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Release Notes:
This Rom is the Official OTA for the HTC Droid Incredible (OG)
All bugs from the previous OTA appear to be fixed now. This build did not require any intervention on my part. I just had to build it

OTA Ver: 4.08.605.2
Android Ver: 2.3.4
Sense Ver: 1.0
Kernel: [email protected] #1 Fri Oct7 10:52:52 CST 2011

Other Specs:
init.d support: Devs, just drop your scripts in and go.
data/app support

Disclaimer: Although I have tested the rom and have found it to be stable, the risk is still in your hands. Use extreme caution when flashing this Rom.
Installation Instructions
NOTE: I use CWMR 5X. Some wipe options below are not included in earlier recovery versions. Still wipe what is available the best you can.
1. Put the Rom on the root of your SD Card
2. Compare MD5 Sum
Windows: MD5 Calculator
LINUX: Open Terminal and type: md5sum [path to the rom on your sd card]
Mac: Open a terminal and type: md5 [path to the rom on your sd card]
3. Reboot to Recovery
4. Wipe these:
Main Screen:
wipe data/factory reset - x2
wipe cache partition - x2

Wipe Dalvik Cache - x3
Wipe Battery Stats - optional

Mounts and Storage:
/boot - x2
/system - x2
/datadata - x2
/data - x2
/cache - x2
5. Install Rom from SD Card by going back and selecting install from SD card.
6. Reboot and enjoy!

Want to know what has changed since our last OTA? Well thats easy. Just click HERE

Release notes for wildstang83_inc_4.08.605.2_11232011 HERE
Download wildstang83_inc_4.08.605.2_11232011
Download the DTR HERE
Flashable Mods
All mods in this section are flashable through cwm recovery.
zoomyMod Whats it do? It controls the screenlight properly in the dark. Good for those that don't like the blinding light at night. Credits to zoomy942
Optical Joystick wake/unlock - This mod allows you to wake your screen and then unlock your phone by clicking the OJ button
1% Battery Mod

Mik Honeycomb Percentage Battery Mod

Screenshot Activator - Allows you to take screenshots hassle free natively

Kernels - This is my kernel compiled from source just for this Rom
Stock Kernel - This is the stock kernel that came in the Rom originally
For a little bit more info, look HERE.
Kernel sources can be found on HTC Dev. Currently neither kernel listed here has been modified beyond their original specifications.
Change Log:
Fixed the build.prop issue and init.d support issues. See the release notes for more detail.

Rebased off of the official RUU

Initial and most likely only update(from me anyway)

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thevoiceless said:
Should I still wipe battery stats if I don't do it on a full battery?
Also, I didn't format anything in Mounts and Storage when I flashed your ROM of the previous OTA, is there a reason why I should this time?
I mean honestly you can do what you want, I just did the installation instructions because that is what works for me. If your install fails and you come back and ask why, you'll already know what I'm gonna say next. Everyone who has failed in the past installing my roms have always came back and said they fixed it by going back and doing it again following the instructions.

It's up to you though

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Okay. I'm still having problems. I triple checked everything and steps and I'm sure I'm doing them right. It boots to the first screen then reboots to recovery. I shall attempt tomorrow.

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Okay. I'm still having problems. I triple checked everything and steps and I'm sure I'm doing them right. It boots to the first screen then reboots to recovery. I shall attempt tomorrow.
I'm sorry your having issues. What recovery are you using? I use CWM5.0.2.0.

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Okay. I'm still having problems. I triple checked everything and steps and I'm sure I'm doing them right. It boots to the first screen then reboots to recovery. I shall attempt tomorrow.
I had the same issue. Coming from stock+. Get splash screen then black and reboot direct into recovery 5x. I got it to load when I wiped mounts first then data/factory reset then Rom.

Stock+&Tiny's kernel+07.07 Radio

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Thanks for this post. (I attempted to PM you on XDA's site, but I don't see a sent message so I don't know if it went through) I'm new to using ROMs, etc and I want to upgrade from my rooted 2.2 to 2.3.4. I've read the posts on the XDA site and am about 80% comfortable with going through with this upgrade. However, I did not find a post with someone in the same situation as mine, so I have a few questions. I rooted my DINC in September 2010 using unrevoked. In November 2010 when the new OTA came out, I avoided it by modifying the "" number in the build.prop using Root Explorer. I have booted into hboot and it shows "INCREDIBLE XC SHIP S-OFF, HBOOT-0.92.0000." I go into recovery and it shows "ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.0.5." Can you please verify that these are the steps I should take:

1. Update ClockworkMod Recovery through "ROM Manager" (Is this the right way to update it to 5.X.X.X?)
2. Backup everything through ClockworkMod Recovery (Would you recommend Titanium Backup or is CWM's recovery good enough?)
3. Undo my November 2010 build.prop fingerprint number modification. (Is this necessary?)
4. http:// forum.xda-de...&pos tcount=222 <-- Follow steps 4 and 5 from that post
5. Re-download all my apps and contacts, etc (Would ClockworkMod Recovery be able to re-install all my apps, etc or do I need something else for that?)

Is there anything else I should look for before attempting the update such as USB debugging, etc? Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.

Edit: Got your reply on XDA. Thanks.

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Ha, I seen your PM on XDA and did reply. One thing you may get by reading my PM is, you might want to back up your apps with titanium back up and then do the nandroid back up in clockwork recovery. Titanium back up allows you to restore your apps after you have your new rom and the nandroid backup allows you to restore your current rom just like it is right now just in case something goes wrong.
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