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[ROM] (Nightly) Stormy Nights

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Welcome to StormDroid Nightly. We are proud to announce that starting tomorrow, we will be producing a new build of StormDroid every day, much like CyanogenMod does now. We are hoping this will allow us to be able to gain more user feedback, and will allow us to expand our tester base, and release the next major version of Stormdroid bigger, badder, and stormier than ever before. You can find the changelog here, and report any bugs you find here. Leave comments in the section below as well.
StormDroid Nightlies
Please do not redistribute without permission from the StormDroid Team.​
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Reporting Bugs
  • Please report bugs in the Google Doc located here.
  • Please do not report a bug that has already been reported.
  • The existing bug list is located here.

Submitting a Fix
  • If you found a bug, and know how to fix it, feel free to fix it.
  • Please test your fixes before submitting to the team.
  • Email the files to The StormDroid Team

When emailing a bug fix to us, provide the following information:
Name: (Android Forums Username)
Bug: (What was the bug?)
Fix: (How did you fix it?)
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