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Sorry, I must be new here
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Minimal X: Beta 2.0.0
Please Visit the original thread!!!!
This is NOT my ROM

Original Thread for support and info


Directions: (directly taken from original thread)
Gain SuperUser access by rooting your device via Gingerbreak.apk
Install recovery
Move ROM (.zip) to external SD card
Boot into Recovery using the APK
[optional] Clear Data/ Factory Reset
[optional] Clear Cache
Choose Install .zip from SD
Choose SD card
Navigate to the ROM (.zip)
Confirm install
Reboot once installation is complete
When rom boots, be sure to firstly make your default keyboard something other than "Moto input method" (explained later)

Known issues:

User must change keyboard away from "Moto input method." This keyboard was removed from the build, but hasn't had all traces cleared yet. It will not appear due to most of the structure and APK being removed.
Charging battery animation is default
Browser search function is faulty. To fix, please install Google Search from the Android Market.

NOTE: This thread is just to spread the word, I take no credit for ANY of the works included.

"Lastly, I develop for fun, but if you feel it necessary, donate to the cause.
Actually, we could make this into a fun drinking game. My 21st birthday is August 1st. I plan on getting $**t housed all day and all that weekend. If you donate, before August 6th, your donation funds will go strictly towards alcohol. If you donate, feel free to message me with what you wish for me to purchase with that given cash (note: if you want something specific, please donate that specific amount, otherwise, it'll probably go towards some PBR). I'll try to take pictures of the drinks before and after (depending on how wasted I am) and I'll message those who donated, or anyone who requests, with what kind of damage was done. Haha, I have some experience under my belt, so, don't take it easy. This should be fun."

Donate to c21johnson (the developer, link is also provided in op)

Another Link to the OP

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When Adding Apk's And.Odex's Back Into The System/App Folder Along With Changing The Permissions You MUST Restart Your Phone In Order For It To Take Affect. Otherwise Your Going To Be Screaming "Why Doesn't It Work!?"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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