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[ROM][MT4G][21-05-2012][Virtuous Primadonna v1.21.0 Alpha 3] Sense 4A - 4.0.3

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We are pleased to announce the first release of Virtuous Primo, this is based on the leaked 1.56.401.11 release RUU. We would like to give special thanks to Football for the RUU.

This build currently falls as an X-Series release, how ever it is suitable for use as a daily driver if you can live with a few bugs. We hope to have ROM feature complete as soon possible. Check bellow for a full list of what is working and what is not.

Primo is the result of a collaborative, team effort by the following developers:Working
  • HW Acceleration
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile Data, SMS, MMS & Voice Calls
  • GPS
  • Sensors (Auto Brightness is a bit iffy)
  • Audio
  • USB Storgage (No 3rd Party App Required)
  • FM Radio
  • More....
Not Working
  • Camera
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • USB Tethering
  • You tell us


  • Based on the Primo ROM (1.56.401.11).
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Ported for almost full functionality on all of supported devices
  • Heavily optimized for fluid performance and usability.
  • Overclocked kernels with numerous additional kernel modules.
  • Built-in screen state frequency scaling (1.1Ghz-307MHz/ondemand screen-on, 768Mhz-307Mhz/conservative screen-off), via custom built virtuous_oc C daemon.
  • Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.
  • Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.
Supported Devices
Important Notes

  • You must complete a full wipe prior to installing this ROM the first time. We also recommend wiping between upgrades, but you are welcome to try upgrading without a wipe. However, no support will be provided if you file a bug without having wiped prior to submission.
Bugs and Errors

To ease the process of reporting bugs to the team, we made a public bugtracker where you can report any bugs you found. Please make sure you read all the existing entries there to avoid doubling the errors.

The bugtracker is located here (coming soon).


Football - For the RUU
lowveld - for pointing us in right direction to fix WiFi
bangingcrazy - For testing on MT4G
xvicedice - For music playback fix

Download :: Changelog :: More Information
(Official Website of Virtuous ROM)
Check out our forums
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one more just incase
Downloading now
this is is noe my daily rom. even tho its an alpha. still my dail rom.
you guys are awesome man
For MT4G, the bluetooth doesn't work. Tried to connect to planitronics pro+ but wouldn't see the devise. Works fine for affinity. Let me know if you require additonal information.
So smooth! For an alpha rom it runs great!

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Thank you so much for this this is by far the smoothest alpha Rom I have ever tried have had no bugs so far. It's fast and sexy I love sense 4.0

is there anyway to add WiFi calling to this I have little to no service at my house and I use it to call and text when I'm at home

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Auto brightness on my end seems to be working fine. I noticed that the settings button doesn't work on homescreen.

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Got WiFi calling to work. This is now my daily driver Font Technology Screenshot Electric blue Poster

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How did you get wifi calling to work joemoss? How bout posting your fix?
I'm definitely going to use this as my daily driver. Some things about this rom (that's probably beyond the control of the Virtuous team):
  1. The HTC Twitter widget is missing.
  2. There are no choices for lock screens. (I miss my weather lockscreen.)
  3. You can't log into HTC Hub and there's no apps or plugins to download
  4. Navigation's "Speak Destination" option doesn't work.
The menu button doesn't do anything, but that's by design. It would be nice if there was a patch to bring back those options. Is there a way to wake on buttons other than power?
A few problems I noticed on my side:
  1. There doesn't seem to be a Recent Apps/App Switcher button (that I can find at least)
  2. Google calendar events don't appear in HTC calendar app and widget. The calendars are checked, but the events just aren't there. Facebook and events show up fine
  3. Can't seem to add or remove home screens. Pressing the Home button while in the home screen does nothing.
That said, the bluetooth media streaming problem that I've been having with every Sense ROM since 3.0 where the audio would cut out for a second every minute or two has completely disappeared!

Also, sizzlechest, the menu button works fine for me... not in the home screen, but it works in every app that has a menu for me.
Also, sizzlechest, the menu button works fine for me... not in the home screen, but it works in every app that has a menu for me.
Yep. That's what I meant. I also can't find the option (assuming it exists) to display the recently used apps in the notification menu.

I'm happy with the performance of ICS, but I'm a little dissapointed with Sense 4.0. It seems to be a step backwards in graphics. The weather effects are gone when you unlock. There's supposed to be some 3D effects in the app drawer, but I don't see them. Check out this video:

Skip to about 1:00 and 2:45 to see what I mean.

BTW, is there any way to turn off the mouse pointer when touching the touchpad?
here is a link to the wifi calling fix. All credit for this goes to casper200519 from XDA as he made this not me
Follow these steps:
1. Download
2, Reboot into Recovery
3. Flash
4. Reboot and Enjoy!!
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