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[ROM] Paranoid Xperiance R1, Jellybean (10/13/2012)

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Welcome to A Paranoid Xperiance - R1

This is a RootzWiki EXCLUSIVE release.

Although I do most of my development on XDA, this particular rom is for Rootz only. Many of you may know me from over there.. It is a Hybrid of Paranoid Android (Jelly Bean 4.1.2) and Sony Xperia.

I will be uploading some time this evening, then will update this OP with instructions, descriptions and all that jazz.

This has been created at the request of NRM5110 aka ILLNEVERTELL aka The_Blue_Waffle. Please treat NRM as if he is another OP in this thread.

The base of this rom comes from HERE.

Please thank gs2usr and roger_n for allowing me to use their rom as a base

Thanks to NRM5110 for the screen shots:
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Hell yea. I been running CN (A) but definitely gonna try this
This Rom is great. SMooth and snappy. I had to play with the pa settinvs to stuff right. But other than that this is different and I'm loving it.
Well besides the launcher not scaling to the dpi, everything is going smooth. Does jelly bean not sync the browser? I noticed they didn't show up
No I don't see anything in account. Just contacts, calendar, email. And I don't see anywhere in the browser to sync.
OK FOUND A BUG. This has happened four times now. Open browser, visit a site, press the physical menu button more than once, and for me, the screen flickers and then if the screen is turned off the phone reboots. I have menu animations set to 2.0 which may be causing it.
I came from Cn (A) Rom. Wiped everything 2x each, running instigators jb kernel. I counted it happening after the fourth time opening the menu in the browser.
Oh.... Ok I'll flash again. And not use his kernel. I'll see if that fixes it. Which I kinda felt had something to do with it....
Ok I reflashed the Rom without instigators kernel and the screen flickering bug sent away. But still no web browser sync.
Ok installed
Ok. You could try the new Google apps package here:

But I recommend you do a backup first. I'm not certain if the NORMAL gapps are ok for this..

Edit: I read over in xda someone installed them fine on PA.. But your call

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Ok installed this version of Google apps and browser sync has appeared. So this must be installed when flashing this Rom.
Ok found something. Applying the Xperia theme, calculator must be missing a skin because you can't see anything.
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Mmmm. That's weird? Maybe its a DPI setting issue
Hey I've tried to flash every kernel the skyrocket has and all of them just hang on a black screen. This is the only rom that foes this. Any thoughts?
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