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CyanogenMod 7 aka CM4Morrison​

Thank you @Turl for all your work on the build for the XT. Your continued work made this possible. Stop over to M3 and give him a thanks. He helped tremendously. "TEAM ROGUE" @Ngiordano, @csolanol, @dwagner and I put this together so that Cliq/Dext users could get to experience CM7. Thanks to @Br3ttu @Firesnatch @1madfitter @handlerexploit @toxigenicpoem @sudoadam @adlx @j_r0dd and many others for there input and help

What works:
CPU scaling in CM settings. (Smartass, lag free,interactive governors added. OCed to 768 Mhz)
Improved battery
Keyboard Backlight (Now works with light sensors) Amazing job @dwagner
FM radio
Bluetooth (No need to toggle mute on/off)(To play music effortlessly through Bluetooth download BTmono from Market)
Speaker phone (No need to toggle mute on/off)
Camera (Now with zoom! Usable from 3M and lower resolution to use.)
SD Card
USB (If you have trouble syncing SD Card to PC. Unplug cable and plug it back in)
Barcode scanning
Reboot to recovery
HQ YouTube playback
Pretty much everything CM4Morrison had working. Also this is OCed. Just install SetCPU. 528 Mhz by default for those who don't wan't or can't OC. Plus much much more!

Please follow the instructions carefully:

First Time Install Download latest update: Download Link Download Put both on the root of your SD card. Boot to your recovery Flash first Wipe data/factory reset Flash latest nightly Fix permissions Reboot. After boot let it settle for 10 minutes. Open Rom Manager. If you haven't done so, it is recommended you flash ClockworkMod recovery. (To use: Volume-up/down, Camera button-select) Go to "Download ROM>Google Apps Download latest Google Apps (top) After download a window will pop up. Leave Wipe Dalvik checked. I recommend Backup as well. The rest will be automated assuming you flashed ClockworkMod Recovery.

Updating from previous build (Post 06/05/11)

SD card update Download latest update: device=morrison Place it on the root of your SD for simplicity. Open Rom Manager (If you are using ClockworkMod Recovery Select "Install ROM from SD Card Select the latest nightly A window will pop up. Leave "Wipe Dalvik" checked Put a check next to Backup Current ROM Let your phone reboot and the rest is automated. When finished booting, open Rom Manager and install the latest Gapps again Just Wipe Dalvik Reboot and enjoy

If you have a legitimate Rom Manager Premium. Open Rom Manager and "Check for ROM Updates" for even more ease.

The latest changelog: device=morrison

Log in using Setup Wizard. You'll get a check-list to download some of the important apps. (Setup Wizard might loop back to android after setup. press the home button and launchers should show.) Please enable CMStats. The little icon in the upper left corner. It's anonymous. Install the launcher of your choice if you like. Go into /settings/cyanogenmod settings/performance and disable compcache Put a check by "Lock home in memory. Some say to keep surface dithering disabled. I enable mine. I don't like the gradient banding. I haven't found it to impact performance much. Set your CPU governor the way you like. Reboot so that it could finish binding your settings. Using Titanium Backup? Do not restore system settings. It will break things like WiFi. Calibrate your battery. Download and install this app: Charge your battery to 100% and press the calibration button in the app. To simplify things. :)

Manual Gapps download:

For troubles with Superuser, flash this in recovery:

To switch to another ROM make sure you wipe very well with this:

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Just wanted to let you know that I'm stalking you.

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lolwut? Gapps and Superuser are here, here, and here. Just look in the ROM Manager manifests... (1, 2) Fsck Mediafire.

Also, because of how the nightly manifest is setup ATM, when one flashes nightlies via ROM Manager, it'll wipe out GApps and downgrade them to 20110307. Manually flashing in recovery, using ROM Manager's Advanced Mode to manually select and queue ZIPs for flashing, or downloading the 20110613 GApps and renaming them in ROM Manager's download cache to 20110307 will prevent this.
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