable enough to be used as a daily driver. Please report any bugs found and help improve this rom
Known Issues
  • Video Record does not work BUT theres a fix. When in video record hit Settings and then DISABLE (Uncheck) Record with Audio
Battery Tips From Boskoel03
  • Disable "Tell HTC" service: Settings -> About Phone ->Tell HTC -> Disable
  • Disable Software Updates: Settings -> About Phone ->Software updates -> Uncheck Software Updates
  • change Wi-Fi Sleep policy: settings -> wireless & networks ->Wi-Fi Settings ->15 min
  • Disable Phone Finder: Settings -> Location
  • Disable Weather Sounds & Clock Widget Full Screen Animation
  • Increase Facebook/Twitter/Stocks/Anyone otther accounts sync interval to 4hours or more
  • Use Auto-Brightness
  • Disable Haptic Feedback
  • Use Wifi when available
  • Set screen timeout to 30 seconds
  • Standalone GPS should be OFF when not using navigation
  • Refrain from playing angry birds while on the pooper

Note: I would advise against restoring apps via titanium - some users have told me it causes freezing

If you do not know how to flash a custom rom on your phone feel free to check out THIS VIDEO. (thanks to xxRAMOTHxx)

Please remember that I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you phone. FLASHING THIS ROM WILL WIPE YOUR PHONE
A Full Wipe is REQUIRED before flashing this rom. If you choose not to do this (for who knows what reason) please do not post any problems you are having!

Please note that because all apks have been optimized and rebuilt for maximum efficiency, themeing carelessly will break these optimizations
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idreamer24 said:
Anyone having problems with not getting text messages? I can send but not receive
Yes, I am. I installed the 2.11.00 CDMA radio and I got one text, not sure yet if that's a solid fix.

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