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[ROM][MT4G][21-05-2012][Virtuous Primadonna v1.21.0 Alpha 3] Sense 4A - 4.0.3

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We are pleased to announce the first release of Virtuous Primo, this is based on the leaked 1.56.401.11 release RUU. We would like to give special thanks to Football for the RUU.

This build currently falls as an X-Series release, how ever it is suitable for use as a daily driver if you can live with a few bugs. We hope to have ROM feature complete as soon possible. Check bellow for a full list of what is working and what is not.

Primo is the result of a collaborative, team effort by the following developers:Working
  • HW Acceleration
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile Data, SMS, MMS & Voice Calls
  • GPS
  • Sensors (Auto Brightness is a bit iffy)
  • Audio
  • USB Storgage (No 3rd Party App Required)
  • FM Radio
  • More....
Not Working
  • Camera
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • USB Tethering
  • You tell us


  • Based on the Primo ROM (1.56.401.11).
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Ported for almost full functionality on all of supported devices
  • Heavily optimized for fluid performance and usability.
  • Overclocked kernels with numerous additional kernel modules.
  • Built-in screen state frequency scaling (1.1Ghz-307MHz/ondemand screen-on, 768Mhz-307Mhz/conservative screen-off), via custom built virtuous_oc C daemon.
  • Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.
  • Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.
Supported Devices
Important Notes

  • You must complete a full wipe prior to installing this ROM the first time. We also recommend wiping between upgrades, but you are welcome to try upgrading without a wipe. However, no support will be provided if you file a bug without having wiped prior to submission.
Bugs and Errors

To ease the process of reporting bugs to the team, we made a public bugtracker where you can report any bugs you found. Please make sure you read all the existing entries there to avoid doubling the errors.

The bugtracker is located here (coming soon).


Football - For the RUU
lowveld - for pointing us in right direction to fix WiFi
bangingcrazy - For testing on MT4G
xvicedice - For music playback fix

Download :: Changelog :: More Information
(Official Website of Virtuous ROM)
Check out our forums
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sounds logical
I really hope they don't abandon 4A for 4.0; I personally like the lighter and snappier Sense SO much better than pointless eye-candy.
I really hope they don't abandon 4A for 4.0; I personally like the lighter and snappier Sense SO much better than pointless eye-candy.
I deff agree if camera worked probly wouldn't change Rom anymore
Chrisch is working on an update.[DHD][ROM][22-03-2012][Virtuous-Primadonna-v1.12.0-Alpha-1]-Sense-4A---4.0.3

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
Chrisch is working on an update.[DHD][ROM][22-03-2012][Virtuous-Primadonna-v1.12.0-Alpha-1]-Sense-4A---4.0.3

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
Awesome! Can't wait to check it out!

Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
hey guys i notice that the picture while viewing video feature works, you can watch a video and take a picture (screenshot) of the video while its playing. idk if thats any help as for as for camera progress, camera boots to black screen. all application links work. just dont start the youtube live feed you will get stuck in camera mode everytime u try to get on youtube.

camera logat error
W/HTCCamera(10611): onTouchEvent - UI Block !!!
W/HTCCamera(10611): onTouchEvent - UI Block !!!
W/HTCCameraAdvanceSetting(10611): for the key pref_camera_review_duration is nul
W/HTCCameraAdvanceSetting(10611): for the key pref_camera_review_duration is nul
I know this rom is great ive been using it with lypota 1.8 and im good just waiting till cam is working and all will be 100%,keep up ur hard work v.t!!!!

sent from the "htc one mytouch 4g"
posted in the wrong section
Virtuous Primadonna 1.17.0 released.

Please check the blog for download links and full changelog

v1.17.0 (26/04/2012)

* Virtuous Tweaks Added
* Fully Customisable Advanced Power Menu
* Reboot
* Hot Reboot
* Bootloader
* Recovery
* Sound Profiles
* Flashlight
* Screenshot
* Mobile Network
* Airplane Mode

* Rosie Options
* Menu button on home screen (Removed by HTC)and direct access to Virtuous Tweaks
* Added 3D Scrolling (Removed by HTC)
* 3D Scroll Effect Cube/Overlapping/Inverted
* Fade Effect
* Folder Animation Speed
* Wallpaper Scrolling

* MT4GS added to multi device zip

Bug Fixes
* Recent apps mapped to long press of home key
* All hardware buttons correctly mapped on Desire Z and MT4GS keyboard
* Removed undervolt, solved boot issues on some devices
* Added Twitter app from Ville (Twitter now shows in FriendStream)
* Beats fully functional ("lyapota":
* Performance and stability fixes.
* All market sourced apps updated to latest versions
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Ugh. Seems like we're not gonna see the camera working anytime soon, doesn't it.
Great to see an update to this. Keep up the good work. Any buttons able to wake device other than power button on this release?

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I uninstalled SuperSU because I had already purchased Supeuser Elite, but I have not been able to get SU access with Superuser even after clearing app data/cache, clearing ROM cache/DC, and fixing permissions. So I went back to SuperSU, but STILL have no been able to get root access back. Any suggestions?
i just had a thought. is there anyway to edit the ota update script. to get the the camera working. in the update script it merges these files. so is there anyway to figure out what files are merged and changed and witch ones aren't?
trackball wake, low mic volume, bluetooh, wifi, full 2d/3d hw-acc, 3D rosie, and a lot of other things are fixed and working
the thing is, the fixes are split between 3-4 different sense4.0 ROMs over on XDA

maybe the devs can use them to help with these issues?

camera, as we all know, is one thing that will be impossible to fix without an updated kernel, but at least we can get everything else working right.
The only issue I have noticed is when wifi turns off and then tries to turn back on, it goes into a loop of turning on and off nonstop. Only way to fix it is to reboot
Virtuous Primadonna v1.21.0 Alpha 3

Nothing to exciting in this update we're afraid, its more of a maintenance release to bring the Inc 2 in line with all other devices, along with a few key bugfixes for other devices.

  • Trackpad wake/sleep (Vision, Glacier & Doubleshot)

Bug Fixes
  • Vivow (Inc 2) brought in line with all other devices (nitsuj17)
  • Auto brightness and soft key backlights
  • Soft key rotation (Vivo, Vivow)
  • Fixed mic for calls (Vivo, Vivow) (nikhil007mmus)
  • All market sourced apps updated to latest version
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hopefully with that saga ics kernel we cam get this cam working soon
Getting better and better each build, now we only need the kernel 3.0 source to pop
I used the 7 screen stuff from the DHD forum and it worked perfect. Now I have 7 screen instead of 5 Screen. Is in fix for the wifi calling ??
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