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This is a port of AOKP M5. I figured I'd post this over here too.

Be aware that any and all issues that are present in AOKP and in the current CM9 for the Nook will be here and then some.
Currently using Alpha 0.03 http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1534192

The AOKP Port used M5 for the Kindle Fire ("Otter")

Remember that this was just for fun and not to expect any major fixes from me, also that this is less functional than any current CM9 build.
If anyone wants to help out feel free. And if any one finds any other issues post and I'll update the Op

This is to be applied exactly the same as the linked CM9. Flash in CWM.
The 8 GB uses a different CWM
Instructions for 8GB http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1619985

Change log -- AOKP

Screen rotation fixed in build.prop, thanks Modded Darts


B35 Added

Thanks to everyone involved with with development on the Nook without you I wouldn't have a CWM to flash with or a CM9 to port from (especially getting it working on the 8GB too).
Also thanks to the AOKP team.

link ---- rom 5/10/12

http://www.mediafire...6hn72986l8xgg7n -------- rom 5/8/12 -----------------------------------------gapps
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