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This is designed to be for ROM devs, not for regular users. if you don't understand how to use these, don't use them! and always have a backup handy.

I have added Extended Power Menu in, but the way that it works requires a modification of some system files that only make sense to add into new roms.
android.policy.jar and framework.jar can just be placed in /system/framework/ and they should work just fine.

The part that needs to be edited is your framework-res.apk. I have attached a modified framework-res.apk that works, which is a modified version of Ayo's themed gingerclone framework. it's easiest for those who are just starting to build a rom to just theme from this framework instead of modifying it.

For those who want this and are already on a rom and don't want to change, you can push the 3 files to /system/framework/ and reboot, and it should work just fine, however it will have the gingerclone icons/theme.

For those who want to edit their own framework-res.apk so they don't have to retheme it (not recommended), follow the instructions here:

it's probably easier to pull the changed images from your framework and push them into this framework, rather than trying to add the changes into your framework.

Credit to untermensch for the guide I followed, and credit to dr. honk, as I used his bionix frost theme as a model for the changes.

it will take a bit to boot after you push the files, as it has to rebuild the dalvik cache, so just wait for it, and adb logcat to see if it has problems.

Download: DOWNLOAD
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