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[aurl=/files/download/100-/]Download[/aurl][aurl=]Changelog[/aurl][aurl=/index.php?app=downloads&module=post&section=submit&do=edit_main&id=100]Edit Mod[/aurl]

General Overview
Gingerbread Moto Blur 893 based cleaned up Moto experience with a few modded goodies.
Bloat Removed
A lot of blur has been removed
AOSP/CM7 mms
ICS music
AOSP gallery3D
Super AOSP Launcher2 (built from the gummy launcher, (super aosp team and kejar)
CM7 file manager
CM7 Email
CM7 alarm clock/deskclock
AOSP news & weather
AOSP calendar inverted
AOSP Camera
DSP Manager
Accurate Battery
CRT Animation ON and OFF (even with animations set to fast)
Reboot option
Accurate battery
Misc prop edits
Custom Host File
GPS config changes
Appwidget Picker - boombuler
Download crutch to help with web downloads
Busy Box
init.d support
ICS deskclock widget
ICS Inspired bootanimation
Custom blue theme throughout
Eclipse Wallpapers - based on CM7 wallpaper apk
Eclipse Parts - based on CM Parts
Tab lockscreen
Inverted Contacts/Dialer - thanks to xkape for the help
Inverted Performance manager - xkape
Inverted GTalk and GVoice - B-boy
Native Facebook for android integration
7 pulldown toggles (wireless, bluetooth, gps, sound/vibrate, auto brightness, data, and rotation)

Q&A Section:
Q: What do I need to be running first to flash eclipse?
A: Recommended to be running the 893 build first.

Q: I am rooted and running stock 893 build. Now what?
A: Download Eclipse and place it somewhere on your sdcard.
-Make sure you have the bootstrap installed.
-Install Bootstrap
-Reboot Recovery
-On the main screen of recovery select wipe data
-Next select install zip from sd card. Select the eclipse zip, install and reboot!

Q: I am geting force closes and other weird stuff
A: It is highly recommended to wipe data each time you flash eclipse. If the problem persists I would re-download the rom, wipe data and flash again.

Q: My battery life seems to be going down fast.
A: Your battery needs to be recalibrated. You need to reset your battery stats. Also, in my opinion you can't judge battery life on the first day. Usually in the process of setting up your phone and getting things back to "normal" it will probably not be used the same as in your normal day to day activities.

Check out DroidModderX's Video for Eclipse on the Bionic!

Download Eclipse v2.0: Eclipse 2.0 - D3
MD5SUM: 8d003fc8946d4523bcb2d9378585b627

Recommended to at least wipe cache when flashing between different versions.

v2.0 - 12/11/11
Updated base to 5.7.893
Updated Eclipse wallpapers
Added Eclipse bootstrap
Updated Eclipse Parts
Updated MMS.apk
	-Set default notifications to always vibrate
	-Set default to show full time stamps
	-Set user agent to Bionic
	-Set Back to all threads rather than taking you back to the home screen
	-Set default to split msgs over 160 to send in multiple texts rather than mms.
Added Rotary lockscreen and tab lockscreens - thanks liberty for the source
Added lockscreen music controls - thanks to liberty for the source
Fixed white on white issues in contacts when selecting a contact with multiple number
sFixed black on black when editing a contact
Fixed white on white when using the dialer in a dock or landscape mode
Fixed lockscreens when in the dock
Updated google voice and music
Removed Verizon Wireless from the lockscreen
Changed AOSP lockscreen default font
Changed wifi scanning interval from 90 seconds to 2 minutes
Updates to the default theme
Changed calendar to white rather than the inverted calendar (per requests)
Fixed terminal from not being able to enter in numbers
Wake on volume (disabled after being locked for a few minutes

v1.1.1 - 11/9/11
Finally tracked down the email bug - small update. Solves corporate email notification force closes.

v1.1 - 11/8/11
Email issues should be fixed
Changed to AOSP docks
Default camera is now the blur camera
Cleaned up the theme a litte bit
Removed Verizon wireless from pull down
updated market and flash (no longer issues with market updates)
Updated Eclipse parts
Removed zumocast

v1.0 - Initial Release 10/31/11

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Eclipse Extras
Eclipse themed blur alarm clock: EclipseBlurAlarm *install as a normal app

Eclipse themed AOSP Camera: AOSP Camera *flash in recovery (this will replace the current camera)

Eclipse themed Blur Camera: Blur Camera *this is the default camera that comes packaged with the rom

Eclipse themed standard battery: Eclipse Standard Battery for v2.0 *added 12/12/11

More to come!!

Factory Apps
Verizon Visual Voice Mail Visual Voice Mail *Flash in recovery

Market App Fixes (11/17/11) - only required if running 1.1.1
Google Music and Google Voice Update: *Updates Google Music and Google Voice (flash in recovery)

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Looks sharp. Looking forward to getting it a go.

Is it compatible with Safestrap?
Pretty sure Hashcode tweaked Safestrap so that it's compatible with all ROMs.

Easier for the Dev's and all ya know

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The screen brightness power bar button turns on and off the automatic brightness, but the screen does not automatically dim upon shutting it off. I need to move the slider in display settings to drop it back to the original brightness levels. Is this a know issue? Any solutions?

Other than that one bug I'm really enjoying having this on my D3 and look forward to using the add-ons later tonight.

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Also getting a "Package file was not signed correctly" error when trying to install/update Flash 11 from the market. Normally uninstalling then reinstalling from the market fixes this but I am not given that option in market or settings. Any ideas? I'd really like to keep this ROM as my daily, but need Flash...

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clear market data then try again, settings > applications > manage applications > market > clear data

As for the other, im not sure. Thats the first ive seen of it.

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jamesdcollin said:
when i add the dialer to the far left button of the hotbar with four buttons, it says app not installed when trying to use it. it works when run from the app drawer. everything else seems to work great.
Its a problem with the launcher not the rom
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