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ok so i saw all the drama over the miui build with trip. So i ported my own from the evo 3d its a work in progress but i hope to have most of it fixed soon :D

What Works:
- Audio (kinda)
- wifi (works great :D )
- bluetooth
- usb teather
- portable hotspot
- sd card
- themes (carefull with lockscreens though or you will have to wipe phone becuase you cant get in )
- charging
- gsm
- Phone internet
- etc

Not working
- miui camera (has wierd green lines)
- you tell me
Downloads: Anyone Feel Free to use my rom for anything you want including building your own rom based off it :D AKA im letting you kang it haha :D

- XboarderMOD Miui alpha v0.3

- XboarderMOD Miui alpha v0.3

- Twin_Dragons (gsm, sound, camera)
- fuax123 (for his work on his kernels)
- Melvin (hes a good friend)
- CtDroid (also good friend)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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